Zork Demo SCI

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July 28, 2014by gumby

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Game Description The beginning results of a tool currently under development. Eventually will be a fully-playable game.

Port of Zork to SCI.

Here's a list of what's fixed in the latest version:

- Completely rewrote and fully implemented the Queue and QueueInterrupt functions (this is what makes the 'daemons' or 'timers' work)
- Fixed Random() function implementation, it was generating negative numbers but code was expecting only positive ones
- Fixed parsing of preposition 'at'
- Fixed JigsUp (death handler) functionality - wasn't referring to correct text res # to pull the values from
- Array-driven print functionality had their parameter values swapped
- Fixed printing random values from text res when index contained mathematical operation (LeakDaemon)
- Cosmetic: Changed room scripts to be named the actual room instead of 'rmXXX'
- Fixed issue with attempting to print a single integer with the AppendMsgBuffer routine
- Vocabulary: When a word is both a noun and an adjective, only give it the noun class. Otherwise parsing was failing under certain scenarios (this was a fun one, I'll have to do a write-up on it at some point)

Out of heap errors are less frequent too. I was able to score upwards of 150 points in this version before the game crashed on me.


gumby's Rating

This game is finally starting to come together. I'd recommend this for fans of Zork who are interested in this project. Read the thread "Port of text adventures to SCI" for an up-to-date status report on the current state of development.