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Gabriel Knight 1 : Sins of the Fathers

Walk Through


1. Question Grace and get all messages. Pick up the tweezers and the magnifying glass. On the upper-left hand bookshelf, use the HAND icon to read the Heinz Ritter book. Get snake book on right upper shelf. Get the book on shelf under window. Use the OPEN icon on the cash register and grab the gift certificate. Use HAND icon on newspaper. LOOK at painting. Go to Grandma’s House.
2. Ask her about the Knight Family, all three members. WALK up the stairs. Pick up book on chair. In inventory, read book. Use OPERATE on the clock. Move the hands to 3:00. Move outer circle until dragon head is on the top. Use OPERATE on the clock key. Take photo and letter. In inventory, read letter. Ask Gran about Heinz Ritter. Go to the Police Station.
3. Question the desk sergeant about Mosely. Ask about the photographs. Get photos. In inventory, open envelope and look at photos. Go to Jackson square.
4. Go to the NW Corner of the circle. Walk close to the mime, so he’ll follow you. Go back towards the motorcycle cop. Once the cop is gone, OPERATE motorcycle. Go to the crime scene.
5. Look at the veve (pattern) marks on the ground, use sketchbook on it. Look at the hatch marks in the grass to the lower right with the magnifying glass. Pick up the snake scale with the tweezers. Take clay from near the shore. Go to the Police Station.
6. Ask desk sergeant about Mosely, use OPEN icon on Mosely’s door. Ask him about patterns, other six patterns. Go to lobby and talk with woman officer, select GET FILE choice, look at the file in inventory. Put the file in her box. Go back to Mosely’s office. Question Mosely about PHOTOGRAPH. Select COP/AUTHOR PHOTO, then I HAVE TO GO CHECK MY HAIR. Get the file from the box and use it on photo copier. Return file. Go back to the office. Go to Dixieland Drug Store.
7. Look at the sign on the counter. Use the murder photo on Willy. Go to book store.
8. Ask Grace to do research on Malia Gedde.


1. Read newspaper. Go to the Police Station.
2. Talk to the desk sergeant about Mosely. OPERATE the temperature controls. MOVE the temp up to 75. Enter Mosely’s office. Ask for coffee. Use HAND on jacket. Go to Jackson Square.
3. Go to NE corner, leave and reenter. Go to SW corner and look at boy dancing. Use gift certificate on Hot Dog vendor. Give hot dog to boy. Talk to boy and ask him to fetch painting. Go to NE corner and give painting to artist. Use 6 patterns on artist, then one from lake. Go to the Gedde Estate.
4. OPERATE the knocker. Select to see Malia and Official Business. Use badge on butler. Ask Malia about Voodoo twice and Lake Pontchartrain and Flirt. Go to the Voodoo Museum.
5. Ask Dr. John about Voodoo, Current Voodoo twice, Historical Voodoo 5 times, Marie Laveau 6 times. Go to the St. Louis Cemetery #1.
6. Ask watchman about Marie Laveau twice, other Marked Tombs. Use sketchbook on the marks. Get brick. Go to Moonbeam’s House.
7. Ask about Voodoo, St. John’s Eve, Snakes, and Grimwald. Select demonstration choice. When you get control, use HAND on the snake skin in cage. Use the tomb message on Moonbeam. Use magnifying glass on scale, then skin. Go to the drug store.
8. Ask Willy about Animal Masks twice, and Willy Jr. Go to the Book Store.
9. Ask Grace to do research on Madame Cazaunoux.


1. Ask Grace for messages, Ritter’s phone number. Read the newspaper. Sell painting when man walks in to buy it. Go into studio. Use HAND on hair gel. Read torn out phone book page in inventory. Operate phone. Dial 555-1280. Dial 555-6170. Request Madame Cazaunoux’s address. Select I’m worried about Castro. Dial 49-09-324-3333. Go to Jackson Square.
2. Go to NE corner and talk to artist. Go to NW corner and use HAND on the Fortune Teller while she is dancing. Get veil. In inventory, use Magnifying Glass on veil, look at veil. Use tweezers on veil. Compare snake scales. Return veil. Go to the Book Shop.
3. Ask Grace to research pattern. Go to the drugstore.
4. Give money to Willy. Go to the Police Station.
5. Enter Mosely’s office. Go to St. Louis Cemetery.
6. Walk two screens right. Go to Tulane University.
7. Lecture. Enter office on the stage. Use veve on the Professor. Use Murder Photo on him. Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor and Black Voodoo. Go to St. Louis Cathedral.
8. Open door in back of church. Get priest collar and priest shirt. Go to The Cazaunoux Estate.
9. Use collar and shirt, hair gel on self. OPERATE knocker. Select Father. Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor. Select Goat Without Horns. Ask about Human Sacrifice, Real Voodoo Queens twice, Voodoo Hounfour. Put clay in inventory and ask about bracelet. Use clay on bracelet. Go to Granny’s House.
10. Ask her about Wolfgang Ritter. Go to Napoleon House.
11. Ask bartender about Voodoo, Bar Patrons(twice) and Sam and Voodoo. Use Gambling Oil on Sam (in purple) and select Ever wonder why Markus.., This is powerful Voodoo oil.., could make a nun get lucky... Use clay impression on Sam. Exit.


1. Read newspaper. Ask Grace about veve. Go to the Napoleon House.
2. Get snake bracelet. Go to the Jackson Square Overlook.
3. OPERATE the left pair of binoculars. Go to the St. Louis Cathedral.
4. Use snake bracelet on Crash. Ask about Drummer and Hounfour. Look
at Crash. OPEN his shirt. Use sketchbook on the tattoo. Leave to left.


1. Get package from Grace. Read newspaper. Read letter, journal. Ask Grace to do research on Rada Drums. Go to Tulane University.
2. Go into Hartridge’s office. Look at him. Use HAND on his desk. Go to the Voodoo Museum.
3. OPERATE switch by the door. Go to the Book Store.
4. Use tweezers on the ashtray. Use magnifying glass on new scale. Go to St. Louis Cemetery.
5. Use sketchbook on voodoo code. Use the new code on the old code. Read the new message, the three missing letters are Y, U and M. Use the brick on the wall after the watchman leaves. Write DJ bring sekey madoule. Go to Jackson Square.
6. Go to NW corner and talk to fortune teller. Go to the Police Station.
7. OPEN Mosely’s door. Ask Mosely about REOPEN CASE. Use veve on Mosely. Use Hartridge’s notes on Mosely. Use 1810 news clipping on Mosely. Use pair of scales on Mosely. Exit station.


1. Get book. Read newspaper. Pickup envelope. OPEN envelope. Read letter. Use tattoo tracing on Grace. Select choices, Costume Party and If your Jealous. Go to Jackson Square.
2. TALK to hot dog vendor. Select Haven’t I seen you before, Royal and Conti, Why don’t you go back, Think you should. Go to the Police Station.
3. Open swinging door, use key on Mosely’s door. OPEN desk drawer. Pickup tracker. Go to Jackson Square.
4. Go to NE corner, use Rada book on drummer. Select call conclave, tonight, swamp. Go to Voodoo Museum.
5. Use signal device on sekey madoule (small coffin by door). Go to Bayou St. John.
6. Use tracker on self. Follow the signal through the swamp, til light opening. Wear mask. Enter lighted area. Answer Damballah then Ogoun Badagris.


1. Pickup the flashlight. OPERATE phone and dial 49-09-324-3333. Ask Wolfgang about Tetelo, Talisman(twice), Tetelo’s Remains and Africa Homeland. Read newspaper. Go to Cemetery.
2. Go right twice. OPERATE button. Use flashlight. Move light to center of the room. OPEN the drawer. OPEN drawer again. Get wallet. OPEN wallet. OPERATE button. Go to Book Shop.
3. Go into the studio and dial 585-1130. Select Rittersberg, Germany and Credit Card. Go to Airport.
4. Go up stairs. LOOK at writing above left door. Go downstairs. Go right. LOOK at panels. Go back to Hall. Ask Gerde about Portal Poem, Chapel Panels, Initiation Ceremony. Go upstairs. OPEN window. OPERATE snow. Get scissors. Use scissors on self. Get Chamber Pot. Get scroll case on the wall. Exit room, get the knife. Get salt. Go right. Use chamber pot on altar. Use salt on pot. Use knife on self. OPERATE altar. Use scroll on self.


1. Get key. Unlock door.
2. LOOK at the lower-center back shelves, then use hand there.
3. LOOK on the upper-right back shelves, then use hand there.
4. LOOK on the upper-left bookcase, then use hand there.
5. LOOK at the upper-left back shelves, then use hand there.
6. LOOK at the lower-right back shelves, then use hand there.
7. Go downstairs. Use snake book on Gerde. Select credit card.


1. Walk to mound. You start in room 6.
2. Walk north through rooms, picking up tiles (from floor and loose ones in position). Pick up the blue rod. Replace tiles so that they are clockwise one to twelve. SAVE.
3. Put blue rod in the hole in room three. WATCH OUT FOR ZOMBIES.
4. Walk north. Quickly walk north again. SAVE. Click on the right wall towards the lower middle-back then click on the doorway. SAVE.
5. OPERATE a straight hanging vine. Insert the blue rod in the hole in the doorway. Walk right. Look at the holes and indentations in the table. Get iron bar, get other iron bar. Lift table top.
6. Go left and use dagger on zombie.

DAY 10

1. Read newspaper and get note. Ask Mosely about Grace, Voodoo Hounfour and make a plan. Go to St. Louis Cathedral.
2. Enter the right confessional. Use the snake rod on the knothole. Use the snake rod and the signal device on bench.
3. OPERATE the control pad. Go north once to room #7, open door.
4. Get both masks and two robes. Go to room #4. Get black notebook, read.
5. Go right, south, right, right. OPERATE drums. Summon Brother Eagle. Exit by the upper-right corner hall.
6. Go north once to room #2. Get the card hanging on the left wall. Go to room #1.
7. Use keycard on the control pad. Get money 3 times.
8. Go to room #11. Enter, look around and leave.
9. Go to room #8, unlock. Use talisman on Grace. Use Boar mask on Mosely and the Wolf mask on self. Use talisman on Tetelo, toss talisman to Mosely. Pickup the stone idol. Use hand icon on Mal