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This, of course, is inevitable.

But we can't (de)compile every SCI version 😸

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Menu Bar Issues
« on: July 20, 2019, 04:11:59 AM »
Okay so what (Graph grGET_COLOURS) (or rather GDetect) does is ask the video driver how many colors it has, so that playing on CGA or worse disables the item. At least that seems to be the idea but the CGA drivers don't seem to give the correct values, or the SetMenu call is doing it wrong because Larry 3's color-changing feature just keeps trucking.

I did some quick testing in a new game, and it reports 16 colors for EGA320 and MCGA320, -1 for CGA320C and CGA320BW so that implies it's the former, but the SetMenu call is also wrong it seems. What you really want to do is this:
Code: [Select]
(if (!= (Graph grGET_COLOURS) 16)
  (SetMenu MENU_COLOURS smMENU_SAID '/color')
That's 112 instead of 32. The interpreter source doesn't check for 32 smMENU_NOSAID at all, but it does check 112 smMENU_ENABLE.

Personally I'd suggest just getting rid of the whole item. It's a Larry smell, like the SQ5 status bar and font in the SCI11 template.

Might I suggest making it look a bit less like Space Quest 5, with the font and status bar being as they are in the template? It can be as simple as replacing some font resources and swapping most of statusLineCode::doit for a DrawStatus call.

You know, it's not unlike the SCI0 template having Larry 3's color menu item, but somewhat more in your face.

AGI Development Tools / Re: WinAGI Version 1.2.3 Is Available!!!
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:18:27 PM »
"May start"? I run Windows 7 and as a former VB Classic user I can confirm OCX already are problematic.

SCI Development Tools / Re: Decompilation Archive
« on: July 14, 2019, 05:47:38 PM »
To be fair, the PQ4 demo is merely a slideshow with some music and a short SEQ. You don't really need the full power of SCI2 for that. I find QFG4's RemapColors differences more interesting to be honest.

I have no excuse in mind for GK1.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Can someone explain Flags to me?
« on: July 13, 2019, 05:25:43 PM »
Spun up a fresh SCI0 game (since we're using Said and all that) in my March '19 copy of SCI Companion, and added the flag procedures from page 3, the ones with the return statements.

For Bset, the original code is
Code: [Select]
(procedure (Bset flagEnum  &tmp oldState)
(= oldState (Btst flagEnum))
(|= [gameFlags (/ flagEnum 16)] (>> $8000 (mod flagEnum 16)))
(return oldState)

This disassembles to
Code: [Select]
// EXPORTED procedure #18 (Bset)
(procedure proc_0044
  0044:3f 01             link 1 // (var $1)
  0046:78               push1
  0047:8f 01              lsp param1
  0049:41 e6 02          call proc_0032 2

  004c:a5 00              sat temp0
  004e:8f 01              lsp param1
  0050:35 10              ldi 10
  0052:08                 div
  0053:36                push
  0054:9b 35             lsli local53
  0056:38 8000          pushi 8000 // $8000 sel_32768
  0059:8f 01              lsp param1
  005b:35 10              ldi 10
  005d:0a                 mod
  005e:0c                 shr
  005f:14                  or
  0060:76               push0
  0061:1a                 eq?
  0062:35 00              ldi 0
  0064:14                  or
  0065:60               pprev
  0066:bb 35             ssli local53
  0068:85 00              lat temp0
  006a:48                 ret

and decompiles to
Code: [Select]
(procedure (Bset param1 &tmp temp0)
(= temp0 (Btst param1))
(= [gameFlags (|
(/ param1 16)
(== 0 (| [gameFlags temp0] (>> $8000 (mod param1 16))))
(| [gameFlags temp0] (>> $8000 (mod param1 16)))
(return temp0)

However, if I copy in the SCI11 versions...
Code: [Select]
(procedure (Bset flag &tmp theWord)
(= theWord (Btest flag))
(= [gFlags  (/ flag 16)]
(| [gFlags (/ flag 16)] (>> $8000 (mod flag 16)))
(return theWord)
Code: [Select]
// EXPORTED procedure #18 (Bset)
(procedure proc_0044
  0044:3f 01             link 1 // (var $1)
  0046:78               push1
  0047:8f 01              lsp param1
  0049:41 e6 02          call proc_0032 2

  004c:a5 00              sat temp0
  004e:8f 01              lsp param1
  0050:35 10              ldi 10
  0052:08                 div
  0053:9b 35             lsli local53
  0055:38 8000          pushi 8000 // $8000 sel_32768
  0058:8f 01              lsp param1
  005a:35 10              ldi 10
  005c:0a                 mod
  005d:0c                 shr
  005e:14                  or
  005f:36                push
  0060:8f 01              lsp param1
  0062:35 10              ldi 10
  0064:08                 div
  0065:b3 35             sali local53
  0067:85 00              lat temp0
  0069:48                 ret
Code: [Select]
(procedure (Bset param1 &tmp temp0)
(= temp0 (Btest param1))
(= [gameFlags (/ param1 16)]
(| [gameFlags (/ param1 16)] (>> $8000 (mod param1 16)))
(return temp0)

Interesting how the decompile looks just like the original 🤔

Everything-Else / Re: Deluxe Paint Amiga Source Released on GitHub
« on: July 12, 2019, 03:53:14 AM »
I had a copy from elsewhere before, used it to try and disprove the Guybrush name theory without setting up an emulator. Fun times.

Source code to stuff is always of interest to me.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Menu Bar Issues
« on: July 09, 2019, 04:52:32 AM »
I think it was naming your main class the same as an existing game? Same way the SCI11 template is named SQ5?

Tell that to most everybody else who talks about them lol

Always nice to see your work in others' videos. Even if it's then transformed into something a little more original :3

(added irony: that player character was itself edited!)

What I think of KQ3 Redux? Graphically speaking? Well, going by the screenshots on Moby...
  • I like how the title screen has only one plank, going a little further than KQ6 did...
  • ...but then there's the buttons which look just Very Much Not The Part
  • The background art seems okay...
  • ...but the cursors really need more contrast. I found it hard to tell that the walk cursor is a pair of brown boots, at least on that floor.
  • The window frames have a nice design, reminiscent of KQ6, but way too many colors, as do the portraits.
  • 51032 colors with no UI or portraits on screen?
  • The death screen is all mossed up and the decorative skull overlaps the quit button? If it looked less like the regular window it'd be more acceptable.
  • Alpha-blended auras on half-translucent characters. That's a hard pass.

Can you really call them VGA remakes when they go above and beyond VGA? Fun fact: if I read this list correctly there are 320x200 VESA modes in 15, 16, and 32 bit color depths. And 8 bit but then you might as well use 13h. I just tested the first one, 10Dh, with a KQ3 Redux screenshot.

Buttons and such.


The interface style is a good second.

That's it! That's what irks me about those remakes!

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