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The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / The Legend of ZCI
« on: October 08, 2020, 10:53:36 PM »
Just felt like doing these paintovers of the original SCI0 template game Ego sprite tonight. (they're animated, click on them)

5) Yeah, 2gs sound is completely different from standard AGI sound resources. They can contain digital sounds for one. I know of no way to preview 2gs AGI sounds other than within the games themselves.

No. Companion will only let you import. It doesn't contain a MIDI sequencer/editor. It'd be pretty neat if it did. Even cooler if it supported MIDI input to record music straight in Companion with a MIDI keyboard or controller without the need of a MIDI editor/sequencer/DAW. That'd be a lot of work though I'd imagine (perhaps if some open source MIDI Editor was integrated?). It'd also be neat if Companion had built-in OPL emulation and could accurately playback with the Adlib patches from the game. And while we're at it, integrate MUNT as well and support for SoundFonts for GM.

Don't even get me started on a Patch editor. ;)

SCI Development Tools / Re: SQ3: Where is "Where am I?"?
« on: September 30, 2020, 10:04:51 AM »

What you're looking for is the AddWAV.exe program.

SCI Development Tools / Re: SQ3: Where is "Where am I?"?
« on: September 30, 2020, 09:24:07 AM »
It worked if you had the right driver but SQ3 was never bundled with that driver. It's available on Sierra Help Pages though.

Usually you have to select the "Digital" patch in the SCI Synth dropdown menu on the Sound Resource (above the play button and transport), but "Digital" isn't an option it seems. SCI Viewer can play it just fine, though.

Digital samples in SCI0 were simply appended to the end of a sound resource, from what NewRisingSun told me. He wrote a program to add sound to an SCI0 sound resource but it had to be 11025 hz 8-bit mono and the resulting sound file could be no larger than a certain byte size (I forget. 65535 I think?).

You could just calculate the 4% difference and change the tempo to compensate.

In SCI Viewer? How?

No, in a MIDI sequencer/editor on the resulting MIDI file output. Lots of free options. Anvil Studio, MIDI Editor, and the DAW I use, Cakewalk Bandlab.

You could just calculate the 4% difference and change the tempo to compensate.

It doesn't play faster for me in SCI Viewer that I've noticed...I suppose it might be possible that I just haven't noticed. What version of SCI Viewer are you using?

SCI Studio doesn't have a sound player. It depended on a separate tool, Ravi's SoundBox, which also only works with SCI0 sounds.

Hello cosmicr,
I believe ScummVM is not an emulator but a virtual machine.
So, it is not enough that the game engine is recognized.
Your game needs to be supported specifically by ScummVM.

This is not really accurate. As I said, I had them working fine with a line change in the source code. Beyond SCI0 it's a bit more complicated, yes. But still works. For a while the way to go to get ScummVM to recognize SCI1.1 fangames was tonkeep thr game class named SQ5 in the Main script. Don't know if that still works as I don't generally use ScummVM. It'd be recognized as SQ5 but you could just change the name in the options later in ScummVM.

I recall instructions to make a change in the source code and recompile to get it to recognize fangames. Was a long time ago though.

Yep, you were right. Never doubted it.

It's...around. There are EGA versions for the following games:

-Mixed Up Fairy Tales
-Rise of the Dragon
-Willy Beamish
-Heart of China
-Jones in the Fast Lane

One was suspected to exist for Eco Quest 1 as well, but that quickly got an SCI1.1 floppy AND CD release after its SCI1.0 floppy release and so the confirmed included mailaway card for 16-colour disks in the box probably just got you the disks for the SCI1.1 version with the EGA640 dither driver.

Just an update on my experiment, I tried using the ego view from SQ4EGA in KQ1SCI and SQ3. The diagonal loops were used in KQ1 but not SQ3. Just for confirmation.

It definitely worked in KQ1SCI for sure. I don't remember. Worth experimenting again.

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