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Congratulations to ZvikaZ ! It is always very moving a project with a happy ending. I admire your technical feats, guys :^)

Sorry for this late reply OmerMor  ::)
I found an old email that I sent to AshLancer. He's also working on a 'fan patch' for Quest for Glory IV.
This is rather good news because the NRS patch does not fix everything.
Even the ScummVM version with the fixes is not perfect... I know, I know 'perfect' with Sierra games, there is no such thing  ;)

The French edition of Quest for Glory III is not good, the translation is awful.
One day I will tackle this game to give it a makeover in French 'I will use this patch as a base'.
This patch is a great success. Thanks to AshLancer!

I have one quick question: Do you know if there is an equivalent patch for Quest for Glory IV?
I think so, but I forgot the author's pseudo...

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Rare SCI Games
« on: October 04, 2020, 08:32:44 PM »
Sorry I was wrong for Police Quest IV 'I was thinking more at Quest for Glory IV'.
If you are interested, I have some games from the list 'Space Quest 4 beta and Space Quest 5 v0.028'.
Thank you for the link  :)

Have you ever randomly bumped someplace, no?  ;)

Thank you for the info ! In fact, To that end, I have already been discussing of Quest for Glory IV with Corey Cole in person and he said me 'to his knowledge, there is no French version'. But, I wanted to be sure. Because with Sierra, it's sometimes the chaos  ;D

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Rare SCI Games
« on: October 04, 2020, 11:12:42 AM »
Hi OmerMor,

I don't know how what I think... look this :
It says that Quest for Glory 4 and Police Quest 4 were translated into French.
But but they are apparently nowhere to be found.

@ ZvikaZ;
Hi ZvikaZ,
Yes I'm member of Git, okay, it's in the box.
I'd need to look at all of this pretty carefully.
But I already know that I'll get back to you  ;D
I can not thank you enough!

@ ZvikaZ;
Yes ZvikaZ, you are right. I choose the US version.
I think that's quite a logical answer.
Because the German version is a hybrid rather rare.
"Thank you so much".

    @ ZvikaZ;
    There are 4 versions:
    -VERSION (US) 1.018.
    -VERSION (DE) 1.052.
    -VERSIONS (US) 1.0P.
    -VERSIONS (US) 1.0U.
    Not all "resource" are compatible with each other.

    I am using the German version 1.052. But, I prefer US version 1.018.
    because she is more accessible by the gamer's. It's feel better for my futur French patch.

    I don't know about Python scripts. But, I'll learn if this is the solution !

@ ZvikaZ;
Hi ZvikaZ,
Thank you for your explanations.
"Space Quest 3 is definitely an international game"!
I find difficult to explain my problem, because "I am hopeless when it comes to figuring out computer problems".
In addition my English is so poor.

- I have no problem with the "TEX" files:

- I have no problem with the "SCRIPT" files:

- I have no problem with the "WIEW" or "PIC" files:

- Overall, SCI Compagnon accepts accented letters French fonts in the game :
- Except in the "vocab.900" :
* SCI Compagnon refuses accented fonts in "vocab.900".
* I don't know how to add accented letters French fonts in "vocab.900".
* Example with "strange". I can write "etrange" but not "étrange".
* Do you know a solution for this problem?
I can not find a solution and I am lost  :(
If you have created a tool, of course I am more than interrested!

Thank you for your time.
Thank you very much!

Continuation of my investigations ; I finally found the order file in German.
It is called VOCAB.910. I renamed this file to VOCAB.900 to try and transplant it into Space Quest 3.
But, I still have the same problem, I cannot edit the VOCAB.900 file with the accented French letters.

I also extracted the French vocabulary from Leisure Suit Larry 3 to try and transplant it into Space Quest 3.
But unfortunately it is too different. At the moment I'm still blocking  :'(
I took the example of discussions here :

@ Kawa;
I modified the Sierra fonts from SQ3 (DOS-437 to Windows-1252).
I put the fonts in the game folder (SQ3).
I cannot edit the VOCAB.900 file.
I have no problem with SCR and TXT files.
Only with VOCAB.990.
Thank you for your help!

Hello cosmicr,
I believe ScummVM is not an emulator but a virtual machine.
So, it is not enough that the game engine is recognized.
Your game needs to be supported specifically by ScummVM.

If one day, your project is complete,
I would be happy to translate it into French.
I'm fan of Zork, but Z-machine engine
is too dark for may brain ;)

Hello everyone!

*I am sorry for my bad English!
I am a new members and "Well, guess what?"
I am a fan of Sierra games!

I think that we should to translate in all languages the Sierra classic games to make them accessible for players.

I want to translate Space Quest 3 in french.
And I am looking (search) for an SCI engine expert.
I am having some difficulty with accented letters French.
Does anyone know if there is a code OEM in SCI Compagnon?
Because SCI Compagnon is not include OEM Sierra.
It is ANSI and my computer is a ANSI (ASCII) Default Encoding.
For example with german game:
"The terminator's invisibility belt is now completely out of power.%GDer Energievorrat des Tarngrtels ist jetzt v”llig ersch”pft."
==> "The terminator's invisibility belt is now completely out of power.%GDer Energievorrat des Tarngrtels ist jetzt völlig erschöpft."
You see, (ö) does not appear in words "völlig" and "erschöpft."
It is a big probleme for VOCAB file.
I need to translate this file with accented French letters (OEM code).

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope !"

My best,

I love this project, hats off !
Only a pity that the game have not been in full.

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