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AGI Development Tools / Sierra's Internal AGI Tools
« on: January 13, 2019, 04:09:28 PM »
As promised a few years ago,
here's my collection of Sierra's internal AGI tools.

Enjoy!  8)

SCI Development Tools / SCI32 Source Code
« on: January 11, 2019, 06:17:32 AM »

This repository contains snapshots of the SCI interpreter and system scripts between 11/1994 - 10/1995, and you can learn about the evolution of the SCI in this era.
You can see the these snapshots in git's commit history:

Robert Lindsley talks about Sierra, programming and SCI:

Everything-Else / That melody at the start sounds familiar...
« on: May 07, 2017, 03:29:49 PM »


Everything-Else / Beautiful SCI0-like game inspired by Colonel's Bequest
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:54:11 PM »
Check out this beautiful WIP game by Julia Minamata:

She's using AGS though. Wish she'd port it to SCI. Maybe someone here would like to introduce her to that option (and this community)?

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / The Realm Online
« on: October 28, 2016, 05:12:38 PM »
So there's this MMORPG game Sierra made back in 1996, and was later bought by some other companies: The Realm Online.
I recently found out it's actually written using (modified?) SCI 2.1 (!).

We used a modified version of SCI (Sierra's Creative Interpreter) to create The Realm. It was the same engine used to make all of the existing adventure games, so we made The Realm in a similar style. We picked the cartoony art direction for two reasons: The artwork was highly compressible, and our artists could make it rapidly. Remember, this was the day of 28k modems. Download sizes were a huge deal! We didn't get into the store for several years, so our only method of distribution was digital download. Every kilobyte counted!

SV.EXE is even able to open the game and view most of its resources!

In all the lists of SCI games I never noticed The Realm Online. Weird.

Here are some nice articles about this game:
The Game Archaeologist: Steve Nichols' The Realm Online debriefing, part 1
The Game Archaeologist: Steve Nichols' The Realm Online debriefing, part 2
It's a Mystery Who's Running One of the Oldest Multi-Player Online Fantasy Games

Thanks to the generous help of Michael Cronsten (who's hosting a catalog of old floppies), I managed to get hold of an intact version of Police Quest 2 demo:

This version is already recognized by ScummVM (same md5's as the corrupt version) and working flawlessly.

For the unaware - the only version available so far on the internet had a corrupt RESOURCE.001.
6 years ago I managed to construct a "fixed" demo using views extracted from the full game. However, one view (VIEW.010, shown in the final scene) was unique to the demo, which made my fix incomplete. You can read about it in this old ScummVM bug ticket.

Another fine piece by Jimmy Maher:

This time it even covers our beloved SCI engine, as well as the introduction of the MT-32 to Sierra's games.
Long, but very interesting.

Everything-Else / SCUMM University
« on: July 08, 2016, 04:19:51 PM »

Just found this hilarious video!

Every year, all of Lucasfilm would have a company meeting and each division would give the company an update on what they've been up to for the past year.
I guess this video is from their 1990 or 1991 meeting.

All of the video is great, but the following "ad" for SCUMM University is simply amazing:

Everything-Else / Habitat is now Open Source!
« on: July 07, 2016, 02:24:31 AM »

Lucas Art's Habitat was a very early attempt at online community/rpg, a bit like Sierra's ImagiNation Network.

Now, the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment has managed to collect the source code for Habitat and released it on GitHub. Hopefully they'll be able to make the server operational again and we'll be able to enjoy this piece of computer history.

I just found a SCI demo that I never knew existed for the ImagiNation Network (INN).
Unlike INN itself which used a modified version of SCI (called LSCI or Large Model SCI), this demo used the original SCI interpreter (version 1.001.097).

The demo works fine both in DosBox and ScummVM.

I discovered this demo inside an ISO from
CD-ROM Today - The Disc #5 (November 1994)

If you don't want to download the entire ISO, I'm hosting a standalone ZIP archive:

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Interesting Cursors
« on: July 01, 2016, 03:34:24 AM »
What do you think about these?

Yay, finally I got this pull request committed:
This is not my first contribution to ScummVM, but it's the first that contains real code...

* OmerMor is feeling proud

« on: June 20, 2016, 05:27:10 PM »

;  VOCABASE.TXT:  Basic word dictionary file
;  -----------------------------------------
;  for   Sierra On-line, 12/16/88
;        source file converted to new syntax 1/3/89
;  by    Pablo Ghenis, Parsemaster extraordinaire.
;  Special mention goes to Robert Fischbach for blazing the trail with the 
;  first sanely organized (!?) vocabulary file in Sierra On-line's history
;  Parts of speech recognized are:
;     ARTicle
;     CONJunction
;     PRONoun
;     ASSociative preposition
;     POSitional preposition
;     ADVerb
;     AUXVerb
;     ADJective
;     VERB
;     NOUN
;  Word numbers 1 to 999 are reserved for "system level" words, namely those
;  of the first seven classes above. Please do not modify this area, if a
;  word or part of speech is missing for any of these words let ME know and
;  I will add it ASAP; that way others may also benefit from the update.

;  Word numbers 4000 to 4095 are reserved for system hooks and kludges, If
;  you dare to use these your actors will forever stutter and your
;  lexical karma will never be the same.

;  This leaves word numbers 500 to 3999 for ADJectives, VERBS and NOUNS, which
;  is all you should HAVE to define for your game. My recommendation is to
;  allocate those numbers as follows:
;   500- 999   ADJectives
;  1000-1999   VERBs
;  2000-3999   NOUNs
;  Formatting suggestion if not already using the vocab preprocessor:
;  newlines are cheap, leave a blank line between distinct words,
;  cluster only synonyms

;     ART            1+
;     CONJ           50+
;     PRON           100+
;     ASS            150+
;     POS            200+
;     ADV            300+
;     AUXV           400+
;     system         4000+
;     end of world   4095
;  recommended for user file:
;     ADJ            500+
;     VERBS          1000+
;     NOUNS          2000+
;  ART(icles)
;  **********

(#art #NUMBER 1
   ;some spanish articles for Leisure Suit Larry

;  CONJ(unctions)
;  **************

(#conj   #NUMBER 50
   ++    ;of
;  proNOUNs:   any of these will get translated to the root of the last
;  ********    previous sentence's direct object

(#pron   #NUMBER 100


   ;;we really use the following pronouns as nouns sooo...
   (#synonyms  I  me    myself)
   (#synonyms  you   ya)   

;  ASS(ociative prepositions)
;  **************************

(#ass #NUMBER 150


;  POS(itional prepositions)
;  **************************

(#pos #NUMBER 200

   to       ;changed from #ass by Pablo 9/4/89
   (on upon)
   (in   into  inside)
   (out  outer outside)
   (under   underneath  below beneath)
   (over above)
   (#noun behind)
   (#noun #verb   back)

;  ADV(erbs)
;  *********

(#adv #NUMBER 300

   (#synonyms  fast  quickly  quick speedy)
   (#synonyms  slow  slowly   sluggishly)
   (#synonyms  abnormal strange)
   (#synonyms  yes   y  ok affirmative (#noun roger)  sure certainly aye yep)
   (#synonyms  no n negative nay nope)
   (#synonyms  maybe dunno possibly probably)

;  AUXV(erbs)
;  **********

(#auxv   #NUMBER 400

   ;to do or not to do much ado about nothing...)
   (#noun   does)
   ;to be or not to be...
   (is are youre wheres)
   (am Im)  ;Im=I'm
   ++             ; Removed "are" to make it a synonym for "is"
   (#noun   can)
   (#noun   will)
   (stop cease)
   (start   begin)
   ;say what!??
   ;let em have it
   tell     ;tell man to break window     -> break<tell<man<to/window
   use      ;USE wire to CONNECT circuit  -> connect<use<wire<to/circuit
   (shout yell scream holler)

;  System-level   hacks
;  ******************

;These numbers MUST be present to work around an obscure bug in findWord:

(#NUMBER 4000  #noun

   (#synonyms  0  zero  o)
   (#synonyms  1  one)
   (#synonyms  2  two)
   (#synonyms  3  three)
   (#synonyms  4  four)
   (#synonyms  5  five)
   (#synonyms  6  six)
   (#synonyms  7  seven)
   (#synonyms  8  eight)
   (#synonyms  9  nine)
   (#synonyms  10 ten)
   (#synonyms  11 eleven)
   (#synonyms  12 twelve)
   (#synonyms  13 thirteen)
   (#synonyms  14 forteen fourteen)
   (#synonyms  15 fifteen)
   (#synonyms  16 sixteen)
   (#synonyms  17 seventeen)
   (#synonyms  18 eighteen)
   (#synonyms  19 nineteen ninteen)
   (#synonyms  20 twenty)
   (#synonyms  30 thirty)
   (#synonyms  40 forty)
   (#synonyms  50 fifty)
   (#synonyms  60 sixty)
   (#synonyms  70 seventy)
   (#synonyms  80 eighty)
   (#synonyms  90 ninety)
   (#synonyms  100   hundred)
   (#synonyms  1000  thousand)
   (#synonyms  1000000  million)
);#NUMBER 4000

;Here come the hacks from the deep!

(#NUMBER 4093

   ;4093    Any number not explicitly in the vocabulary:
   ;        hard-coded into interpreter)
   (#noun unknownNumber)
   ;4094    Nothing a user would type could match this word:
   ;        hard-coded into interpreter)
   (#synonyms  !* NOWORD)
   ;4095    Anything will match this word:
   ;        hard-coded into interpreter)
      #noun #verb #adj  #pos  #conj #art  #adv  #auxv #pron
      *  ANY   ANYWORD
;************************ END OF BASE VOCABULARY ***************************

SCI Development Tools / Sierra's Internal SCI Tools
« on: June 17, 2016, 07:41:20 PM »
here's my collection of Sierra's internal SCI tools (I have some AGI tools as well - stay tuned).
It's far from complete, but it spans from as early as 1987 to as late as 1996.
Some of the tools are available in several versions. For these, I suffixed their name with an underscore (_) and their version or their date (in case no version was available), e.g. SC_4.100.EXE.
Some of the tools had a protection that only allowed them to be run from a specific network share. I removed that protection.

Here're the descriptions for the tools that have it:
ATOS.EXE     - AGI to SCI source code translator
AUDADD.EXE   - Add audio header
AUDCHANS.EXE - AUDCHANS converts stereo audio files to mono or visa-versa or reports the number of channels that audio files currently have.
AUDCOMP.EXE  - Audio compress
AUDDCOMP.EXE - AUDDCOMP is used to decompress audio volumes during install.
AUDDISK.EXE  - Flag AUD files for disk-resident playback
AUDMEM.EXE   - Flag AUD files for memory-resident playback
AUDPCM.EXE   - Decompress AUD to SOL files
AUDPLAY.EXE  - Audio player
AUDRATE.EXE  - Change or report rate of AUD files
AUDSCRAM.EXE - Audio scrambler
AUDSTRIP.EXE - Strip audio header
AUDSYNC.EXE  - Remove sync editor info
AUDUCOMP.EXE - Audio decompress
AUDUSCRM.EXE - Audio unscrambler
AUDWAVE.EXE  - Rewrite AUD files in Microsoft's WAVE format
BASE36.EXE   - BASE36 converts message components into base-36 filenames or vice-versa.
BIT2CEL.EXE  - Convert 16 color bitmap to 16 color cel
BLAST.EXE    - Sound Blaster Record/Playback Utility
BUILDADL.EXE - Builds 3.PAT for use with Sierra's ADL (128 patch) driver.
BUILDGEN.EXE - Builds 4.PAT for use with Sierra's GSMIDI driver.
CE.EXE       - Cursor Editor
CEL2LBM.EXE  - Converts 256 Color Cel to LBM file
CEL2PCX.EXE  - Converts Cel to PCX file
CEL2RE.EXE   - Converts 256 Color Cel to Targa 16 file (.T16) for RE
CEL2TGA.EXE  - Converts 256 Color Cel to Targa 16 file (.T16)
CHKVIEW.EXE  - Checks integrity of view files
CVTSCI.EXE   - Converts SC scripts to new syntax
DC.EXE       - Word derivative Compiler
FE.EXE       - Font Editor
FIXCEL.EXE   - Correct 256 color cel file(s)
FIXVIEW.EXE  - Correct 256 color view file(s)
FIXVIEWS.EXE - Correct all 256 color view files
INC_IT.EXE   - Increments the ASCII version number in 'version_file'.
INCVER.EXE   - Increment version number
LBM2CEL.EXE  - Converts LBM file to Cel file
LBM2PAL.EXE  - Creates new palette file from LBM file
LBM2VIEW.EXE - Converts LBM file back to 256 color view file
MAKEMAPS.EXE - MAKEMAPS reads individual audio and sync files creating RESOURCE.AUD and room-specific *.MAP resource files.
MAKEP16.EXE  - Converts 256 Color Pic to 16 color pic (controls & priority)
MAKEPIC.EXE  - Makes an SCI32 P56 file from 2 pcx files
MAKEV.EXE    - Converts any view to use colors in new.pal
MAKEV16.EXE  - Converts 256 Color View to 16 color view
MAKEV64.EXE  - Converts 256 Color View to standard 64 color view
MAKEV72.EXE  - Converts 256 Color View to standard 72 color view
MC.EXE       - Message Compiler
ME.EXE       - SCI Message Editor
ME_ALT.EXE   - (Music Editor? Original name was ME)
MEAUDFIL.EXE - Message Audio File Utility
MECNV3_4.EXE - Message Editor Conversion v.3 to v.4
MEDUMP.EXE   - Message File Dumper
MEXLTDIF.EXE - Message File Translation Differencer
MTEST.EXE    - Music Test
NEWPAL.EXE   - Creates new palette file from LBM file
NIGHTPAL.EXE - Creates nighttime palette from file
NO255.EXE    -
NORM.EXE     - This program normalizes audio files.
PAL.EXE      - Allows you to redefine the standard palette in pic file(s)
PAL2OLD.EXE  - Conversion of New Pallete to Old
PALPIC.EXE   - Allows you to redefine the standard palette in pic file(s)
PALVIEW.EXE  - Allows you to redefine the standard palette in view file(s)
PCX2CEL.EXE  - Converts PCX to Cel file
PCX2VIEW.EXE - Converts PCX file back to 256 color view file
PE.EXE       - Picture Editor (16 colors)
PE256.EXE    - Picture Editor (256 colors)
PIC2CEL.EXE  - Program converts 256 color PICTOR files to 256 color cels
PIC2PCX.EXE  - Converts Pic to PCX file
RE.EXE       -
RENRESRC.EXE - Resource File Renamer
RMESSAGE.EXE - SCI message translator
SC.EXE       - Script Compiler
SCI.EXE      - Script Interpreter (debug)
SCID.EXE     -
SCIH.EXE     -
SCIP.EXE     -
SCITESTR.EXE - Script Interpreter (debug, menu bars enabled)
SCIV.EXE     -
SCPP.BAT     - front-end batch file for SCPPRINT.EXE
SCPPRINT.EXE - a pretty printer for SCRIPT code
SE.EXE       - Sound Editor
SIERRA.EXE   - Script Interpreter (no debug)
SIERRAM.EXE  - Script Interpreter (no debug, menu bars enabled)
SMF.EXE      -
TC.EXE       -
V16LBM.EXE   - Converts 16 color views to Lbm files
V16TO72.EXE  - Converts 16 Color View to standard 72 color view
V256LBM.EXE  - Converts 'Full Color' views to Lbm files
VC.EXE       - Vocabulary Compiler
VCPP.EXE     -
VE.EXE       - View Editor (16 colors)
VE256.EXE    - View Editor (256 colors)
VIEW2LBM.EXE - Converts 256 color views to Lbm files
VIEW2OLD.EXE - Conversion of New View Format to Old View Format
VIEW2PCX.EXE - Converts 256 color view to PCX file
VIEWCHK.EXE  - View File Comparison Utility
VIEWPAL.EXE  - Allows you to redefine the standard palette in view file(s)
WE.EXE       -
XE.EXE       -
XMESSAGE.EXE - SCI message extractor

I hope there'll be a community effort to document the tools more thoroughly.

Enjoy!  8)

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