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Everything-Else / Kawa's Soul Mate
« on: September 14, 2016, 10:38:47 PM »
Kawa I was browsing Imgur Usersub and I found you a soul mate... or hell maybe even you for all I know

SCI Syntax Help / Sierra Syntax vs. Studio Syntax
« on: February 25, 2016, 12:27:40 PM »
I know the push right now is for Sierra syntax over Studio syntax, but I am not really sure why...

Anyone care to weigh off on their opinions?

SCI Syntax Help / For loop wierdness
« on: January 28, 2016, 03:34:27 PM »
Just came across something really strange. I have a test room, and when I go into I have a for loop set up which is supposed to give me all of the inventory items.

Code: [Select]
  (for (= i 0) (<= i TOTAL_ITEMS) (++i)
    (send gEgo:get(i))

Now this only gets me the first 13 items though. However, if I break this up into two for loops

Code: [Select]
  (for (= i 0) (<= i 10) (++i)
    (send gEgo:get(i))
  (for (= i 11) (<= i TOTAL_ITEMS) (++i)
    (send gEgo:get(i))

Then I get all 18 of the inventory items when I enter the room.

SCI Syntax Help / Setting the volume of a sound
« on: January 28, 2016, 01:23:38 PM »
I have an instance of a sound, which points to an audio resource not a midi sound, in which I set the volume property

Code: [Select]
(instance dumbSound of Sound
number 0
priority 0
loop 1
vol 15; 127 is the default per

I have also not set the value as well, but I didn't see any reason to paste both bits of code.

No matter what I try, I can't seem to alter the volume at which the sound plays, all four of these iterations play the sound at the same level.

Code: [Select]
(dumbSound play: number: 1)
(dumbSound play: number: 1 vol:15)
(dumbSound play: number: 1 setVol: 15)
(dumbSound play: number: 1 vol:15 setVol: 15)

Likewise, fade does not seem to work either. I am assuming that it is because of whatever it is that I am missing with the volume control, since I thought I saw somewhere in the code were it is really just altering the volume several times. Has anyone else noticed this or can see what it is that I am doing wrong?

Everything-Else / When it rains it pours...
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:04:09 PM »
I must say this has been a rough week. I am ready to just crawl into bed and try again next year.

It started last weekend when I headed up to Michigan City to the casino, it's about a couple of hours away. After losing my shirt, I get ready to leave but the car won't start. Assuming I left the lights on or something stupid, I head back inside and hit security up about giving me a jump. After standing outside by the car for about a half an hour freezing my ass off, the winter wind blowing off of lake Michigan can really be something, the security guy finally showed up and I got the car jumped and started. During the two hour drive home, the car heater never did blow anything but freezing air. It was so bad that at one point I pulled into a gas station, went into the bathroom, and just ran hot water over my hands for several minutes. Finally though, I made it home and crawled into bed. The next day, I get up and once again I can't get the car to turn over. Attempting to jump it with the wife's car accomplished nothing, I was never even able to get the headlights to come on. The time comes that the wife has to leave for work, so I go ahead and call in and let them know that I am not coming. The wife and I work about 50 miles apart in opposite directions so there is no way to do any car pooling. Assuming that the battery gave out on me I don't worry about it too much and just go inside and crawl back into bed and just enjoy a lazy day off. Finally the wife gets home from work so I head into town and get a new battery. Get home and hook it up and absolutely no difference. The door alarm would ding, but none of the other electronics showed any signs of life. First thing I do is start pulling fuses, looking for something to be blown. After about 50 of them, all good, I am starting to get a bit worried. Assuming that it may be a bad ground or something, I start tracing the main lines running from the battery. After freezing my ass off for the second night in a row, crawling around in the snow I am ready to throw in the towel cause I am just not finding anything wrong. Then I notice that the connector for the positive battery terminal is showing some corrosion where it bolts on to the cable. I go ahead and take it off, use a bit of steel wool on the cable and a screwdriver on the connector to scrape off all of the corrosion, making it all nice and shiny. Heading back out, I hook everything back up and the car fires right up.

The next day at work, I do leave my headlights on, and drain the battery. I convince one of the office girls who was still there to give me a jump. Luckily I carry cables in my car because most people don't seem to. I get the car started and head for home. On the way home, I blow a tire. I don't mean that I had a flat, I mean it literally imploded. So I pull off along side the highway. After dodging traffic for a while trying to get the tire off, I spot a spot where the farmer has a little drive for pulling into the field, so I tighten the lugnuts back up that I had managed to get loose, and go ahead and pull into the drive where I can work without having to worry about getting ran over. Here's the best part, there is no spare tire. Calling the wife to come save me, I have to get the tire into someplace to get it replaced. So the whole time, the car is running but just like the drive the day before, the heater is not producing a bit of heat. So there I am for the third time, freezing my ass off. Once the wife gets there we head towards town to find a tire place, currently it was about ten till seven and they all seem to close at seven. After getting turned down for service at two different places, I am ready to give up. Instead, I jump on the phone and start calling around. It turns out that Pep Boys is open till eight so off we go. Finally get the tire replaced and head back out to the car where I get it put back on, and home I go.

The next day after another cold drive to work, cause the heater is still blowing freezing cold air, I decide to go ahead and replace the thermostat. I got home, swapped out the part in about ten minutes and felt pretty good about myself for having it go so well. I top off the antifreeze and head inside glad that I didn't have to freeze outside for very long.

The next day, while driving home from work, I notice the smell of antifreeze. In my head, I dismiss it figuring that it was just that I had spilled some when I refilled it and it was burning off of the hot engine. The next morning, the smell of antifreeze is just as strong and now the car is acting like it's misfiring and about to die at any second. I manage to make it to work and during my lunch break I decide to pop the hood and stick my head under there. There was antifreeze everywhere. Assuming that didn't get the thermostat housing tight enough when I changed it, I go ahead and fire up the car and stand there watching it waiting to see where all of this antifreeze is coming from.  Then it happens, a bunch of antifreeze came out of the top of the radiator itself. There was about a foot long crack that ran straight down the center of the top of the radiator. Once I head back into work, I start calling around looking for a new radiator. They have one in stock at the local auto parts store so on my way home, I stop in and get it. Staring at the temperature gauge the whole way, I make it home with the new radiator. After another couple of hours of crawling around out in the snow freezing my ass off I manage to replace the radiator, finishing up just as it starts to get dark.

The next day I try and figure out what is going on with the misfiring. Because of the timing of when it started, I was convinced it had something to do with the excess antifreeze all over the engine. After stressing about it most of the day, I describe the scenario to the maintenance guy there at work, he is a bit of car guy. Before the car gets to normal operating temperature everything runs fine. As soon as the car warms up, while accelerating, in overdrive the car begins misfiring and shaking like it is about to die. Without even blinking, he says the mass air flow sensor. I then throw in the detail of the whole radiator and antifreeze and he says that it fits, the antifreeze managed to get sucked through the air intake where the sensor is located and got it fouled. Because it controls the amount of oxygen that the car has available to burn, with it fouled then the computer screws up in how much air it allows. Not really interested in spending more money on the car at this point than I need to, I go ahead and get a can of Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner instead of a new sensor. After spraying it off several times, I get it put back into the car and the problem seems to virtually solved. It has sputtered a couple of times since then, but literally just a couple of times instead of sputtering for a 15 mile stretch of road.

Either way, I have decided to start looking for a new car. If there is one thing I hate above anything else, it is working on cars and this one has no reached the end of my desire to keep it running. Unfortunately, that is not where my weeks adventure ended and no I haven't replaced the car yet.

I got home from work yesterday and noticed a weird humming sound in the laundry room. At first I assumed it was the freezer that was in there, but when I got closer I found that it was coming from the water softener (not really, but it was being transferred from the pump through the water lines). Right behind the water softener is where the water comes through the whole house filter before disappearing back into the flooring. I have a pressure gauge installed there and I noticed that the needle was pinned at the 100 psi mark. It doesn't go any higher than that, so who knows what the pressure actually was. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that something is going on with my pump and that the humming sound I heard was it busily pumping away. Right away I flipped the circuit breaker to the pump and turned on a faucet to reduce the pressure in the system.

So I head outside and open up the crawl space to take a look at what is going on. The crawlspace is completely flooded. By my estimates, there was over 50,000 cubic feet of water down there. So I jump in the car and head to town to get a new sump pump, cause no matter what else is going on down there, one thing I am sure of is that the sump pump that is at the bottom of my new pool certainly isn't doing what it should be. So I get home, get the new sump pump plugged in and start draining.

I am guessing that this is what happened... at least with the pump. The sump pump went out who knows how long ago. The water level under the house finally rose high enough to submerge the pressure switch, because when I first looked, it was under water. Instead of tripping a breaker, the water completed the pressure switch circuit and hence the pump kept running. Once the the water level dropped to just 7 or 8 inches I braved turning the circuit breaker back on. There is still too much water down there to go crawling around in it. Anyway, I noticed when I flipped the circuit breaker that the pump started short cycling while water was running. Turning on for a second in which the pressure would jump to about 50 psi and then quickly shutting back off and likewise the pressure would drop back down to about 20 psi. I also stuck my head down in the crawl space to see if I could see any spraying water or even ripples on the pool to try and determine if any connections had given out or a pipe had busted, but everything looked nice and calm down there.

So I was able to get under the house this morning. There were still a few inches of standing water, but I managed to get the new sump pump moved into the pit. I went ahead and ran the cord out through one of the vents though and plugged it in outside. I wasn't interested in trying to plug it in under the house with sopping wet hands while lying in a couple inches of water, that just seemed like a bad idea. I didn't take the time to crawl over to the water tank to mess with the air pressure inside of it yet. That is the most common cause of short cycling the water pump from what I have read, not enough air pressure in the water tank. By the time I crawled the sump pump up to the front of the house and got everything all hooked up, I was absolutely freezing. I am trying to give the new sump pump a bit of time to hopefully get some more of that water out before I crawl back under there. Unfortunately there is a stupid liner on top of the gravel under the house so I doubt much more of the actual standing water is going to go anywhere anytime soon. It looks like I need to go to town and get a pressure gauge anyway, that would be far more accurate than a tire gauge lol. That and it would be really nice if I wasn't putting on wet coveralls, so I have those tossed in the dryer right now. Really not wanting to crawl back into a wet crawl space so I am procrastinating a bit right now.

SCI Syntax Help / Is one of array
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:48:25 PM »
I am trying to check to see if a number is in an array.

I have a local variable set up in a region script:
Code: [Select]
localRoomCheck[12] = (77 97 79 82 85 80 83 86 81 84 87 93)
In the same region script, I want to see if the current room number is part of that array, kind of a region inside of a region scenario.
Code: [Select]
(if(IsOneOf(gRoomNumber @localRoomCheck))
But the few different variations I have tried have not seemed to work, where as not using the array does
Code: [Select]
(if(IsOneOf(gRoomNumber 77 97 79 82 85 80 83 86 81 84 87 93))
Does anyone here know the proper syntax for doing this?

SCI Syntax Help / Trying to Hijack the eventHandler
« on: December 14, 2015, 09:58:00 PM »
Ok, so seriously I am at a head scratching loss here...

My goal is to add in the skimmer arcade sequence. To start that off, I need to be able to log the keyboard input and respond accordingly. However I am beyond failing, instead I am failing and getting weird results while doing it. Anyway, where I am at right now... Basically I have an empty room and I have included an handleEvent method. My goal here was simply to start off catching the events and then move up to actually doing something with them.

Code: [Select]
(version 2)                                          //  Ulence Flats - Skimmer
(include "")(include "")(include "94.shm")             (script 94)
0 rm094
(use "Cycle")(use "Feature")(use "Game")(use "Main")(use "Obj")(use "View")
(use "Print")
(instance public rm094 of Rm
picture scriptNumber
west 95
  (method (init)

  )// end method
  (method (handleEvent pEvent)
  (var myEventType,myEventMessage)
    = myEventType (send pEvent:type)
    = myEventMessage (send pEvent:message)
  (switch ((send pEvent:message))
  (case KEY_TAB (Print:addText("Tab Key")init()))
  (case KEY_a (Print:addText("Lowercase a")init()))
  (case JOY_RIGHT (Print:addText("Right Arrow")init()))
  (default FormatPrint("%3d  %3d" myEventType myEventMessage))
  (send pEvent:claimed(1))
  )// end method
However, when I press the tab key, I still get the standard inventory response. Likewise when I press an arrow key it moves the cursor. When I press the a button, nothing happens... and here is the really weird part, when the cursor is the walk cursor and I left click anywhere on the screen, I get the "Right Arrow" response.

My ultimate goal here is to ditch the ego for this room and just control an actor by pressing the right or left arrow keys... however I seem to be further away from that than when I started lol.

Everything-Else / Happy Thanksgiving to my North American compadres
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:37:15 AM »
So somehow, I still haven't figured it out yet, I managed to get roped into cooking a turkey.

We are heading over to the wife's parents for lunch and my parent's for dinner. Supposedly the mother-in-law was starting to get stressed out by the amount of work she had to do for tomorrow. The plan was that she was going to cook the turkey tonight but as of 7 o' clock she still hadn't started it yet. Feeling sorry for her, I open my big mouth and offer to cook the turkey for her. It's one thing if I stay up late, but I really can't picture her doing it. She is much more... what's the word... "proper" than I am.

So now I am the one staying up till probably 3 or 4 o' clock... Should have just kept my mouth shut. It's not too bad though, everyone else is in bed so the house is quiet, dragged the laptop to the dining room table, and plucking away at a game while I wait to baste that stupid turkey every hour or so. One thing I never get at home is quiet time to myself so all in all I have to say this is looking like it is going to be a pretty good thanksgiving... assuming I don't ruin the turkey that is.  8)

SCI Syntax Help / PChase doesn't seem quite right
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:13:14 PM »
When using PChase to have an actor chase after ego, and ego is on the move, then the other actor seems to stutter. When ego stands still, the other actor moves fluidly. It seems that when the ego is moving then the other actor is to busy trying to figure out where to go than actually go somewhere.

Code: [Select]
(offerGuy:setCycle(Walk)setMotion(PChase gEgo 20 offerScript))

As a side note, PFollow seems to suffer from the same stuttering issue while ego is on the move. Something I didn't realize before now, PFollow does not take the cue at the end.

Code: [Select]
(offerGuy:setCycle(Walk)setMotion(PFollow gEgo 10)) // correct
(offerGuy:setCycle(Walk)setMotion(PFollow gEgo 10 offerScript)) // oops error

Not that there is anything wrong with that, just didn't know.

SCI Syntax Help / Removing a named Polygon
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:22:33 PM »
I have a named polygon created using scicompanion. As well as the other polygons which fall under the default name.

I am adding the polygons at init
Code: [Select]
  (method (init)

If the skimmer is gone, which corresponds to the skimmer poly, I have been unsuccessful at removing the polygon.

I tried the code from both eqoquest and kq6, which is pretty much identical. I am assuming that global2 maps to gRoom, which might be part of my problem if I am mistaken there.

Code: [Select]
(send ((send gRoom:obstacles)):delete(@P_SkimmerPoly))

I tried it with and without the @ symbol. Both ways compile fine, however the poly is ever present. Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish the removal of the polygon generated by companion and housed in the shp file. I should be able to take it out of the shp file and actually code it to an instance of poly and try again, which I will probably do for testing, but that loses the ease of use that Troflip built into scicompanion for working with the polygons. So I would rather not make that plan a

SCI Syntax Help / Polybuffer is not a pointer. Polygon ignored.
« on: November 25, 2015, 03:57:05 PM »
I have been busy working again finally. I had most of SQ1 coded in SCI0 and am now working on converting it over to SCI1.1. I have ran into this issue that seems to occur about 85% of the time.

When entering the Oasis Bar, I get a statement that "Polybuffer is not a pointer. Polygon ignored."

Attached is the image showing the polygons I drew. The one around the skimmer is a named polygon. The others all fall under the default.

Here is the code from the shp:
Code: [Select]
// 35.shp -- Produced by SCI Companion
// This file should only be edited with the SCI Companion polygon editor

    P_Default35[63] = (4 PBarredAccess 5 0 100 30 100 47 104 47 112 0 112 PBarredAccess 9 319 121 319 137 299 139 288 142 229 137 225 131 207 127 195 126 178 121 PBarredAccess 8 133 110 130 108 134 106 154 104 200 102 319 102 319 113 139 113 PBarredAccess 5 113 89 200 89 195 96 151 98 104 96 )
    P_SkimmerPoly[11] = (1 PBarredAccess 4 74 132 105 132 101 150 77 150 )


and then, from the room 35 script itself.

Code: [Select]
  (method (init)

As well as the code that changes the room, since it isn't at the edge of the screen had to be coded. The changingRoom test is simply a local variable to prevent the doit method from triggering the statement more than once, just in case.

Code: [Select]
  (method (doit)
      (if(send gEgo:inRect(210 107 320 120))
      = changingRoom TRUE
      (send gRoom:newRoom(62))// Head Inside Bar
  )// end method

The error only seems to be triggered at the room change. I noticed that the polygon procedures both print out this statement when polyBuffer is less than 100... However I don't know what that means or how to address my issue knowing that.

SCI Development Tools / SCILauncher.exe
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:17:15 PM »
And if you look in the stash to find and try my launcher, you'll see DOSBox right there on the way. :D

I tried out the launcher. How is it that the program is searching for Dosbox?

When I run it I get the message that Dosbox or one of its files is missing... download it now? However I have dosbox installed. I am running the program from inside my game folder.

The path to my dosbox install
C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox\DOSBox.exe

Everything-Else / Bit of a rough ride home yesterday
« on: September 03, 2015, 10:17:12 PM »
Not sure if anyone here knows it or not, but I own a motorcycle and love riding it. Whenever I am not ferrying kids around, the motorcycle is my preferred choice of transportation. The bike I currently own is old and very beat up. I was not the one who did the beating though. I bought an 89 CBR600 from a guy three years ago for 500 bucks. Except for some issues with the charging system, which can be overcome by plugging it into a battery charger each night, it has never given me any real issues... until yesterday.

While riding home from work, it felt and acted like the chain was trying to come off... Impossible to see the back sprocket while driving but that's what it felt like. Giving a little jerk and a popping sound randomly. I slowed way down and crawled home at about 30 mph. I got home and checked the chain and it definitely had more play in it than it should have. So I took off the front sprocket cover off and made sure that it was at least seated on the sprocket and then went to work on tightening the chain. With that complete I had thought my problem was solved.

Later I rode it the couple of miles down to the gas station. There is definitely something going on. While giving the bike gas, there was a very rhythmic tick to the bike and feedback that coincided with it. With the clutch pulled in and coasting, there was no issue. Revving the engine, there is no issue. Coasting (as in not giving the bike gas, or pulling in on the clutch) I am not sure about, I was trying to hard to "feel" something wrong, so if it was doing it, it was barely noticeable but it may have been. Giving the bike gas, there was a very noticeable and very rhythmic problem.

I assumed at that point that there is something going on with with the transmission. I am definitely not the guy for that kind of tear down and repair.

Got home from work tonight and started on taking the chain off. I found the issue (I can only assume) at the same time that I found the master link.

Ordered a replacement master link off of Amazon and I will be stopping by the shop during lunch tomorrow to pick up another one. Once the spare arrives it will be added to the tool bag... just in case.

I have never had a link give out like that before. I can only assume that during the ride home yesterday the chain was loose enough that it was trying to come off which caused it to crack. Then I probably over tightened the chain which is what finished it off. The ride home from work, the issue was sporadic, but after tightening the chain, it was very rhythmic.

Looking like the bike I bought for $500 bucks 3 years ago is going to get a few more miles on her yet. Best return on my money I have ever had. Not going to lie though, I was getting pretty excited looking for a new bike today after thinking all day that it was on it's way to the grave.

SCI Syntax Help / SCI1.1 Titles on a Print statement
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:25:02 AM »
Titles on Print Statement don't seem to work. From everything that I have seen, this should do it.

Code: [Select]
                   addTitle("A Title")
                   addText("The message to be displayed")

Has anyone else gotten a title to appear on a print statement?

SCI Community News / SCI1.1 Tutorials
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:20:35 AM »
Ok, so I know that they are a long way from being finished, but I have started on the tutorials for SCI 1.1. The link can be found in the tutorials section in the menu above.

This is an ongoing process but hopefully there is at least enough information there to answer a few questions and get everyone headed in the right direction.

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