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SCI Syntax Help / Re: Interface overhaul/stripdown (like Myst)
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:23:37 PM »
That's why I was just thinking of simplifying the process and handling evMOUSEBUTTON events manually when hovering over certain polygons. I don't need all those verbs. I just need "when mouse hovers here, change cursor VIEW and do a thing when clicks."

I think all the interaction functionality you need is already there. Features have a setOnMeCheck to which you can provide a polygon:

(or you can provide nsRight/nsLeft, etc..., or control colors, or whatever)

Then just pick a particular verb to leverage, and put your code in the feature's doVerb responding to that verb.
Or make a new method called onClick or something, and change the code that calls doVerb to call that instead.

Feature request. Import CUR and ICO files as VIEWs (or CURSORs in SCI0/1 games maybe?).

If you have another program that can view them, you should just be able to copy paste into a view in SCI Companion (assuming that program can copy an image onto the clipboard).

Quote from: MusicallyInspired

I thought there were two different versions of the documentary, though. One entirely in Studio Script and one entirely in Sierra Script?

Not that I recall...

Nothing SCI does is very complicated these days. This sounds like pretty much any engine or framework today. Unity, Unreal, Monogame, SDL, AGS, etc...

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Vertically aligned Buttons
« on: June 16, 2017, 01:04:15 PM »
If this is just a one-off, you could also just build a dialog from scratch, like the inventory dialog does. That way you don't need to mess around with Print.

I think some of the Sierra games even come with a dialog editor that will let you place buttons and text, and then spits out the code. I forget which though...

lol, no worries, it's not a bragging contest, I'm just using it to keep track of the size increase, and to get a rough idea of the scope of my game vs the Sierra ones.

My numbers are still a bit fudged anyway... many pics are just rough placeholder line drawings, wireframe test rooms, or old art. 

Now after integrating Void Quest into Cascade Quest:

Code: [Select]
Game KQ4 KQ1 SQ3 LB1 CQ-7/16 CQ11/18 CQ-2/24 CQ-6/10 CQ-6/26
Pics (KB): 866 570 460 522 280 317 361 398 415
Pic count: 150 86 115 88 81 84 91 99 102
Views (KB): 1340 784 709 1370 586 712 890 1040 1190
Text (KB): 135 109 103 327 89 110 119 132 156
Scripts (KB): 369 389 345 577 196 231 256 312 375

Code: [Select]
Game KQ4 KQ1 SQ3 LB1 CQ-7/16 CQ11/18 CQ-2/24 CQ-6/10
Pics (KB): 866 570 460 522 280 317 361 398
Pic count: 150 86 115 88 81 84 91 99
Views (KB): 1340 784 709 1370 586 712 890 1040
Text (KB): 135 109 103 327 89 110 119 132
Scripts (KB): 369 389 345 577 196 231 256 312

Forum Support and Suggestions / Re: Game Reviews and Suggestion
« on: June 01, 2017, 12:52:31 PM »
Can you provide a 'n/a', and just exclude it from the score (pun intended) in that case?

It's possible I'm hitting some limit with the size that the format allows. How large was your resource.001 file when it happened? (or the

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Void Quest
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:15:43 PM »
The beginning of it inside of the cabin reminded me of Farm Nightmare. I have not had a lot of time to play more than just a few minutes, but looking good.

Haha, it does a bit. I think for Farm Nightmare I swiped a background from one of the Quest for Glory games or something. This time I made it from scratch.

Everything-Else / Re: The Witness
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:00:31 PM »
I liked it a lot, but not as much as Braid. Might have been just because I had my hopes set too high (or maybe I remember Braid as being better than it was).

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Void Quest
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:37:06 PM »
Yeah, I figured out the points issue. I'll upload a fix tonight.

I'll also look at the bug with the picture frame. Someone who playtested it ran into that, but I hadn't been able to repro it.

And you did reach the proper ending. That was intentional (it wasn't because I ran out of time). Well, I guess I wanted a bit more of a cutscene at the end, but...

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Void Quest
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:04:15 PM »
Hmm, a person on twitter reported they finished with 84 points, and I thought that was really low. I wonder if I have some bugs in the scoring. By my calculation, if you only do the mandatory stuff, you should end up with 118. That's a pretty big discrepancy, maybe I'll go see what's up with that...

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Void Quest
« on: May 21, 2017, 05:50:30 PM »
I did run into times where I knew what to do, just not how to orchestrate it - but that's to be expected.

The bane of any parser-based game, and unfortunately it can best be addressed by lots of playtesting, which is a bit of a luxury during a game jam. I only got about 2 hours worth of other people playing the game before submitting it.

I have a system to log input that gets bad responses and send the data to me, but I disabled it in the version I upload. Worried about privacy issues, and I didn't have time to make it opt-in. Plus I wouldn't really have the opportunity to make improvements anyway.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Void Quest
« on: May 21, 2017, 01:46:42 PM »
Feel free to tweet me a question and I'll give a hint (or ask here).

Ah, yeah, I was thinking you could just switch the (User alterEgo?) property to one of two different ego instances. That would handle the inventory without any extra work I think, but then you'd need to be really careful everywhere in your code to use gEgo (when it's always specific to the first ego) vs gOtherEgo (when it's for the other ego) vs (User alterEgo?) (when the code applies to the one the player is currently controlling). Might be difficult/tedious to get right.

Sierra Script is the new version of the syntax supported by SCI Companion 3. It's what we should be posting here so as not to confuse new users. I converted it to Sierra Script for you:

Code: [Select]
;;; Sierra Script 1.0 - (do not remove this comment)

; Ego-Switching Region
; by Ryan Slattery
; Originally Designed For Betrayed Alliance Book 2

(script# 205)
(use Controls)
(use Cycle)
(use Feature)
(use Game)
(use Main)
(use Obj)

egoSwitchRegion 0

myEvent ; Used in the Doit method to track the mouse over the switch button
buttonOpen =  0 ; Used so that the Doit method doesn't send constant signals cancelling the button animation
roomToggleNumber ; Intermediary variable allowing the change of gSwitchedRoomNumber before calling gRoom:newRoom command
[characterXYToggle 2] = [0 0] ; Intermediary variable allowing the change of posn before asigning new gPrevXY variables
; Used to switch all items from one character to a room or from a room to the other character
; Items stored for Male Ego in Rm 205 and for Female Ego in Rm 210
; IMPORTANT - remember to change the item Iteration # as you add items


(instance egoSwitchRegion of Rgn

(method (init)
(super init:)
(switcher init: ignoreActors: setPri: 15)

(method (handleEvent pEvent)
(super handleEvent: pEvent)
(Said 'switch')
(if (== (pEvent type?) evMOUSEBUTTON)
(> (pEvent x?) (switcher nsLeft?))
(< (pEvent x?) (switcher nsRight?))
(> (pEvent y?) (switcher nsTop?))
(< (pEvent y?) (switcher nsBottom?))
; Remove and Give Items based on who is being used
(for ( (= itemIteration 0)) (< itemIteration 19)  ( (++ itemIteration)) (if gAnotherEgo
; Switching from Female Ego
(if (== (gEgo has: itemIteration) 1)
(gEgo put: itemIteration 210) ; Items stored in Room 210
(if (== (IsOwnedBy itemIteration 205) 1)
(gEgo get: itemIteration) ; Items stored in Rm 205 given to Male Ego
; Switching from Male Ego
(if (== (gEgo has: itemIteration) 1)
(gEgo put: itemIteration 205) ; Items stored in Room 205
(if (== (IsOwnedBy itemIteration 210) 1)
(gEgo get: itemIteration) ; Items stored in Rm 210 given to Female Ego
(if gAnotherEgo
(= gAnotherEgo 0) ; Male character
(= gEgoView 0)
(= gEgoStoppedView 903)
(= gAnotherEgo 1) ; Female character
(= gEgoView 342)
(= gEgoStoppedView 903) ; Haven't drawn it yet
; Get Room Number Variables saved and set up for room switch
(= roomToggleNumber gSwitchedRoomNumber) ; saves variable for newRoom call
(= gSwitchedRoomNumber gRoomNumber)    ; saves current room as the new switched room
; Get Ego's X/Y position saved and set up for room switch
(= [characterXYToggle 0] (gEgo x?))
(= [characterXYToggle 1] (gEgo y?))
(gEgo posn: [gPrevXY 0] [gPrevXY 1] hide:)       ; wondering if this works without setting Up Ego in this script
(= [gPrevXY 0] [characterXYToggle 0])
(= [gPrevXY 1] [characterXYToggle 1])
(gRoom newRoom: roomToggleNumber)

(method (doit)
(super doit:)
(= myEvent (Event new: evNULL))
(- (switcher nsLeft?) 5)
(switcher nsRight?)
(+ (switcher nsTop?) 10)
(+ (switcher nsBottom?) 10)
(if (not buttonOpen)
(switcher setCycle: End)
(= buttonOpen 1)
(buttonOpen (switcher setCycle: Beg) (= buttonOpen 0))
(myEvent dispose:)

(procedure (checkEvent pEvent x1 x2 y1 y2)
(> (pEvent x?) x1)
(< (pEvent x?) x2)
(> (pEvent y?) y1)
(< (pEvent y?) y2)
(return TRUE)
(return FALSE)

(instance switcher of Prop
y 15
x 30
view 573
loop 2

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