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As it says in the title, all I'm trying to do is record some audio of the MIDI sounds of some old Sierra classics using a couple Rolands I have sitting on my desk. I feel like the task shouldn't be that difficult so I'm kind of embarrassed I can't figure it out on my own, but I'm having technical issues at every turn.

I could try to record while they're playing in the game, but I need more control than that. There's often other stuff going on in the game at the same time, and sometimes it cuts off early if the scene changes. Some sounds don't even play in the game. So I need some kind of tool.

I would just extract the MIDI files and play them under any interpreter, but I need the loop information as well.

So it makes sense to play the files directly within one of the SCI resource tools. However, each one has a silly problem that prevents me from recording it accurately.

I started recording using SCI Viewer, but it turns out it plays the MIDI files about 4% faster than intended. Someone explained the reason to me once but I forgot what it was. The important thing is that I don't see a way to play MIDI files using SCI Viewer at the correct speed.

I was going to switch to SCI Companion, but that has an even dumber problem. The MIDI playback tool has a very silly bug in it. It plays at the right speed, but it only plays notes AFTER the loop point, and not the ones ON the loop point like it should. This results in a lot of sound cutting out.

I would try SCI Studio, but it doesn't load any game I've thrown at it. It just always gives the same error, "Resource package/map file identifier mismatch! The game you are trying to open is incomplete, corrupt, or not the correct version!"

So what do I need to do? Program a whole new "game" in SCI Companion just to play MIDI files? This was not supposed to be a big deal.

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