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SCI Syntax Help / Re: Parser Syntax Problem
« Last post by Doan Sephim on March 30, 2020, 11:15:55 PM »
It looks like the problem is the parser is seeing "shovel" as the direct object of "pry open" and therefore not allowing any prepositions (although I have "with" assigned as a "subordination" in the vocab).
Code: [Select]
(if(Said([pry<open]/grave/shovel'))This code works for "pry open grave with shovel" I think because it sees "grave" is the direct object of pry open, allowing me to add "with shovel"

That said, I would really like to give a response for "pry open with shovel" as it is a reasonable thing a person might type. I've tried different syntaxes (syntaces??) and changed the type of word for "with" to try to catch possible work arounds, but am coming up empty.

Gumby, if you're out there, I know you have done a lot of work figuring out the parser...any thoughts?
SCI Syntax Help / Parser Syntax Problem
« Last post by Doan Sephim on March 30, 2020, 12:48:16 PM »
I'm trying to get the parser to accept "pry open with shovel" but can't seem to get it right.

The best I have is
Code: [Select]
(if(Said('[pry<open]/shovel'))This responds to "pry open shovel" as you might imagine, but I cannot seem to get "with" to work at all.

EDIT: apologies for studio script. BA is an old project, and I'm not interested in converting it all over to sierra script. BA2 on the other hand will not have this issue.
Good News!

I've put in a lot of work to patch and polish the first act of BETRAYED ALLIANCE and the second patch is (generally) FINISHED!

Before I write the installer, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to take it for a quick test run and focus on the following:

- Were there any parser commands that you think should have a custom reply?
- Did you notice any mispellings or out-of-place replies?
- Did you find any remaining bugs?
"End of the World Party"

Idea: On eve of nation going to war, a wealthy person hosts a nihilistic party involving a "death game"
The 9(?) guests are each given a random hidden card.

Each card has a task:
King of Hearts - Find the declare Queen of Hearts (both win)
Queen of Hearts - Find the declare  King of Hearts (both win)
Ace of Spades - No winning goal
Jack of Spades - Find and declare the Ace of Spades (Ace dies)
Queen of Spades - Find and declare the Jack of Spades (Jack dies.)
Queen of Diamonds - Steal King of Diamond's Card
King of Diamonds - Find the Queen of Hearts (Queen dies)
Queen of Clubs - Find the King of Hearts (Queen dies)
Joker - Knowledge of All Cards, wins if false declaration is made.

Anyone may make declaration at any time. If makes wrong declaration, dies.

Not exactly sure how this will all looks and or play, but I wanted to have a murder mystery part of the game, and it evolved from crime scene investigation to crime scene participation. I'm curious about any ideas, potential problems, and gameplay considerations (like reshuffling after so much time)
Nice. If you want my suggestion, I say keep the forest monster's clothes red. Really pops out more, and for EGA it can resemble a number of different colours. Almost looks like it could be brown for instance.

What do you think? I'm liking the gray better and I have a couple reasons for it
1. These are gargoyle-like monsters that can turn into and out of stone, and gray tends to work better for that idea.
2. They're supposed to be dead/undead monsters and I think being drained of color (even clothing sells that more)

But you are right about it popping out more...maybe I could use different color clothings...
Nice. If you want my suggestion, I say keep the forest monster's clothes red. Really pops out more, and for EGA it can resemble a number of different colours. Almost looks like it could be brown for instance.
I love discoveries like this. Any attempts to preserve ancient ways games can function is right up my alley. I just wish I had an IMFC. Love that FM brass sound!
By the way, forgot to mention: the patch.002 i used was extracted from Conquests of Camelot, seemed to be the best match for this game. Different Patch.002 files from other games can sound decent or just plain horrible. I haven't found one that sounds minimally good with Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA for instance.
Hello there! First time posting here!

So King's Quest V, Jones in the Fast Lane, Mixed Up Mother Goose and Quest for Glory 2 were the last 2 games with support for the IMFC. Well...oficially. The way the SCI engine works, IMFC support is absolutely intact for all games that use SCI1 and SCI 1.1 engines. All you need is the appropriate driver and a patch.002 or 2.pat file (renaming patch.002 to 2.pat works).

The patch.002 file contains all the instruments the game will use in a certain order. So it seems to be possible that if instruments are arranged properly to each game soundtrack, IMFC support can be quite good. In fact you can use or extract any patch.002 from any Sierra game that officially supported the IMFC and try it out with any game without IMFC official support.

As an example i made a quick video showing off Space Quest 4 CD with music playing on the IMFC + digital sound coming from my SB compatible card:

In theory, if the patch file structure is understood and knowing which default instruments to choose on the IMFC it is possible to create/optimize a patch file for each SCI1 and SCI1.1 game without official support for the IMFC. This would increase the number of games with good IMFC support, in fact probably more than double that number. Maybe if there is an easy way to know which instruments on the MT-32 are used and where are used one can optimize the Patch file for the IBM card

Only problem is the limited availability of these cards, which could be somehow mitigated if in the future DOSBox gets IMFC support. Good news is that there is one person working on it.

Just a quick update:
Progress is being made, albeit very slowly on the follow up (still at about 1% completion rate). I'm split between working on this and finishing the Patch for the first part (which is now almost finished)
I'm still very much in the notebook phase for BA2. But major story points are down. Some puzzle elements and possible features include:
  • A scavenger hunt for Magical / Mythical items
- Cloak of invisibility
- Telepathic Pig
- Cursed Frying Pan
- Your suggestions!
  • A WWE-style philosophy battle
  • Two-playable characters that can be switched at will (first 1/3 of game only)
  • Forest monsters with multiple ways to evade/kill
- Traditional Battle Screen
- Have them fight each other
- Have a giant smash them
- Trap them in an area and burn it (gruesome!)
- Your suggestions!

Here's the current mock-up of the forest monster (subject to change...I think I'll make his rags/clothing gray)

While a lot is being planned in the notebook phase, I'm still working on some rooms:
Here's a broken-down bell tower in the forest and cliff overlooking the river separating the North are and South (only the North was playable in the first part)

Feel free to drop some of your thoughts. I'm very open to ideas and puzzle considerations. With only the story aspect generally firmly in place, there's a lot of space for me to go in different directions, but I'm already excited to execute on the ideas I have already.
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