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Sure, no problem! Thank you both for all the help!

New version attached here and also put all this code into a git repo, apparently it wasn't before:

Now there is an sciAudio.ini file (needs to be in the sciAudio subdirectory of your game) that is read in and used for monitoring a list of (5) possible applications to monitor to determine when to kill sciAudio.  It's a bit hacky, and 5 applications might be overkill but it gives a little flexibility and is backward-compatible with the previous versions which monitored either 'RUN', 'DosBox' or 'ntvdm'.  I also improved the logging around all of this so it's a bit easier to troubleshoot.

Here's what the included INI file looks like, modify it to suit your needs:

Code: [Select]

Fast work! Thanks for the update!

Yes, in order to not have sciAudio become a zombie task upon game exit, there is a thread that is periodically looking for a known application running (RUN or SCIV?), if it doesn't find it running it kills itself.

An INI or config file makes sense.  I'm kicking myself for not considering that, I think it's hard-coded in the application itself.

How do you think I should proceed at this point?

Yup, after installing, if I change the name of the executable "Betrayed Alliance" to "RUN" sciAudio works.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Sierra Script Conversion Issues
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:00:29 AM »
I just re-installed SCI Companion and everything seems to be running properly again. I changed computers recently and something goofy must've happened. Thanks for the help Kawa. I'm not getting any errors any more.

SCI Syntax Help / Sierra Script Conversion Issues
« on: June 29, 2020, 08:27:57 AM »
A while ago I migrated my Betrayed Alliance 2 project from ye old Studio Script to the Shiny New Sierra Script. It took me a while to go through all the error messages, but it got done and everything compiled nicely!

But, I went to make a quick change to my Main Script, and when I compiled, I got A TON of errors! I've changed all the "TRUE's" to "true" and "FALSE's" to false, but there are a number of issues I don't understand. So my first question is, was there an Sierra Script update memo I missed and my other question is, HELP!?!

  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsFONT' .  Line: 332, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 334, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 335, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 336, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'SET_CURSOR_VISIBLE' .  Line: 338, col: 35
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'SET_CURSOR_VISIBLE' .  Line: 341, col: 29
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'gtTIME_OF_DAY' .  Line: 390, col: 29
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsFONT' .  Line: 424, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsFONT' .  Line: 425, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 427, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 428, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'rsCURSOR' .  Line: 429, col: 8
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'NULL' .  Line: 440, col: 3
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'FALSE' .  Line: 455, col: 35
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'evKEYBOARD' .  Line: 480, col: 10
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'miFREEHEAP' .  Line: 498, col: 18
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'miLARGESTPTR' .  Line: 499, col: 18
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'miFREEHUNK' .  Line: 500, col: 22
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'miLARGESTHUNK' .  Line: 501, col: 18
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'evSAID' .  Line: 509, col: 25
  [Error]: Undeclared identifier 'grGET_COLOURS' .  Line: 762, col: 16
Compiling failed.
30 errors, 8 warnings.

Beautiful screens!
Thanks, only about 65 more to go  :D  :o

OKAY. I seem to have found part of the audio problem. If I have other audio sources running (like youTube), the audio doesn't work. Also, if I have video capture open (like OBS) the audio doesn't work.

I don't know how or why this is an issue now and wasn't with past iterations, but that's what I have found.

Edit - This isn't a hard and fast rule. Now I'm confused again. The sound works 9 times out of 10, but every now and again, there is just nothing. Weird


Small update today.

Working quite a bit on artwork these days. Trying to flesh out the forest area.

I edited the release page to fix things that got broken from some template changes I had made earlier. You should look it over to see if you need to make any further changes. I also set the screenshots to just three across to reduce horizontal scrolling for users with smaller screens. You can add descriptions to each screenshot now as well.
Thanks Collector! The page looks great! I will go through and add some descriptions to the pictures.

I will be uploading the latest version quite soon. I want to hear back from another person and tinker a small bit, but it's essentially ready to go and I think really upgrades things a lot in preparation for me to move more fully into working on the rest of the game.

Were you able to get logged into the Wiki?
Yes. No problem!

Okay. I seem to have it working. Not sure what went wrong the first time

Unless I get word from my last playtester, I think the game is ready to update on the Wiki (and probably should do so here to).

Collector - I was able to get the DosBox installer up and running for the game, but for some reason the music isn't working when I do it...not sure what's going on. I am using SCI Audio for this project, if that matters.

Also, I wonder if I could rework some of the details on the Wiki...I honestly don't remember if I have an account or permission to edit the Betrayed Alliance section or not.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Parser Syntax Problem
« on: April 04, 2020, 09:18:04 AM »
Yes but what are these words, class-wise?
pry = imperative verb, qualifying adjective
open = same as pry
with = subordination
shovel = noun, imperitive verb

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Parser Syntax Problem
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:58:17 PM »
Glad you got this working.  For my own edification I'd like to investigate further, but so far I'm not getting the expected results either.  How do you have these words defined in your vocab?
Troflip posted a working solution if you want to take a look above

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Parser Syntax Problem
« on: April 02, 2020, 11:18:48 PM »
Can't you use something like this? e.g. leave the middle term blank. 
Code: [Select]
(just guessing, it's been a while)
Clever idea...and it works too! Thanks

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