Creating Custom Gauges

* Requires SCI Studio 2.12 or higher

By default, the gauge is drawn with a simple DText control. It draws character 6 for the filled in area, and character 7 for the white area. However, with some creative coding, they can be easily customized. This tutorial continues the "Creating Custom Windows" chapter and will teach you how to create gauges with views!

Load The Game

First you need to open your game in SCI Studio, loading the Resource Explorer.

The Gauge View

First the gauge will need a view so there's something to draw. I've set up one up to save you time, but it can be easily customized to create your own custom theme.

The cels are 8x16 pixels. This is a perfect size. If they were any wider, the window would fill the screen.

To save time, click here and download it.

Add the view to the game. I chose to number it view.902, but it can be numbered anything you like.

Scripting The Custom Gauge

Basically, all you need to do is remove the DText txtGauge from the script, adjust the positioning of the DButton btnHigher, and create a custom draw handler. However, since there is a lot that needs to be changed, click here to download the script.

Overwrite the existing script in your /src directory, open in in the script editor and then compile it. When done, you will have a custom gauge! You can modify the view to your liking.

Run the game all you'll see your brand new custom gauge!

That sums it up! Good luck!

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