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AGI Syntax Help / AGI and changing font
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:58:06 PM »
I tried out the latest version of WinAGI - great AGI-ide. One thing though - I want to localize some strings in my Kings Quest translation with non ASCII like ?,?,?, Is this possible with an AGI-game, and how do i do it - with WinAGI if possible. Thankful for any help.

I do translations for a lot of open source stuff, but as I'm also a big Sierra fan, I thought it would be fun to translate one of the older AGI-games. Last night I started researing tools, and the format, and with Kings Quest I AGI I used WinAGI (as QT AGI studio has errors with logic view for me in Linux) to view the Logic files. Now, one thing puzzling me is that I can't find the menus in the Amiga-version. In the IBM-version they are clearly in Logic.0, in the last part of the global messages at the bottom. In the Amiga-version the last menumessages is missing and there is also one difference in the script code.


if (isset(game_restarted)) {;
  else {;


if (isset(game_restarted)) {;
  else {"Info");"About KQ", c19);"Help    ", c18);"File");"Save Game      <F5>", c1);

Ok, so they differ - I tried searching for the menu strings in all other Amiga-Logic files but none were found. I then looked with an hex-editor at the Sierra.exe (the specific Amiga-version of the interpreter) and found some other strings, but not the menu ones. Could it be the they assemblycoded the menus in the Amiga-versions for some reason - then again, I should have been able to find the strings. So, some related questions:

1) I thought that the AGI-scripts were supposed to stay the same, and that only the interpreter would differ between platforms... ok, so seems not?
2) Does anyone have a clue were the menus can be found in the Amiga-version? No fun translating without them.
3) Are there any good tools for translating AGI like there is for SCI (the TraduSCI-engine)
4) QT AGI studio seems really buggy on linux, can anyone verify they can look at the logic for KQ1 with that without getting error messages.

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