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AGI Development Tools / Looking for specific versions of AGI files
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:34:40 PM »
Seems awful quiet here in the AGI forum. I guess everyone had a busy summer.

I've made a ton of progress on WinAGI v1.2.2. I'm working on the help file now. To make sure it's as accurate as possible, I've been working with a decompiler on the AGI files. I've been working with primarily with version 2.917, and have it almost fully decompiled, which has led to a ton of new information and corrections regarding the AGI specs.

I've been able to check other versions I have to look for differences among versions, but unfortunately I'm missing a few versions that I would like to have in order to validate my assumptions about what's different.

Years ago, I got a zip file with most DOS versions from someone (I think from MegaTokyo days). But I found out that three of the versions included are not what they seem. The files for v2.425,2.439 and 2.903 all include a version stamp of "2.CBC" in the AGIDATA.OVL file, and have a bit of extra code at the end of the executable that's associated with a Sierra loader for Windows 98 - other than that, they're byte for byte equal to v2.936. It looks like they're from a Windows 98 compatible version of Space Quest that included both SQ1 and SQ2.

So if anyone has the 'real' versions 2.425, 2.439 and 2.903, I'd love to have them for comparison against the other versions I have. Oh, and I don't have any version 1 files; I wouldn't mind getting my hands on those too, but they're less of a need for me.


AGI Development Tools / WinAGI 1.2 BETA available for download
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:25:07 AM »
Took a bit longer than I had planned, but here is next version of WinAGI:
WinAGI 1.2.1 BETA

There are a lot of improvements since last version. Here's a short list of the more significant changes:

  • converted Interpreter Version property to string type, so no more errors when trying to open templates when using non-US country settings
  • Better validation of default settings on startup so no more 1 point fonts in editors
  • Colors can be edited in Settings, so custom palettes can be created for pictures and views
  • Graphics features make more use of API calls to manage transparencies, masking. Should improve overall performance as API calls much faster than native VB graphics methods
  • Layout Editor overhauled, significantly improved performance and features; editor is now much more resilient to changes made by user both inside and outside of the editor to rooms and exits
  • added ability to show pics on layout editor as inset to room boxes
  • a ton of picture editor improvements:
  • added ability to resize/reposition background image on picture editor
  • background feature now includes transparency option for drawn image (to see background through the drawn picture)
  • Test Mode in picture editor does not force background to hide and switch to full draw state; user can do tests on partially drawn pictures, and background image can be visible during testing
  • added mousewheel support to Picture Editor to zoom in/out
  • added export feature for picture images (export as bmp, gif, png, tif, jpg), you can export visual image, priority or both
  • new option for cursor highlighting in picture editor: small square for current coordinate; all others marked with x OR original WinAGI, with flashing cursor around selected coordinates and all others not marked
  • added new gif export feature for view loops - you can convert any loop into an animated gif
  • fixed menu editor to extract actual message strings if arguments in the menu commands are local/global defines or variable tag(e.g. m1, m2)
  • double-clicking menu editor lets you change background picture so you can see your how your menu looks against actual in-game pictures
  • compiler warnings are displayed in a separate window; double-click a warning to go directly to corresponding line in logic source
  • made improvements to argument tips feature
  • when using reserved names, they can be viewed in the global defines editor on a separate tab (can't be edited, but can be copied, search-in-logic enabled)
  • diasbled VB syntax as an advertised option. (It is still available as an undocumented feature: on settings form, use Ctrl+Shift+? to show vb option checkbox on Logics tab. In Logic editor, use Alt+S to switch a logic to/from VB syntax)

I haven't updated the Help file yet; I'll do that after I polish things up for full release. I'd love to get as much feedback as I can. If you find a problem/bug, let me know here. The more information you can give to help me reproduce any errors or bugs the better.

If you have any questions about features (old or new),  I'd love to hear those too. WinAGI has a ton of capabilities that many of you probably aren't aware of. Please post those questions in a separate thread, or PM me directly.

AGI Development Tools / WinAGI is Back
« on: March 12, 2017, 06:50:36 PM »
Hi all!

I'm the creator of WinAGI. After the last release in 2007, I've been completely away from the AGI scene (RL sent me in a different direction). I've recently found interest in AGI again, and more specifically WinAGI, and have dusted off the dev files to see where I left off. A number of issues that were reported in the last release (1.1.22) I believe are fixed. And I have added a few more things to an update that's pretty much ready to release.

While I was creating WinAGI, I spent a lot of time disassembling the original AGI interpreters; if y'all have questions about the interpreters, I may have already found the answer for you. And there are some things that are still in the AGI spec files that are wrong (which WinAGI [and it's help files] have right, for example, the algorithm for drawing lines in PIC resources, the definition of splatter codes, the function of reserved flag f11[it's set if a particular platform supports the noise channel - it's not 'logic0 is run for first time']). I also learned a lot about commands, and how the interpreter handles data passed to them which would be really useful for game developers to know and included that in the WinAGI Help file). I may try to upload what I've learned to the Wiki, but only if moderators are cool with it.

I am not an IT guy in my day job dev and programming have always been just a hobby for me. I knew enough to be dangerous 10-15 years ago, but I have never been able to keep up-  most of the dev world has blown by me. I can do simple java scripts, and I've played around with some of Microsoft's latest Visual Studio dev environments (I created a simple phone app that solved a collectible card puzzle game just to see if I could do it), but I'm woefully ignorant of most modern dev tools. My expertise is VBA for Office and VB6 so I tend to stick with what's familiar. With the kids grown up and out of the house now, maybe I'll have more time to learn about all these other tools, and I might even try to port WinAGI to a more modern environment.

I know there's not a lot of love for VB6 and programs created in it, but it's an incredibly resilient programming environment that has worked extremely well even as Windows has gone through many major revisions. (I'm running VB6 on Windows 10 with no issues at all, and WinAGI runs perfectly on my Windows 10 Surface Pro.)  And I also know that Windows doesn't seem to the OS of choice for a lot of AGI aficionados. So maybe a Windows based app developed in VB6 is not the most sought after AGI tool.

But I really hope that people won't discount WinAGI just because of the dev tool used to create it. If you are looking to create a full featured AGI game, I submit that there is no better tool than WinAGI; it's not just a resource editor - it has built in tools that allow you to manage creation of your game from start to finish. And it also has the best editors for ALL agi resources, IMHO.

The VB syntax that I included in WinAGI seems to have been a huge turnoff for many, and caused confusion for many more. I think for my next release, I'll hide that feature so only the original Sierra programming language is shown/discussed. (I'll leave it there as an undocumented feature for myself and anyone else who doesn't believe that VB is the spawn of the devil).

I will probably issue a new release by end of the month, but if anyone has anything in particular that they like/don't like about WinAGI, I'll entertain requests, recognizing that time constraints to make code changes are the biggest factor. And if you have any WinAGI questions, message me or post in the forums.

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