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Wow, intriguing news! Loved the original, and I like the screenshots posted so far.

Wow. Well, Roberta Williams has sailed all seven seas in the last years, so she should have picked up enough tales along the way for inspiration, right? She would be perfect to take back the helm of the KQ franchise! Go Roberta go! :D

Yeah, the subtitle "Resist Or Perish" came up around the time of the second demo, in an attempt to substitute the "Graphic Adventure" part of the title. But we just used to call it demo 2. Development ended right after that, although there are still a lot of unfinished script and pic resources in the game.

It was an intriguing process to build all that. Learned so much during this time.

Collector, would love to make some additions. Thanks for the offer!

Aaah, neat. :) Just discovered this as well while you were writing it. Finally, the circus! Great little game! Thanks for making this!

Yeah, I could join 2 things. Didn't figure out what to do with the result though. Clicked it on various spots but no luck.

Yeah, exactly that one!  :) I was just having a small nostalgia session today, and was positively shocked to see that it was still available on various web pages.

New logo looks great so far! Will be interesting to see what kind of games they will develop and publish under that brand name...

Great memories of working on that one. It's a shame we never finished it. Maybe one day I'll have another go at it. Story and puzzle design was somewhat flawed though, in hindsight.

Thanks for the quick reply! Will check it out right away.

Rediscovered AGI/SCI today after a couple of years absence, and it's so good to see people have been so creative over the last years! Thumbs up!

Have scoured the whole trash by the fence, but couldn't find anything new. Earlier I found 2 things in the trash: one object next to the main entrance (which I already gave to "someone"), and another object which I obtained by examining something lying on the ground.

Is there another thing I'm missing somewhere?

Just discovered this and wanted to check it out, but the download seems to be down both here and on the SCI Wiki page. Does anyone know where I can still get this? Thanks in advance.

Just found a working download for this:


From here. Didnt know the wiki had links to games as well. Will check it out.

Just tried getting it from the Wiki and it worked! Thanks for the heads up mate!

Well, I'm probably a bit late to the party, but I've just checked out Circus Quest and totally love it so far. The graphics are really fantastic, true to the Sierra style and very detailed. Kudos!

Laugh at me, but I actually got stuck in the game. I have the poster, the balloon on a string, 10 bucks left, nothing left to do and no way to get into the circus.

There is one screen where I wonder if I've come across a bug or just don't get what I'm supposed to do. When I look through the hole in the fence, I get the screen with the elephant, but on the first mouse click, the game switches back to me next to the fence. Even if I do a right click, attempting to just switch mouse cursors. 

Is this right that way? Im playing via Dosbox on a WinXP machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone.
Wanted to check this game out, but the download seems to be down. Gives me a 404 error message. Does anyone know where else this game is hosted?
Thanks in advance & cheers!

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