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Leisure Suit Larry 1 : The Land of the Lounge Lizards

Walk Through

You're outside a bar called Lefty's (What the hell is that for a name of a bar?). Well the most obvious thing to do is go in the bar. So you would type "OPEN DOOR" when you are close to the door. (Side note: I'm not always going to tell you what to type in only at the annoying parts). Well it's your basic bar I guess. Take a seat at the conveniently only remaining stool. Now ask what's to drink. Hey, there's beer, wine and whiskey. Order a whiskey and you have a drink in your pocket. Well that's cool. No stand up and go to the door on your right. Knock on it and you'll have to answer a password to enter. Well you don't know a password so that sucks. Go to the hallway in the back. Hey a drunk! Let's laugh. HA HA HA! Ok, he might have something important.

Give him your whiskey and he'll give you a remote control. Also take the rose on the table. The go to the only other door and step inside. It's a bathroom (what did you think was going to be in there, a girl?). We'll let do our duties for the night and take a seat. Stand (DON'T FLUSH!) And let's look at the years worth writing on the wall. You should find something interesting after a while, remember it. Let's check out the sink. You should see a ring, grab it. Exit back to the main bar and go back to that door. Knock and remember that word you learned before. (If you forgot go back to the bathroom.) Enter the room and you'll see the coolest character in the game, A PIMP! Try going up stairs but your going to have to pay first. Well screw that. Hey a TV, turn it on with the remote control and keep turning the channels until you find something "interesting". Now go up stairs and check to out the girl. (DON'T GET IN BED!) This game would be too easy if it ended here so let's check her out. Hmmm I don't think she's to stable so you're going to get some protection. Snag the candy and open the window out the fire escape. Notice the window on the right. You can't get to it now but remember it. Go left and you should fall in the Dumpster. Go Dumpster diving and find a hammer. Get out of that crap and go back to the streets. Now there is nowhere else to go so type "TAXI". A cab should come. Enter it and ask about the city. There are 5 places you can go: Bar Casino-Hotel Church Store Disco

Now go to the casino and enter it. Now you can choose to play either Blackjack or slot. (Tip: Slots pay more out but are hard to win, Blackjack is easier to win but pays less. I would go with slots. Either way do win-and-save method. Where if you win save, if you lose restore and try again.) Play until you win the max. I think it's $250. ( If you are running broke at any point go back to the casino and win money again). Go up and examine the ashtray. There's a Disco Pass in it. Take it and go east (Ignore elevator for now, there is nothing you can do with it). Go back west and then east again. Then sit in the only available seat for an extra point. Stand and exit the casino. Wait for a second and a guy in a barrel should show up. Buy an apple from him. Go west and talk or look at the flasher for an extra point. Taxi to the store and enter. Look at the magazines and then take one. Read it for an extra point. Also take the jug of "fine" wine that cost a dollar. Read the sign by the clerk and ask about a condom.

He'll ask you a lot of really stupid questions. Pay for everything and exit. (DO NOT ENTER CAB, TRUST ME). Wait for the bum to show up and give him the "wine". He'll give you a pocketknife and some advice about women. Look at the phone and read the number. Call it and answer the hotline. Also call Sierra with the business card number. Go east and show the bouncer your pass. Enter and sit with the girl. Look at her and then talk to her. Give her your rose and candy then asks her to dance. Sit again and give her the ring. You're lucky night! She wants to get married. Give her money to pay for the suite. Leave and then go to chapel (make sure you have at least $100 still). Enter and get married. Leave and go to the Casino (you can walk) and go to the elevator and press four. Knock on the room with the heart on it. Fawn (that's her name) will let you in. She's not in the "mood" yet. Maybe some music will help. Turn it on and listen. You should hear an ad for wine. Write the numbers down, leave the hotel (the pay phone in the lobby doesn't work). Go to the store, call the number. Now this is a tricky part. When he asks what you want say wine and delivered at "HONEYMOON SUITE AT CASINO HOTEL". You must say this or it won't work. You should get some thing like "I'll send one of my best men on it". Go back to the hotel, go to your room. Aren't you getting concerned about your wife? Pour the wine and she's in the mood. Have fun and get in bed. Hey I bet you think you won the game didn't you?

Nope. Damn bitch! Now you should be all tied up with rope. Cut it with the knife you got from the bum (Hope you got that). Take the rope for all your trouble and exit. Go to the lobby and win the max again (you have to because all you have is ten bucks). Go to the bar, say the password, go upstairs. Take off your clothes and put on your condom. Get in bed. I bet you think you won again but you didn't. This time it was no fun. Oh well. Go out the window and let's get that object in the right window. To do this type: "Tie rope to rail" and then: "Tie rope to self" go off the rail and break the window with the hammer. Take the Spanish fly and get on the rail. Oh don't for get to take off your condom! Get in the Dumpster, go back to the streets, taxi to the hotel (this should be your last trip if you did everything right). Take the elevator to number eight. Look at the girl, talk to her and give her the Spanish fly. She'll go to have fun with her boyfriend. Darn! Push the button and enter the penthouse. Go right and open the closet. Blow the doll up and try to have sex with it (you are desperate!) It will pop and you'll follow it to a woman in a spa. Talk to her and enter the spa. Talk to her until she repeats things. (Hint: Her name is EVE!) Give her the apple and she'll get in bed with you. You won!