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Re: Betrayed Alliance Book One - upcoming v.1.1 Release
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2020, 09:22:24 PM »
Previously, I mentioned converting the game to Sierra Script. I've actually completed that, and greatly optimized the code as well! Here's a list of things I did:

Code: [Select]
Converted all scripts to Sierra Script.
Replaced all system scripts with the ones from my newer SCI0 template. This caused the loss of the custom window, which  now needs to be a specific instance.
SCIAudio has been moved into script number 803, due to its third-party nature.
SetUpEgo is now NormalEgo, and no longer relies on the SetUpActor procedure.
Ego standing still is now implemented with the StopWalk class.
The game's doit: has been removed, using only the generic Game's doit:.
ProgramControl is now HandsOff, and PlayerControl is now HandsOn. They automatically set the cursor now, so any instances of SetCursor in the scripts have been removed.
Several global variables have been replaced with event flags managed by Bset, Btst, and Bclr, and are stored in the gameFlags array.
Script 204, the "use inventory items in rooms" region, is no longer used. It had been duplicated in various rooms. These duplicates have been removed. Using and looking at inventory items is now handled in the Main script.
The HighPrint and LowPrint procedures have been added, allowing for text messages to be displayed in consistent locations on the screen.
Instead of temporarily changing the global text and back color for various messages, and then changing them back afterwards, these messages now use specific window instances with customized text and back colors. On that subject, specialized Print procedures for talking characters have been added.
Text.000 has been reorganized, and the contents of Text.204 have been moved to the

I think the biggest challenge will be to make SCIAudio work in Sierra Script. For now, I'm running the game in plain DOSBox, and using the Sound resources for music.
I'll send you the updated game. This will be quite important in anticipation for the SCI01 sequel.
My SCI templates
SCI0 SCI0.1 SCI1.0 SCI1.1
SCI2.1 planned

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Re: Betrayed Alliance Book One - upcoming v.1.1 Release
« Reply #16 on: February 26, 2020, 10:06:47 PM »
Color me impressed, Eric!

That's a ton of work! I only wish the conversion took place after I'd finished patching the game. I have a 8-page document of changes/additions I've made to the game since the most recent version.

I will definitely need to take a look at what you've done. Everything sounds great. I'm still a little fuzzy when it comes to the concept of the flags, but I'm sure with some practice I would get the hang of it.

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Re: Betrayed Alliance Book One - upcoming v.1.1 Release
« Reply #17 on: March 06, 2020, 12:53:10 PM »
Current Fix List:
95% fixed - Getting very close to feeling the game is polished up nicely.
Code: [Select]
Redraw Title Screen
Add difficulty settings: Easy and Hard
Hard includes more intricate parser commands
Make it switchable in the Menubar
Easy includes ability to skip some puzzles (slide block puzzle)
Kite and bar
Slidepuzzle skip
Roll marble
Pry open with shovel
Using well
Sarcophagus trap plate
Using explosives
Light enters the dark room + hint
Draw new dead thumbnails
Ogre killing you
Battle against soldiers
Ghost killing you
Bugs eating you
If teleport to WELL room from WELL room, Ego disappears.
If teleport to well rom from adjacent room, not teleport animation (goes for graveyard as well)
If top waterspring active in GHOST puzzle, game freezes upon leaving room
Crystal ball cannot be interacted with
Wizard Room – Wizard’s windows not colored
Cliff w/vines. Click on graveyard (word “landscape” repeated twice)
“Use marble” should work to get boulder down
“Pry open slab (with shovel)” should work in mausoleum
Block puzzle (“There seems to be a missing piece”) text should be lowered
“Ask about secret” doesn’t work for Sammy
Add animation of picking up marbles at meat seller’s house
“Look” in Attic doesn’t mention anything about bookshelf
“Take Quiz” = “not close enough” – no need to walk to quiz.
“Take Kite” = walk to kite and take it, not “Ur not close enough.”
“Search body” of dead man in face cave is too verbose. Break it up
“Search body” for skeleton doesn’t work
Directions for blow dart unclear
No message after hitting water button leaves things unclear
Allow shooting dart at flies – animation of them dodging?
After shooting water to get rid of flies, perhaps a message?
Autosave before going into the mausoleum pit.
Pry open sarcophagus doesn’t work
“Use crystal ball” doesn’t have a response
No Pick-up animation in Magic room (heap issue?)
“go in hole/cave” doesn’t work at pond area
“It’s definitely a rock” message strangely off center [hermit outside], same with tree
Cliff area, can’t read sign far away is stupid
Talking to soldier who patrols the bridge should be easier (you shouldn’t have to be so close)
“Look at pot” should include bend over animation (heap issue?)
“Go in mouth/cave” should work. “Crawl in” should work
No pick up animation in cavern for marble. No mention of what marble obtained.
Skeleton should no block ego
“Use dart gun” and “blow dart gun” yields no response (which room?)
“take paper” doesn’t read paper in sarcophagus cave
“look at ground” doesn’t mention bar
Turner on safe should have hint that you can click it
“item region” doesn’t seem to work on bridge with guard
Scientist’s house…door doesn’t appear as a door
Door puzzle – have a wrong solution Print when all pieces are down
Eat pork/chicken gives no hint
Bugs eat even after you hit button?
Add bugs eating you animation
“activate trap” should work for arrow trap
Activating trap says “you’re not close enough” – this is dumb
“You may pass” phrase with goggles doesn’t work when lever picture is active
Stairwell – walking after defeating armored can be altered by user input – problem
Saving in the underground is broken (seems to work ok for me)
Puzzle points in character stats not equal what’s on menu bar
Librarian could give hints on where to find missing books
“ask about book” should work for books given by characters
“Fish” or “go fishing” yield no response
Music from Leah’s area not turning off when at pond area
“Ask about woman” to Leah yields useless response
Front of Castle – some sort of message that it is not the preferred entrance
Ran out of heap in Sarah’s secret sanctuary
No hint to ask Bobby about hair (perhaps a list of missing books is posted)
After digging up ring – there should be a pick-up animation (and a hole left over?)
No reasonable hint that Bobby has book about hair
Cave of whispers ghost pathfinding is broken after latest fix / also doesn’t kill you
Additional room to add suspense would be good
Animation of Ego Falling over with spirit floating
Hermit home – right click look on characters just tells you names
Face cave does not look menacing…bright colors, nothing foreboding about it.
Cavern of madness, no water waves
Scientist room
Explanation of Goggles seems weird “anything from anywhere”
After getting Goggles, give some hint what player should do next
No outside door on Dock house
After giving letter to Deborah, maybe she tries to sell you food
Add some kind of clue to let player know to move table over plate on ground
Cannot go back into cave of whisper
If go back in, no way to get out because loss of darts
“use ladder” should work with ladders
“Take IQ test” should work
Update Menubar pictures
Animate wind blowing
draw taking acorn animation
Redraw rocks on dead-tree picture
Redraw shelf in magician’s room
touchup artwork on Tavern Outside
touchup artwork on Library Outside
touchup artwork on final prison room
touchup artwork on soldier attack area
animate Gyre deflecting darts and ego shooting them
Player is left directionless after the graveyard part – next stop it to get past the cave troll, but there isn’t much information on how to do this
Perhaps letter could include clue on how to get past the troll – perhaps just reference meat and the player will have some indication that they need to do something with Debbie.
Animation of Ogre hitting you into ground
Squirrel does not stop when you stop
Add character waiting to leave at the dock. Leaving the palace. Overheard Carmyle’s talking.
There should be VIEWS when you get a book – it will help them stand out in dialog.
There is no OPEN SAFE view.
Wire leading to safe needs to be drawn
Wire interactions. TAKE, CUT
“untie blindfold” should work
Give better explanation of plan with ring
Make sure all rooms have item region, not just replicated text from it as changes have been made to the region.
Pick up should be added to all “take” instances.
“take” anyword should be added to either main script or item region
Cannot search body in ambush room
“Examine body” should work in addition to “search body”
“ask about” anything has no response in prison
Julyn’s text boxes have no colors
Write “ask about” for Julyn
Attic – Book on “potions-making” typo
Add character at the docks
He has stories about Carmyle brothers
Have Scientist send you on quest to dock to find package to fix his thingie.
Put package in dock
Walking animations for two fighters
Cursor image moves to “skip” introduction page, but when mouse moves, it jumps back to the different location.
Walking away from armored opponent allows change in character’s view by pressing up
Ego and Julyn have incorrect dialog tags after escaping the pit
Credits do not mention Bjorn Lynn in the music section
Gyre sees the ring before it’s visually represented on the floor
Traps Room:
“take bow” no animation
“take arrow” when in statue’s possession gives “not close enough” message
Disarm trap doesn’t have a Print message with it
“read sign” doesn’t work
From Playtesting:
“Profile Games” changed to “Slattstudio”
Change intro narrative
First point for doing nothing
o Point removed has been replaced
Description of opening room
Marble pick up can be buggy
“look at ball” for crystal ball
Wizard animation to make portal appear
Better information about what happened before the game (escaped from prison, etc.)
Bobby could give better hint about monster being repulsed by cooked meat
Music bug in cave / battle running away from Ogre
Typo “Soldiers stand guard to Castle” in Entrance to Castle area
Make sure text is near top on most screens
o Castle Entrance “There is the Traitor…”)
o ll
climbing animation in cave too high to reach
“Baron Longaeu” add “Carmyle” also…make it able to read further away
Pry open with sword/shovel should yield response
Chess room “Here’s how” missing period
Library “look at list” bad said Spec
Click outside map to close it
Write dialog for new character
Dock door isn’t working right yet
Lasers zap to one life…change to second laser killing you
Squirrel description mentioning it being hungry
Shakescreen is broken in Squirrel room
Facecave needs to be redrawn
Sign about the whispering cave
No mention of sword on floor when “Look at floor”
o No mention of different colored rock either
Any way to repeat “copy cat?”
o No mention of squirrel being hungry?
Walking animation for swordsman
Light turns out before you reach the bottom
Change font for note
alterEgo appears when pulling/digging
Letters/artwork overlap
“You lift and the table” typo under mausoleum
Climbing ladder animation under mausoleum looks strange
Mausoleum gets dark before pressing button
Hint button for door puzzle (easy mode)
Scientist room is empty
“Now go do some field research” box not colored
More direct hints about letters from the girl would be best (ask about father and letter should talk about letters)
Ask about list:
o Princess
o Ogre
o Cave
o Carmyle
“ask about list” should work in library
Hints for where books are width should be increased
“ask about mess/clutter” should yield a response
“Take letter” response should give hint
o Find / look for letter
o Take letter
Dock worker sleeping animation update
“ask about food” yields no response from Debby
If failed to give name, takes you back to difficulty settings
Ask about goggles if too far away yields two responses?
Running away from Ogre crashes music
Episode 4
No running in first room
Too much text when beginning a fight
o After moving info on fight, add it to dialog
Health bar appears 0 when opponent is low on life
Music termination leaving battles broken
“jump” in cliff area has no response when too far away
“take off armor” response is weird
“ask about troll” has bad said spec [after beating score]
Sailboat Xtreme perhaps lower top score and/or reduce time of speed round
Ladder doesn’t flash when Henry says “Here’s a ladder”
Episode 5
“leave name” at dock yields no response
Find/take package yields no response
“Thhings” in dialog with man at dock
Walking animation for two soldiers is wonky, one hits invisible wall
“copy cat” mentioned in fight?
“to safe combination” underground typo
Add space in note reading underground
“small pealike object” is redundant
Text at bottom of screen at scientist outside
Make text width greater in scientist room
“ask about portable model” has no response
Package inventory item
Add puzzle point when package given to Colin
Wrong Goggles answers yield no response
Vertical buttons for buying meat
“break mirror”
Episode 6
Mention squirrel being hungry perhaps?
Climbing animation is wonky
“Light floods” is repeated twice
“look tunnel” or “darkness” no reply
“jump” has no reply
Click off controls to close them
Hint to use goggles if on easy mode

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Re: Betrayed Alliance Book One - upcoming v.1.1 Release
« Reply #18 on: March 29, 2020, 02:26:18 PM »
Good News!

I've put in a lot of work to patch and polish the first act of BETRAYED ALLIANCE and the second patch is (generally) FINISHED!

Before I write the installer, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to take it for a quick test run and focus on the following:

- Were there any parser commands that you think should have a custom reply?
- Did you notice any mispellings or out-of-place replies?
- Did you find any remaining bugs?

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