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Title: agikit v0.8.0: AGIv3 support, VSCode UX improvements, project config, and more!
Post by: natbudin on February 19, 2022, 02:30:54 PM
Hello everyone!  I've just released agikit version 0.8.0.  This is a huge release!  It contains the following changes:

As usual, you can get agikit by following the instructions in the README at:

I was curious to see whether it would be possible to use this to upgrade an AGIv2 game to v3, so I pulled out one of my old projects, the Operation: RECON trailer.  The source code to this has been lost, but I'm attempting to reconstruct it.  I was able to extract the trailer as v2, compile and run it with ScummVM, and then change the agikit-project.json file to use v3, and compile and run it again.  It doesn't get very far (it shows the opening screen, then goes to the lab scene, but the sprites appear in the wrong places on screen and as a result the scene never really gets started).  I'm going to play with this more and see what it takes to fully upgrade it to AGIv3 and then publish the results as an example AGIv3 program.

Any feedback, wishes, questions, etc. would be most welcome!