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Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 by Eigen Lenk

Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 SCI

* Source Code Included

November 17, 2010by Eigen Lenk

Total Downloads: 627

Game Description Dr. Jummybummy is back and this time he'll be looking for his glasses, escaping prison and stopping aliens from destroying the Earth by pressing a lot of buttons everywhere.

This game is playable to the end but is rather unfinished in all other aspects. The author just wanted to get it out there after collecting dust for almost 7 years.



Doan Sephim's Rating

Longest SCI game yet? OH YEAH! The game was fun and funny (frusterating at some points). Even the walkthrough didn't help at some parts! Some of the music was just amazing!

Cliffhanger for JB3?! Eigen, you are shameless!