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Title: Restoring QfG1VGA Missing End-Game Scene
Post by: OmerMor on November 01, 2015, 04:30:52 PM
The original QfG1 had an elaborate end game scene.
Here are the last few sequences of it: (

In the remake, Sierra chopped several pieces: (

The carpet over the valley scene actually had it's picture drawn - but never used. It's picture #101

The view of the carpet (101) is missing most of the loops.

The script for the valley scene (flyScript from room 602) looks almost finished - and very similar to room 601 from the original QfG1. They removed the call to the flyScript from the main function (localproc_007c), but it's easy to reintroduce it - especially when comparing to the original script.

Does anyone feel up to the task of adding the missing loops and finishing this part of the game?