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Dec 18, 2014, 05:46 PM
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Manic Mansion
Manic Mansion
Zork Demo
Zork Demo
Betrayed Alliance
Betrayed Alliance
Island of Secrets (v0.4)
Island of Secrets (v0.4)
Text Views
Text Views
10/22/12 • Full Talkie and mp3 audio SCI game      
That's correct, we may only be able to make games using 16 colors but through the hard work of Gumby, we now have the ability to use mp3 audio files in our games. Whether you want to make a complete talkie along the lines of Kinq's Quest 5 or you just want to add a bit of background music and soun effects, we now have the capability.

sciAudio is here!  Check out the "LockerGnome Quest Redux" demo game in the fan games section to see it in action!

- Playback of WAV and MP3 files
- Unlimited number of sounds playing simultaneously
- Fade in/out, looping and volume control
- Classification of sounds for playback management
- Multiple commands may be issued simultaneously to the 'controller' file
- Multiple controller files to avoid resource contention
- Runs hidden in background & will terminate itself shortly upon game close
- Calls to sciAudio are performed very similarly to the built-in SCI sound calls
- Poor man's encryption (MP3's only) - simply rename your .MP3 to be .sciAudio
- Log file for troubleshooting sound playback ('sciAudio.log' located in same directory as sciAudio.exe)
05/22/11 • Fan games, fan games, fan games, and oh yeah, play them online.      
Wow, we certainly seem to be busy here lately. Following Klownstein's submission of an AGI game, I went on a tear and began making all known AGI games available for download from the fan games section. While this is still about 20 games from being complete, there has been an addition of an extra hundred games or so built in AGI.

With such a large influx of games, it suddenly became a lot harder to find and enjoy the really good ones. So of course we needed a way to rate and share our impressions of each game, that is now complete. Registered users have the ability to rate and give opinions about the fan games available.

And finally, but certainly not least. We can now play SCI games through a browser using JDOSBox. While this is still early in it's development, it seems to me to have a tendency of running a tad slow yet. Rather than offer currently available games from our fangames pages and offer them subpar to what you could experience if you were to just download the game and enjoy at your leisure, I have created the Designer's Desktop. A place where you can preview, sample, play and get excited about games that are in development.

Whether you want to check out some old classic fan games, give your opinions on your favorites or check out what is new and coming down the pipeline,  This past couple of months seem to be all about the games. Old, New, and Never yet seen.
02/27/11 • The AGI crowd shows a little bit of life      
Klownstein announces the first agi game addition to the SCIprogramming community. AGI Combat, available from the fangames page.

While we all patiently wait for to come back, it's nice to know that there are some guys out there still plugging away in AGI.
01/19/11 • SCI Companion Source Release      
Uh oh. Troflip, having moved on to bigger and better projects has decided to release the source code for SCI Companion.

I suppose, Phil put it best,
This is a visual studio 2005 c++ project.
In order to compile, it will most likely require some of the freeware MFC UI libraries from
this is an unsupported unstable "non-release"
11/16/10 • Dr. JummyBummy 2 Released, the hell you say...      
It's true, after years of non-stop edge of your seat keyboard pounding drama, Eigen has finally backed away from the computer and is willing to share.

The long awaited sequel is finally here and available for download on the fan games pages.
10/25/10 • New Tool Development, Infocom's text adventure game to sci converter      
A tool is currently in development to automatically convert some of Infocom's early text adventures into fully functional sci games.

The Zork Demo, has been released and is available for download from the fangames page and represents the current state of the conversion.
10/16/10 • New Tool Development, Spelling/ Grammer Checker for Text Resources      
Alright, now there is no reason to avoid using text resources.

A seperate tool which picks apart the pulling out the text resources, checks the spelling and grammer and puts everything back together again.

Very handy, especially if you use text resources as much as you should.
10/04/10 • Point and Click SCI remake of Sierra's 1987 game, The Black Cauldron Released      
Sierra's 1987 release of Disney's The Black Cauldron has been remade. Not only has it been rewritten from AGI to SCI, but a point and click interface has also been introduced.

While very few of the graphics have been updated, the game still takes on a whole new degree of playability that the original seems to lack. Sorry Al. You can download it now from the community's fan games page.
09/10/10 • Brian's SciStudio, project alive and kicking...      
Dare I say it out aloud, but Brian's SciStudio VGA may not quite be dead yet. Or at least there are still a couple of people out there willing to at least poke it with a stick.

Current project can now be found on SVN:

What is This SCI Business

SCI is an anagram, monochrome, polynomial, ah heck, whatever it's called, stands for Sierra Creative Interpreter. As you can probably guess from just that much, The Sierra Creative Interpreter was designed and used by Sierra, specifically for making adventure games. SCI is the engine that replaced Sierra's original Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) which started Sierra's meteoric rise as the adventure game Gods, Lucasarts tried to make adventure games but they never quite matched Sierra's. Give me a choice between Space Quest and Maniac Mansion, I'm going with Space Quest every time.

Examples of Sierra's Game Engines

Kings Quest 1 AGI
Kings Quest 1 (AGI)

Colonels Bequest SCI
Colonel's Bequest (SCI)

Eco Quest 2 SCI+
Eco Quest 2 (SCI+)

The SCI engine was developed to be alot more flexible than it's predecesor. Able to operate as a virtual machine, not just an adventure game system. There are many variations of the SCI engine which where used till the end of Sierra's Adventure game days. The first variation known as SCI0 used 16 colors and a text parser for processing actions, such as typing "look at door" or "open the box". The next major variations called SCI1 used VGA graphics and interacted via mouse clicks with varying cursors versus typing. The final variations known as SCI32 supported 32bit color, full support for most sound and graphics devices and worked in both dos and windows. Some of the best games Sierra ever produced where created using the varying SCI engines.

That's the Past, What's the Present Situation?
SCI Companion

It's true, Sierra has long forgotten it's adventure based roots. Luckily, we have not. Through the dedicated work of a few different people, we have all the tools necesary to create SCI0 (remember the differences?) Adventure Games using the same technology as Sierra. Ever dreamed of making a "Sierra" adventure game, it is entirely within your reach. Not with something that can make a game that looks like one of Sierra's, but one that is Sierra's, Well you know what I mean, there will be no difference between your game resources and theirs. Does that mean that you can open up and edit all of Sierra's games. The answer is depends on what it is you want to edit. The heart of the game, the scripts, can not be opened without the source files. So while you can edit all of the cursors, texts, pics, and views, you cannot edit any of Sierra's scripts. Don't worry though, the template game has all of the files you will need to edit, mold, and create every aspect of your games. All you need is to download one of the two game editors (might I suggest the less buggy, SCI Companion - pictured) and begin going through the many tutorials to help you get started. Remember if you have any questions or problems, our community is always here to help.

The SCI Programming Community
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