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Title: Extracting from Macintosh resources?
Post by: Spikey on January 19, 2022, 01:02:06 PM
Hey there,

Just wondering if it's possible to extract SCI resources from Macintosh SCI resource files. For example, Gabriel Knight 1 floppy - the resources appear to be in resource files called Data1 (no extension), Data2, Data3 and Data4.

I'm interested because I've heard that Mac versions have some different resources (eg KQ6 intro movie), and also I'm aware of a guy who's been able to extract sound resources from Mac versions, he wouldn't tell me how though.

I'm not a coder and not knowledgeable about Macs, so no idea if there's some easy compression technique bring used that is already reverse engineerable.

Hope everybody is well. :)
Title: Re: Extracting from Macintosh resources?
Post by: Kawa on January 19, 2022, 03:01:24 PM
From a cursory look at Freddy Pharkas in ResEdit, it seems these are basically the same as in the DOS games, but as Macintosh resource forks. That is, you'll find they contain, for example, "MSG ", "SCR ", and "P56 " resources, with the same numbers they'd have in the DOS version, and some form of compression on each that may be the same as in DOS. Some other things like cursors, inventory items (because at least Freddy has a Mac-specific icon bar), and the sounds you mentioned are stored in a Mac-native format.