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Pepper's Adventures in Time


Pepper's Adventures in Time is an educational game/adventure game released in 1993 by Sierra On-Line. The project was based on a concept by Sierra VP of Development/Creative Director, Bill Davis, who also designed the game's main characters. The original plan was for this to be the first in a series of "edutainment" titles, in which the player, as Pepper, traveled back in time to set right mixed-up situations, surrounding famous individuals in history.

The game chronicles a young girl, who may be considered a tomboy, named Pepper, and her pit bull dog Lockjaw. Pepper's evil Uncle Fred has created a time machine, whose portal Lockjaw is accidentally tossed into. Hoping to save her dog, Pepper is pulled in with him. Now separated, they have both been sent back to Philadelphia in 1764. Time has been altered, however; many elements of the 1960s American counterculture are combined with the life and times of Benjamin Franklin. Through generous use of artistic licence, he has been transformed into a "flower child", or "hippie". Via humorous dialogue and interaction with the both the townspeople and Franklin, Pepper is responsible for ensuring that history unfolds the way it should, as well as first locating and subsequently reuniting with Lockjaw.

The player does have the opportunity to learn valid historical facts throughout the game; this is facilitated by a "Truth" icon and multiple-choice quizzes at the conclusion of each act, or section of the game.

By Lorelei Shannon

Released in 1993