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The most recent version of Betrayed Alliance is on the SCI Wiki page. I can't speak to the version on this site as I don't remember when or if I've ever patched it here.

I'm glad to hear there are better ways of implementing Right-click-look. I'll have to look into that.

I'm slowly playing through Betrayed Alliance 1. These games seem very ambitious and well executed. The art is great and BA2 looks even better! I like the mini-games and the attention to detail is very high. I can tell you've put a lot of effort into these.

I didn't know it was possible to mouse look in SCI0. Is that something you hacked in?

One suggestion, I needed to switch to a PC to use the installer. An alternate download for Mac/Linux users with just the resources, etc. would be a convenient addition for BA2.
Thanks for giving the game a spin. Did you download the one from this website or from the SCIWiki page? I know that people have played it on Mac/Linux and the major problem is that the music program doesn't work on those platforms.

Thanks for the kind words about the art. I'm trying to outdo my efforts moving from the first book to the second and I'm glad it seems to be paying off.

As far as the minigames go, Gumby is responsible for getting the darts game up and running and Cloudee1 did the code for the door puzzle of the scientist. I definitely want to give credit where it's due! It was clearly too ambitious a project, which explains why I broke it up into 3 books.

Right-click look is used in Quest for Glory 1 and was a feature I always loved. It's not too complicated to get running either. Something like:
Code: [Select]
(method (handleEvent pEvent)
(super handleEvent: pEvent)
(if (== (pEvent type?) evMOUSEBUTTON)
(if (& (pEvent modifiers?) emRIGHT_BUTTON)
(> (pEvent x?) 47)    ; Draw a box around the area you want to check
(< (pEvent x?) 72)
(> (pEvent y?) 105)
(< (pEvent y?) 121)
You can also do this with control colors and views too.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI0 - Text window vanishing cutouts of Views
« on: September 11, 2021, 02:17:00 PM »
Cool! Thanks for the replies and help  :)

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI0 - Text window vanishing cutouts of Views
« on: September 11, 2021, 02:08:07 PM »
One possible workaround might be to addToPic the wall view over the hole on init (only if it should be covered of course), and redraw the room picture (which has no wall there) when it's revealed.
Interesting. I don't have any experience with "addToPic." I'll have to tinker with it to see how it works. Would it work with a crumbling animation? Or would addToPic keep the first cel of the view static on the background?

I have a hard time deciphering a lot of the base template code, so I just wonder if there were some errors in the window printing that was causing this.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI0 - Text window vanishing cutouts of Views
« on: September 11, 2021, 10:15:29 AM »
I should clarify. Once the text box is gone, the view's pixels are restored. It only when the text window is on screen that the view has a piece cut out

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI0 - Text window vanishing cutouts of Views
« on: September 10, 2021, 09:49:29 PM »
Do you have a view covering the hole?
I do. But whenever the text is there, it cuts out a square shaped "hole" in the view. I'm guessing the windows dimensions might be being drawn improperly...or at least the clearing for it?

The attached is what it looks like without the text box interference.

SCI Syntax Help / SCI0 - Text window vanishing cutouts of Views
« on: September 10, 2021, 01:00:11 PM »
Does anyone know why this happens? This particular text box reveals a "hidden" area behind a breakable wall.

This isn't a super high priority as I can just move the location of the text box, but this is an issue I don't think I've ever seen anyone talk about before.

Looking great there.
Very nice.  I really liked the Cthulu/frog thing animation eating the hero.
Thanks. That animation took a bit of time with the frogtopus being so detailed a sprite. I'm very pleased with how it turned out too :)

TWO YEARS! Where’d the time go?

Status update: LOTS going on! 70 of an estimated 100 backgrounds are “basically done.”

Also, a friend of mine has offered some help with concept and pixel art for various creatures in the game and some bigger sprites for battle. You can see them on my latest update.

Perhaps most importantly moving forward is that I’m ramping up to launch a kickstarter to raise some money for our friend Musically Inspired to compose some awesome music for the game using the MT32. I’m also hoping to fund the creation of a physical player’s guide (although I abandoned the idea of a box as it just wasn’t cost efficient and caused me nothing but headaches).

While I still hope for a 2022 release (in December), the closer that date gets, the more wishy-washy I am on it. That being said, my next milestone will be to put together a playable demo of the first part of the game. Not sure on dates for that, but that’s where my attention is at the moment.
Thanks for reading and I hope to have more to show (and play) soon.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SetMotion: End and animation hiccups
« on: July 18, 2021, 12:45:07 PM »
Thanks! That's a fairly reasonable work around, until I find a more elegant solution anyway.

SCI Syntax Help / SetMotion: End and animation hiccups
« on: July 17, 2021, 06:37:18 PM »
I have an animation that goes through various stages, so I have it scripted out in a changeState method.

I have the cycleSpeed set to 4, but when the animation reaches its final cel and moves on to the next state, the last cel lasts for only 1 game cycle before moving on to the next state.

This makes sense because it moves to the next state when it reaches the end because I told it to with SetCycle: End self.

Is there an elegant solution to this to make the last cel last for the full amount of gameCycles (according to what cycleSpeed is set at) before moving to the next state?

Been half a year, so what's new?

Working mainly on asset creation and story/puzzle plotting. On that front, I've produced somewhere near 60 or so backgrounds. For a project that was just supposed to be 1/3 of total game, this one is shaping up to be more of a full-length experience than I had anticipated at the outset, but I think that's great because it means I keep having more story and puzzle ideas to flesh out (and a bigger forest to explore). For comparison, Betrayed Alliance Book 1 had 56 Backgrounds, and I feel like I'm nowhere near finished making backgrounds. I would estimate maybe 100 or so would be the final amount for Book 2 (which is in the ballpark of some of the Sierra Originals).

I've also been working on character animations for the main two playable characters. Death screen animations and pictures were a focus earlier this year.

I will admit that work on the game has diminished to about 50% of my usual work in the last couple of months as I've been focusing on my health. I'm generally healthy, but have high blood pressure and have been working to get my weight down so that my blood pressure will reduce as well. So I've been working out more in my "free time" which has cut into my ability to work on the game. But I'm already at the halfway point for my weight goal having lost 18 lbs, so I'm looking forward to not having to focus so much energy on that and can get back to full creative capacity!

Here's some of my newer screens:

If you'd like me to try my hand at a PIC or two, feel free to post a picture of it (and the AGI resource would be nice too).

That sounds like a pretty simple way to do it to me! Thanks.

I would suggest introducing a 'count' property to the inventory item class (Iitem).  That way you can keep track of the count within the inventory item itself and you won't have the headache of having to keep track of the count with other global variables.

In the code I posted, just swap out the reference that prints out the view # for your new count property.
Excellent! Thanks for steering me in the right direction. I've made the alterations you've said and it does work just as it should.

My only problem now is figuring out how to manipulate the number. I've set up "count" as a new property of the iItem class and then added a new item:
Code: [Select]
(instance Crackers of Iitem
said 'cracker'
description {These are crackers. You have = %d many}
owner 0
view 610
loop 0
cel 0
script 0
name "crackers"
count 2

I can easily assign a number (like "2") to the "count" when acquiring the item, but how can I manipulate that number? I tried to assign it a variable, but the interpreter was pretty insistent that I only use a constant for the properties. Any thoughts?

Edit: I tried to set up a procedure in the Iitem class that would let me change the "count." Not sure if that's the right idea or not, but I can't get it working yet.

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