Audio Explorer

The Audio Explorer is used to add, rename, delete, or preview the digital music samples that are used in your game.


WAV files can be added to your game quite simply by dragging and dropping the file into the audio explorer. A prompt will appear asking you what number to assign to the resource. One thing to keep in mind here is that the midi resources found in the sound explorer and the digital resources found here share numbers. So giving the same number to a sound resource as an audio resource may create some undesired effects when the game is actually ran.

Acceptable wav file formats:
Sample Rate:
Bit Depth:
22050 Hz
8 bits


You can easily rename the digital sound resource to make it easier to sort through by either slowly double clicking on the current name, or right click on the resource and select rename. Giving the resources meaningful names will make it much easier to manage and keep track of which sounds do what.


Removing a digital sound file couldn't be easier. Simply highlight the file you want to remove and press delete, or right click on the file and select delete.


You can preview the digital sounds which you have already included by simply highlighting the resource and clicking on play in the Preview pane.

That pretty much sums up digital sound samples. To learn how to include them in your game, check out the chapter on adding music and sounds.