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You can get it here and read about it here.
It's a little SCI "game"/demo that was bundled with a SQ collection.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: VGA SCI with Parser!
« on: December 22, 2006, 09:52:55 AM »
I think having both interfaces is redundant - the beauty in this is that it's possible to make a parser-based game (which personaly I liked very much). It's also would be possible (when a decompiler would be available) to take an existing EGA SCI0 game like SQ3, and make a new VGA version of it with the same parser interface by just changing the views and pictures.
For me, knowing it's possible, fill me with joy  ;)

Maybe more experienced hackers like troflip or trodos could make such magic?

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / VGA SCI with Parser!
« on: December 20, 2006, 03:56:16 PM »
Yes - it's possible!

A little background:
The early AGI & SCI0 games had a built-in ("kernel-mode") parser which you used for writing commands. Later, in SCI1 games, Sierra replaced the parser with a point-n-click interface. The parser op-codes were still part of the SCI language, but they were deprecated, and trying to use them would cause an error.
So it would seem that using a parser in VGA SCI1 games would be impossible.
Brian once suggested writing a parser in the game scripts ("user-mode" parser), but so far noone took his challenge and wrote one.

And then came HWM & trodos...
HWM found out that in the transition from SCI0 to SCI1, Sierra forgot to "take out" the parser from one VGA game - the 1990 christmas card VGA demo. He wrote a simple script, and together with trodos they actually managed to use the parser, and revive it from the dead...

If you want to try it out, here is the demo with the SCRIPT and VOCAB patches:

Start typing! When you do you should see the dialog prompt. The "look" command will be recognised.
That's it!

If you wanna see some pictures, here they are:



The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Rare SCI Games
« on: December 20, 2006, 03:07:36 PM »
Copied from the old MT forums:

I thought I'd make a small list of of rare SCI games that I can't seem to find or I had a hard time finding (bold games are the ones I already have):

Rare SCI Games
EGA Versions:
This section covers all the little known EGA versions of well known SCI1 games, like King's Quest 5. When Sierra first moved to 256-color VGA games, they probably feared that people with inferior video cards, or not enough memory, wouldn't be able to run those games. So they made an alternative version with the same point-and-click interface, only with 16-color EGA graphics. When they moved to their newer interpreter, SCI1.1, they stopped making a seperate EGA version, and instead shipped the games (or at least some of them) with an EGA high-resolution driver, (called EGA640.DRV) that could dither the 320x240 VGA graphics in 640x480 EGA.
CD Versions:
This section covers all the less known CD versions of Sierra games.
  • Castle of Dr. Brain (CD Version)
  • Jones in the Fast Lane (CD Version)
This section covers all the rest.
  • Hero's Quest (Same game as QFG1-SCI0, only with a different title for legal reasons, SCI0)
  • Hoyle's Book of Classic Card Games
  • King's Quest 7 (There are 2 versions: one was win only, and the second was dos&win)
  • Mixed up Mother Goose (The very first remake, EGA, SCI01)
  • Slater & Charlie Go Camping
  • Space Quest 4 (Beta Version, with debug-mode enabled)
International Versions:
This section covers all the (official) translations.
  • Conquests of the Longbow (German)
  • Dr. Brain 1 (Spanish-Bi)
  • Dr. Brain 2 (Spanish)
  • EcoQuest 1 (French-Bi, German-Bi, Spanish-Bi)
  • EcoQuest 2 (French, Spanish)
  • Freddy Pharkas (French, German, Spanish)
  • Gabriel Knight 1 (French, German, Spanish)
  • Gabriel Knight 2 (Portugese subtitles)
  • King's Quest 5 (French-Bi, German-Bi, Spanish-Bi)
  • King's Quest 5 EGA (Spanish-Bi)
  • King's Quest 6 (German, Spanish)
  • King's Quest 7 (Spanish talkie)
  • Laura Bow 2 (French, German, Spanish)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 1 Remake (Spanish)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 3 (French-Bi, German-Bi)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 (French, German, Spanish)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6 (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 7 (German, Spanish,  Russian)
  • Phantasmagoria 1 (Russian)

  • Police Quest 1 Remake (Spanish)
  • Police Quest 3 (German, Spanish)
  • Police Quest 4 (French, German, Spanish)
  • Quest for Glory 1 (Japanese)

  • Quest for Glory 1 Remake (Spanish)
  • Quest for Glory 3 (French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Quest for Glory 4 (German)
  • Space Quest 1 Remake (Spanish)
  • Space Quest 3 (German-Bi - SCI01)
  • Space Quest 4 (French-Bi, German-Bi, Spanish-Bi)
  • Space Quest 4 EGA (Spanish)
  • Space Quest 5 (French, German, Spanish)
  • Torin's Passage (French, German, Spanish)

As you all might know, Sierra made 5 "Crazy Nick's Picks" games that featured mini games from their other adventure games (and from Hoyle's book of games).
However there are other mini games that never made it to Nick's Picks, like the Awari game from Quest for Glory 3, and possibly more that I can't think of right now.
I was wondering if the state of the tools available to the fan community at the moment allows us to extract those other mini games, and construct a sixth (and possibly more) fan-made Crazy Nick's Picks.
What do you think?

  Omer Mor.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / SCI Game Resources
« on: December 20, 2006, 02:42:58 PM »
Fan Games
  • A whole lot of the games can be found here at the SCI Programming Community!
  • Our sisters over at Agigames have a couple too.

Sierra Games

Sierra Patches

Debug Info
  • - Home of the Sierra On-Line Debug Mode FAQ and the (Adventure) Game/Interpreter Versions List by our beloved HWM.

  • Sierra's Creative Interpreter - A very good Wikipedia article.
  • FreeSCI ... This is the first and only non-Sierra SCI Interpreter. Currently it supports SCI version games. All kernel functions have been added making not only games fully playable with it, but also many games have been completed on it!

Game Manuals

Forum Support and Suggestions / Possible to Archive the Mega-Tokyo Forums
« on: December 20, 2006, 02:00:43 PM »
congrats & tnx for this new home...
I'd like to ask (if it's technically possible) to archive the old MT forum in this new place.
There were many great threads there which would be a shame to see go extinct.
Searchable archive of the old forums would be a great feature of this new home, and one that will sure ease the transition of most participants.


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