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SCI Development Tools / Voice acting in Space Quest V
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:42:30 AM »
Hey all. Game Designer and Voice actor here. I downloaded the new SCICompanion earlier today and started digging around some SCI1.1 games. Specifically I am interested in creating a Talkie patch for SQV. I poked around in SQIV and found it quite easy to record over existing voices, but I have no idea how to add voices to a previously voice-less game.

My problem is three fold from what I can tell.

1. the "speech and lip-syncing" option isn't available when I open a message file for SQV
2. I can force the aforementioned options to appear by going into version detector and ticking on "Supports Message Audio" (probably not a good work around  :P), but when I record the message and then save, the program crashes.
3. Even if it saved correctly and put the speech in the game, would it play back properly? For example, SQV doesn't have a speech/text/both option in the menu. Would it know to play the audio?

I haven't worked on SCI games in a long time, so virtually any assistance/suggestions are appreciated.

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