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Leisure Suit Larry 3 : Passionate Patti in Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals

Point List

As Larry:
Look at plaque>(2).
Look through binoculars>(2).
Get envelope>(20).
Get wood>(2).
Give credit card to Tawni> (50).
Receiving knife (40).
Sharpen knife on steps>(50).
Cut grass with knife>(20).
Make a skirt with grass>(30).
Wear skirt>(10).
Carve wood>(50).
Receiving $20 bucks (35).
Drink water>(2).
Get soap>(12).
Give money to doorman> (50).
Talk to Cherri>(5).
Give land to Cherri>(25).
Ask about land deed>(10).
Tell about land>(30>.
Get towel>(2).
Giving land to Cherri (25).
Dance> and receiving $500 bucks (43).
Pay man>(10).
Having fun with lawyer (100).
Get dressed into suit>(25).
Get divorce decree>(20).
Search divorce decree>(100).
Insert keycard into slot>(3).
Opening locker (100).
Wear sweats>(4).
Doing all the exercises (100).
Wash with soap>(60).
Dry body> (22).
Use deodorant>(27).
Insert keycard into slot>(3).
Help video>(99).
Entering tanning booth (3).
Get orchids> (25).
Make a lei>(50).
Talk to Patti>(5).
Show divorce decree>(100).
Make love to Patti>(185).
Get wine bottle> (15).
Listening to jokes (100).
Push button nine>(4).
Put wine bottle on table>
Making love etc. (440).

As Patti:
Get bra>(20).
Get panties>(20).
Get pantyhose>(20).
Get dress>(10).
Get bottle>(25).
Get tips>(25).
Get marker pen>(50).
Give tips to doorman>(43).
Talk to Dale>(1).
Fill bottle with water>(37).
Drink water>(20).
Making it through bamboo maze (100).
Drink water>(42).
Take pantyhose off>(15).
Tie pantyhose to rock>(40).
Get coconuts>(25).
Get leaves>(10).
Make a rope>(100).
Throw rope to rock> (20).
Tie rope to tree>(20).
Tear dress>(50).
Take bra off>(5).
Put coconuts into bra>(45).
Sling bra at pig> (100).
Move log>(10).
Climb on log>(20).
Making it through river obstacles (150).
Use marker pen>(500).
Turn machine off>(40).

By Al Lowe

Released in January of 1990