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Many thanks!

It is not clear what exactly are you asking for. You mentioned "SCI0-SCI10" to SCI11, which seems wrong because SCI11 and SCI32 use the exact same format for sound resources as SCI1. The only format difference is between SCI0 and everything afterwards.

My memory must be faulty then because I thought I remembered interchanging sound files between SCI0 and SCI1 games without an issue but ran into problems with SCI1.1. I'm assuming the SCI0 format is also used by/compatible with SCI01.

To convert from SCI0 to SCI1+, you need to convert back to Standard MIDI Files first, then from those Standard MIDI Files to SCI1's sound resource format using Sierra's original SMF.EXE utility, which I assume has made the rounds by now. I have written utilities a long time ago that convert from SCI0 and SCI1+ sound resources to Standard MIDI, converting all or merely selected devices, and optionally translating reverb controllers to MT-32 sysex messages, as MT32.DRV would do. I have sent them to Spikey previously, and can send them to you, but ONLY if you state that this is what you want. Note that these convertersion utilities have been written a long time ago and therefore only exist as DOS .COM files.

This would be exactly what I'm looking for, yes. COM files are fine. DOSBox is readily available. Though it'd be nice to have this feature built into SCI Companion itself just for the sake of convenience.

I would love to have an SCI01 template game so I can migrate KQ2SCI over to it and use things like PICTURE scrolling.

Everything-Else / Deluxe Paint Amiga Source Released on GitHub
« on: July 12, 2019, 02:36:04 AM »
This might be of mild interest to some people.

Forum Support and Suggestions / Re: Trouble with SCI Companion
« on: July 07, 2019, 02:13:36 PM »
You should just be able to do it in the init method shouldn't you?

What other people call the game is irrelevant. "Can you really call them VGA remakes...?" We didn't. The end.

Well, the first two were. But even KQ2 was called KQ2VGA+ and eventually just KQ2+. There was a clear attempt to break away from the VGA label.

It's NOT called VGA. That was expressly intentional.

I haven't seen any of these yet but they're all on my Watch Later playlist. Can't wait to watch them!

Ah yes. That too. The font wasn't the same and there was no embossing.

What did you think of the whole interface of KQ3Redux? The stone look was supposed to mimic the KQ logo stone wall in every KQ game.

The icon bar?

SCI Development Tools / Re: Decompilation Archive
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:49:35 AM »
Oh oh oh oh!

Think he meant too many colours to work with.

I'm not really that interested in doing the whole game from scratch, though. This way is much faster and gets me practice for SCI1.1. And perhaps in the future I'll be able to release it somehow. I got the source straight from Chris (AGD2) so it's nice to be able to just plug stuff in for the most part. There's stuff I definitely have to play with like converting dialogue portraits from 24-bit colour to 256 colours (hardest part so far). Well, actually 64 colours so that it can only use the first 64 colours of the game's palette that never change throughout the game. The result ends up looking closer to KQ5 and a little more cartoony.

That changes nothing for backgrounds and speech and all the custom animations.

Because I'm using assets from AGDI's KQ1VGA AGS remake which is under license that it can only be distributed from AGDI's website and any and all updates must be QC'd by ActiVision.

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