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SCI Syntax Help / Colors not showing up
« on: May 24, 2007, 06:18:44 PM »
Can someone explain how a color I choose in the pic editor does not show up on the screen for sci studio.  Or the first time in the room it is fine and then the next time I go into the room it is all mesed up.  What is happening.


Here are a few questions for the website 5/20/07:

Mad Chatter interviewing an internet cult game programming hero,
Vonster-D-Monster, the writer of a very popular Space Quest Sequel
titled The Lost Chapter.  Check out more about Vonster D Monster at his site:

1)  How long did it take you to write the Lost Chapters?  It was a
pretty amazing game and really got me involved with writing my own fan made

Longer than it takes a Labion Terror Beast to solve a Cubix Rube. I
think all told it was around Two Years.  I had stopped for a long period
though and the game almost got abandoned, but thankfully I found new
motivation and was able to finish it.

2)  You said that you have tried using Sci Studio but not gotten very
far, what did you find hard about it?  I consider myself less than an
amateur with the program myself but it has really helped me to grow as an
amateur computer programmer.

Well SCI Studio came out when I had much less available time, and that was
really the biggest thing. To me it seemed to have tons of potential at
the time, but the time factor and the graphics, which I imagined would be
tougher than the simple AGI graphics, seemed daunting at the time. I
regret not having the time or energy to try a game in SCI though.

3)  How did you go about writing your Space Quest Sequel?  Did you
script it out first or did it all just come to you off the top of your head?

Prolonged exposure to Phlebion Acid tends to affect one

SCI Syntax Help / Ideas for the best way to add an animation
« on: April 17, 2007, 09:05:45 PM »
This is a question for the best way to add an animation, for example have a golfer walk up to the tee box, you type "hit ball" this causes ego to disappear and then the animation takes a swing...and then after that ego reappears.

right now I am using an if said statement

with something like (this is not what I really have but I think you get the idea):

(if (Said 'hit/ball')
(seng gEgo:hide)
(SetUp gEgo)
Print('Your not close enough.")

Blah blah blah...

The problem is the golfer swings...and then ego is still hidden.

What am I doing wrong?

Any takers....

The best response would be to paste a part of your own script that a response...also not sure how to apply a method change allow for the clip to stay on the screen for a few sends to play the full animation and then disappear again to put the ego back on the screen to continue on with the game.


Hello Coders,

Why is this code crashing the game???  It is driving me nuts.

 (method (doit)
 (var dyingScript)

(if(== (send gEgo:onControl()) ctlGREEN)
(if(== gScore 3)
(send gRoom:newRoom(2))
(send dyingScript:caller(10)register("You did not do what they said so you will not see your wife ever again."))
(send gGame:setScript(dyingScript))

Take it easy on me I have been at it for a few hours now...


SCI Syntax Help / Inventory Blues
« on: March 07, 2007, 05:11:46 PM »
Ok can someone put up a sample simple script showing how to make an object in my inventory appear on the screen after I say put key on table for example.  And then it comes out of my inventory...I need this to finish my game.

Everything-Else / Sci-Weekly Chatter - Mad Chatter News
« on: February 23, 2007, 09:29:16 AM »
Hello Sci-Fans,

This coming from the long time player first time game developer...I stumbled on this site a month ago and have been hooked ever since...great job Cloudee1, now in the chat room we have decided to get some chatter, rumors, updates, whatever to get something going to increase membership...we want to get some interviews going with other programmers that have been successful...ideas/wishlist includes:

1)  Get Roberta Williams to chat with us for an hour or post an interview with her from one of our members.

2)  Get VonsterDMonster to join our site...and chat for an hour with our members, or have  a member interview him and post it on the web site.

3)  Get Bri_Da_Man, Brian Provinciano to join our community and chat with us for an hour, or let one of our members interview him and post it on our site.

First on our list will be to post an interview with our first game winner Doan Sephim...he is a mad game writer, if you have played his New Year's game or watched/played his Knight's Quest Demo you will know what I mean...keep your eyes posted for this interview....(it is just rumor....but I know some people that can make it happen)

Next we will see if we can meet the real Eigen, the creator of Al's Pond and a member of our site....

JT - The Mad Chatter

I hope we can create a place to post zipped files of views that we can easily add into our sci studio games.  I am sure Cloudee will fix it so this will be moot, but I just want to start it and see where it goes.  Here is a fairy that I created for a game for my is supposed to look like Tinkerbell.

Forum Support and Suggestions / Adding our SCI Files - How do we do it?
« on: February 17, 2007, 11:09:12 PM »

I thought I had a good idea to take me out of newbie status but here I am again trying to learn how to do it.  I was actually hoping to be able to put in the files as sci files that way we would not have to do that much tedious work to put them in or take them off the site...why can't we do that Cloudee?  Do they take up too much space?

Sorry, just having a hard time understanding ease of sharing if they are not kept as sci files...that are easily "extractable" & "addable" to our sci programs.

I love this site by the way...just frustrated at how much I suck at everything.


I am so dumb...I am just happy to use Sci studio...I just think it would be cool to be able to hack it to put the pasted images for tracing to stay on the pic instead of having to trace them...can someone do that?

Really Dumb,

SCI Syntax Help / Best suggestions for adding sound?
« on: January 14, 2007, 08:36:27 PM »
I tried out Doan's games that have links from this site and this guy is very good at what he does...even my excitement at finishing a one screen game has waned at trying out his games.

Yet...I still want to know more so that one day I may be able to write a game that Doan says...hey that game is pretty good.  Maybe 5 years from now.

I played the homestar runner game by Doan and it had a kicking soundtrack on the first screen...I really just need some chimes of a clock...12 to be exact....but how do you add sound.

1)  How do you add sound...I have not tried reading up on it because I am lame...

Any suggestions?


SCI Syntax Help / How to put up a good screen to say "You've won game"?
« on: January 14, 2007, 12:58:57 AM »
Once the person has reached a certain score what alerts them that they have won the game.

I image a statement like:

(if score = 69)
(Print "You've done it you are the winner.")

but I am dumb...what are your suggestions.

My game is 99% done for the competition...just putting in winner script...with your guys help of course.

SCI Syntax Help / Why don't we make a sci tutorial chapter 3?
« on: January 13, 2007, 11:29:06 PM »
I would hate to think that I am the only guy that is benefitting from these questions...why don't we try to put together a volume 3 tutorial for the sci community.  I can ask the dumb questions and you guys can share the code...and then we can package it just like Brian did and it will be another resource.

I know that that is what this site is all about...but sometimes it is tedious reading through everyone's personal comments in between and also we will edit and try the material in the tutorials and make sure it works completely and is "pasteable" for other dumb newbies like me.

Feel free to tell me to shut-up????

Let me know your thoughts,

SCI Syntax Help / How to make a finished game file?
« on: January 13, 2007, 11:24:20 PM »
Ok I when I am ready to send you the game for the do you package the files so you no longer need sci studio to open them.  Not syaing that I am going to do this because I hate it when they are like this but how do you finish it so people cannot access source code?

1)  How do you polish off game files to have a stand alone product?

2)  How do you package the final product so others can't read your source code? (as lame as that is to us newbies who stay up late downloading games trying to find pieces of code to use.)

Is there any way to add a pop-up message like IMing so we can chat real time?

SCI Syntax Help / Adding a clock?? And Appearing objects
« on: January 13, 2007, 12:05:58 PM »
I am pretty sure Brian talks about adding a clock...if not any suggestions of how to do it and does anyone know how to make it restart count down when you pick up an object?

1)  How to add a clock and restart it after doing somethig?

2)  How do you make new objects appear after you pick up and object on the screen?

You guys have totally rejuvenated my interest in Sci Studio.


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