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One's from Space Quest 1, and the other is from when you visit SQ1 in Space Quest 4. Probably redrawn/modified.

You can do it :) It's really just reading byte by byte, working out what draw command it's trying to do (yay agi wiki reference), storing the list of coordinates, and then firing off some line commands.

Now I'm kinda wondering if it would be possible to do an AGI-to-SCI0 convert for PICs, even if it would turn out awful.

So aside from working out what I want to do, I started poking around with python/SDL2 two nights ago, and made some babysteps on a reader of the Picture format. Not sure why I'm doing it, other than to stretch some old mental muscles, but it's.. alright? Top is the original, and bottom is what the prototype can do.

Most of what it does is create a list of draw commands (as a class) and populates the details of each command. Only the regular lines are drawn currently, which was to verify I had the right structure. In this case the draw is multiplying coordinates rather than mapping to 160x200 and doubling up from there.

It's not much, but it's kinda on this level.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / What are we working on?
« on: April 19, 2017, 08:38:36 PM »
So Hi, Nick here, newest member of the forums with all the unbridled energy paradoxically entwined by possibility that comes with it.

Who's about? What are you working on? Are you making a game? Making tools? Got some side-project in the works that completely unrelated to anything on the forums? Let's chat! Let's talk! Let's get stupidly excited!!

My current bit is carrying a notebook around with me, and plotting out a fresher look at my old AGI game, The Lost Planet, incorporating as much of the original concept as I can, while also trying to update and modernise (though still sticking with AGI of course). Some of the time is plotting story, planning rooms or gameplay elements, while also inching back into the world of AGI logic programming. Last night I redid the menu in a new logic file (using WinAGI instead of AGI Studio), being sure to actually document the logics and streamline where I was able.

Expecting that whatever I do short-term will be highly iterative - getting the framework of the game in place, structured well enough that I can redraw or restyle things later. It will mean reusing a lot of the original assets to begin with, but despite the much broader scope intended, hope it won't get too out of control.

Your turn!  :D

So, this is kind of an old thread, but today while searching around (trying to determine if someone I found was the same person as from AGI past), I found an old comment on a post on the osdev forums. Then realised I was talking about Nat Budin, and *then* realised I recognised Nick Sonneveld's username too. I did another search and just, did one of the old forums get consumed by osdev, or were we just... spread out there too?


Maybe this was already known, but it's striking me as bizarre.

EDIT: Okay, seems a lot of mega-tokyo may have ended up in forum 11 also? Still some vestiges of what once was.

EDIT 2: Cross-referenced it with some of the posts in the snapshot Lance linked to earlier in the thread and yeah, looks like the Off-Topic and OS Dev bits are still intact on the main osdev site.

AGI Development Tools / Re: WinAGI is Back
« on: April 17, 2017, 08:17:39 PM »
A couple of months back I discovered that The Ruby Cast demo was on as well. Amazing what turns up on there, and great to know now that The Ruby Cast is preserved in that form.

Isn't it cool? Totally unexpected, too.

Well I guess you are "back" whenever you post a message on here. That's kind of how I view it. I got lost in a bit of VIC 20 nostalgia at the start of last year. I spent literally 6 months staring at a microscopic photo of the silicon layers of the video chip used in the VIC 20 and was trying to reverse engineer the schematic. Made quite a bit of progress while I was at it, perhaps covering about a sixth of the surface. I guess I was away from the AGI community over that time but made another return in the second half of last year.

The Ruby Cast is certainly unfinished business for me. I will eventually focus enough to continue working on that.

Yeah, I suppose I am. Spent a bit of time over the weekend trying to retrace original ideas, plan how a 'remastered/restored' version of The Lost Planet might fit into the wider setting/story (that's changed a bit since I originally did the game), plotting out required rooms, how the game might differ, etc etc. I guess that's kind of telling.

That'd be great to see The Ruby Cast continue - I remember it somewhat (though haven't retouched it since), and given it was around before AGI Studio, it's one of those little hallmarks of what it was like back then.

AGI Development Tools / Re: King's Quest VI AGI remake!?!?!?!?
« on: April 17, 2017, 07:57:51 PM »
Great find! Found it mentioned in a thread on the AGDInteractive forums here -

Nice SQ4 agi pic in the same:

AGI Development Tools / Re: WinAGI is Back
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:43:52 PM »
I was around for some of early AGI, somewhere between the AGDS stuff being found by the community but before Peter Kelly released a version of AGI Studio. Not sure how long I was working on The Lost Planet before doing any kind of release (there may have been a weird 0.01b version as I first made anything). For me AGI came at a time where I was trying to create an adventure game in Allegro and some C variant, but this was a way to actually make something with a feel similar to what I'd grown up with.

I knew SCI was being researched but making games with it didn't seem imminent at the time. After some taste of a SCUMM-ish interface thanks to AGI Mouse, and then the difference that 256 colours brought, I foolishly decided to throw in with AGS, which was a lot more work for a solo non-artist. I thought about going back to AGI a few times, but found all of my backups of what I'd been working on in AGI were gone. Strangely I *do* still have my AGS backups for The Lost Planet which was never much more some screens and an interface, so, very strange turn of events in total.

I did go through periods of nostalgia, where I would search around, but could rarely find more than broken mirrors, especially after the "Ultimate AGI/SCI" site moved and became less a thing. It was a few years back that I did find a playthrough of TLP on YouTube, and a running copy on, but it was never the complicated mess of a solution I remembered best, and only this past week found *that*, setting right a bit of memory.

Still deciding if I'm "back" but tools and such are definitely familiar. While I know I could try SCI instead, it does feel like i've got unfinished business with the state of my past AGI gamey stuff.

I think it was by choice, but I don't remember. The get.string line is still happening at 22,0, so it might have been something I intended to change later - there's a lot of that in that version. I did find that using spacebar to open the dialogue worked around the lost character issue reasonably enough. It definitely faked the parser approach, rather than actually changing the input type like I've also seen being possible.

The main ones that stand out (compared to the wiki) are Naturette 4, Hobbits, and Pirate Quest. According to the folder, Naturette 4 wasn't released, so that might be one such. I haven't really tried/explored them beyond my own.

Yeah, it was on the forums that I found this - linked to someone's private hosting - though I'd also seen it years back too. I was specifically looking for the 0.9 version of The Lost Planet, which I'd not been able to find anywhere. I don't think it's a fully comprehensive list, but even having different versions of the same game is something a little different to most listings I'd found.

AGI Development Tools / Re: WinAGI is Back
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:21:08 PM »
It's not easy to find, that's for sure. So many deadlinks out there, too.

EDIT: There's also quite a few names from AGI past on Twitter.

On the SCI style parser, The Lost Planet 1.0 (1999) had it - it was selectable through the menu.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / AGI Fan Games Archive
« on: April 12, 2017, 08:04:31 PM »
Hi all,

A recent jaunt down memory lane lead me to searching for fangames, since I was adamant that there must have been a different version of my own AGI game to the one I'd been able to find on fansites. I found dead torrents and broken links and long-gone roms that all gave credence to my theory, but eventually happened across what I'd been searching for - amidst the madness of the ScummVM forums, I found *it* and something a little more, that I knew had to get back to whatever remnant of the old AGI community might still exist.

This is a bzip-tar file of an AGI Fanmade Game collection, which contains the folders listed below.

It's attached to this post, but I've also thrown it into my google drive (and dropbox and skydrive, because I really don't want this to get lost again).

I'm not sure when the archive is from, though can see it's from after my own contribution (The Lost Planet). Unfortunately for me, it looks like both of the releases I did had serious issues, despite having solveable paths. Still deciding what I want to do with that personally, but hey, I hope this is useful to some of you :)


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