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Leisure Suit Larry 3 : Passionate Patti in Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals

Walk Through

Begin by walking up to the plaque and looking at it. Go to the binoculars on the left. Look through them. Hmmmm... Now go to your house where Kalalau is. Typical Larry luck. Walk around until you become the true Larry as we know and like in his polyester suit. Go back to your house and get the envelope out the mailbox. Ahh... your credit card. Go to the beach below the casino entrance, on the way get the piece of wood under the granadilla tree. Look at Tawni. When you look at her face to face, give her your credit card. When you're finished your unfinished pleasure, go to the casino steps and sharpen your knife. Go cut some grass in front of the Chip 'n Dale building just outside the cave. Make a skirt with the grass and change into it in one of the casino cabana's. Carve the piece of wood you picked up from under the granadilla tree. Now go and sell your exotic souvenir to Tawni and receive the $20 bucks. Return to the cabanas and change into your leisure suit. Drink some water from the tap and get the soap just above the sink. Enter the casino and go to the show entrance to the left. Show your pass to the maitre d', then give him the $20 bucks. After the show, look at Cherri when she uses the phone. When you're face to face with her, give her your land. Go up to the lawyers building and ask the receptionist about a land deed. Tell Cheatem about land. Exit the building and go down to the beach again. Get the towel and then sunbathe. Now return to the lawyers building and get your land deed from Roger. Return to the casino and knock on Cherri's door. Dance when you're on stage. Go up to the lawyers again in your pretty outfit. Ask about a divorce and give Roger the money. Have fun with the lawyer then return to Cherri's room and change back into your clothes. Now go get the divorce decree from the lawyers reception. Search the divorce decree. Go to Fat City. Enter the building and insert your keycard in the slot to the left. Turn the keycard over. Now look for locker no. 69, somewhere to the far left.

When you find it, open it by using your manual and the passwords on the keycard. Wear the woman's sweats, close the locker and enter the gym area. Do all the exercises until you get the message for each one, "Congratulations.... " Return to your locker, open it, change into your towel, close the locker and go to the shower room. Turn the shower on and wash with the soap-on-a-rope. Rinse and then exit the shower room. Dry yourself, open the locker again and use the deodorant. Exit the locker room. Go to the top and insert your keycard. When you're face to face with Bambi. Help her with the video. When your finished with the tanning machine. Exit Fat City and go to the cave which is to the left outside Chip 'n Dale. Get some orchids. Make a lei with the orchids. Go to the bar in the casino where you will find Passionate Patti. Talk to Patti. Show divorce decree to Patti. Give your quick lei to Patti. Make love to Patti. Exit the casino and go to the Comedy Hut. Get the wine bottle and listen/put-up with Paul Paul's jokes until he turns into a duck. Return to the casino. Go left to the lifts as you enter. Push the button to call the lift. Enter it, then push button nine. When you enter the penthouse, put the bottle of wine on the table.

Passionate Patti:

Walk behind the change wall and get your bra, panties, pantyhose and dress. Get the bottle and exit the penthouse. Push button one inside the lift. Go to the casino bar where you play the piano. Get the lousy tips you made last night and as you exit the bar and casino, get the magic marker pen on the advertisement board. Now go to the Chip 'n Dale building. Give the money to the doorman and enter the building. After the show, as dale walks toward you, talk to him. When you're finished, exit Chip 'n Dale and go to the casino cabanas. Fill the wine bottle with water from the tap, and while your here drink some water as well. Go to the Comedy Hut and then go right to the bamboo.

Before you start a word of warning: Save the game before starting! Only drink the water from the wine bottle when you're leopard crawling along the ground, almost dead.

Go North, North, North, East, East, North, West, West, North, East, North, North, North, West, (if you haven't, drink the water now.) West, West, South, West, West, North, North, West, North. You made it! I think its time you had some more water, don't you? When you've quenched your thirst, go north. Take your pantyhose off and tie them to the rock in front of you. Climb down. Climb the palm tree and get the coconuts. Climb down and get some marijuana leaves just behind you. Don't smoke them (unless you have too), rather make a rope with them. Throw your dope rope to the rock on the otherside of the canyon. Now tie the rope to the tree. Tear your dress and climb the rope. Becareful when you go left along the canyon. Stop as soon as porky is insight. Take your bra off and put the two coconuts inside it. Sling your bra at porky. At the river edge, you should be able to see a piece of a log jutting out the water just behind the reeds.

Swim to the north side of the log and move it. Climb on the log when it is free. I can't help you here, but save often and keep moving to avoid the obstacles. When you're with Larry inside the cage and have some time to kill, use your magic marker pen to free yourselves. Inside the Sierra studios, floating around in the Space Quest anti-gravity prop, float your way around to the generator and turn it off.

Hope you had fun!