Author Topic: Al Lowe reveals his Sierra source code collection葉hen puts all of it on eBay  (Read 382 times)

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Offline OmerMor

I would love to see the real source, especially the comments, etc.

If the buyer won't publish the stuff, I'm certain someone would leak it...  ;)

Offline troflip

Aaaaaand all the Larry stuff has vanished...
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Offline Kawa

In the "bought by a hoarder" sense or in the "bitrotted away" sense?

Offline MusicallyInspired

The auctions were cancelled.
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Offline lskovlun

Well, the Larry ones were. His copy of Bop-A-Bet is still up. ;) Guess someone didn't like him selling authentic source code...

Offline lance.ewing

Saw this in the Youtube comments a short while ago:

Quote from: thejobloshow
A few people on the Sierra Gamers Facebook group reached out to Al and said it was because Activision sent a cease-and-desist. Activision doesn't own the IP for Larry but was compelled to act because some of the source code might also be used in King's Quest and Space Quest, which AV does own. Al stated that AV is wrong but doesn't want to take legal action because it will cost more than what the source code is going for.

And this quote from the mentioned Facebook page:

Quote from: Britton Mathews
I called Al yesterday to ask him.
He received a letter from an outside law firm hired by Activison that ordered him to take it down. He said in the letter Activison understood they don稚 own the IP to LSL but that the source code probably contained shared code to Kings Quest and Space Quest. For that reason they sent him the letter.

Al and I agreed that he was right, but by the time you hire an attorney to prove you池e right, it would have cost more than what he would have got from the auctions.

If I had to take a guess, this is one of those scenarios where Activison is compelled to act. You can稚 pick and choose when to enforce IP rights. If they chose not to go after Al and then someone else releases source code that they actually care about, attorneys can point to ALS scenario and say Activison is being partial and selective in their enforcement of their IP rights, which you can稚 do under US law.

Probably a good thing that Al didn't yet start the KQ3 and PQ1 auctions, which apparently he was intending to do.

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