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Point & Click Template

Official Site:
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2011
Version: 1.1a
Size: 186 Kb

A template to aid in creating a point and click adventure using the SCI0 engine.

An attempt has been made to automate as much of the point and click implementation as possible so that designing a game with it is as painless as possible.

PnC Menu
There is specifically one variable that is set in the main script that you may want to review: gLayout. This variable is used to determine where your menu is places as well as whether it acts like a peekaboo menu or is just ever present.
  • 0 - Ever present at top of screen
  • 1 - Peeakaboo at top of screen
  • 2 - Ever present at bottom of screen

There are a couple of variables in the pncmenu script that you may also want to adjust. yIconStep for instance is used to determine how fast the peekaboo menu moves when it is either dropping down or showing up. This variable controls the number of pixels that the menu moves per cycle. Low is slow and 20 is instantaneous at the current icon size. howLong, represents the time since the last click on it before it tries to go back into hiding.

Finally, in order to use the menu in a room, you simply need to add a single line of code to the init method of the room script:
(self:setRegions(950)) // PnC Menu

Inventory Room
Making use of the inventory room is built into the point and click template. Unfortunately adding items to your inventory has become a bit of a pain. The steps to the process are spelled out step by step in the inventory room script.

There are a number of settings which are also available which let you customize your inventory screen to fit your games needs. You can decide whether or not to allow your players to talk to items, throw items away, offer the help dialog, or even display the chosen items in the menu bar. By setting the x and y position of the first item, as well as how much space the inventory icons need, and the maximum x allowed, the placement of the items is all automatic.

The Menu Bar

The Inventory