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I started this project probably eight years ago, before SCICompanion 3 was out. I was editing images with the TraduSCI tools. Initially I was just changing some of the images I didn't like. First was the bushes scattered around the forest that looked like placeholder art that never got replaced with real art. Next I had to do something about Baba Yaga and her hut. It's a cave inside for some reason? I changed Baba's face to look like in QfG4 and I put a back wall inside her hut.

A few years later SCICompanion 3 came out with its VGA compatibility and decompiler; I realized I could do a lot more, if I wanted. I decided to try to Make the game more like its EGA counterpart in appearance. I changed the eye on the magick shop to look like an eye instead of whatever it was they were going for and I put a southern wall on the town main street. I then decided the rest of the game looks pretty good, apart from some of the monsters' battle art.

I didn't do much with the mod for quite some time after that, I got focused on more important things. Then the pandemic happened and I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time so I decided to come back to this mod and work on the stuff that required coding, adding back the missing stuff.

So in this mod we see:
  • fixed bushes
  • new Baba Yaga face
  • new wall on Baba Yaga's hut
  • new eye on magick shop
  • restored southern wall in town main street
  • restored Troll's hidy hole
  • restored extended end game sequence
  • restored music to end game sequence

I am also using the black cape mod and the kobald talker patch, but I don't remember who made them. thank you to the makers of those two mods.
And thank you to all those of these forums who helped me work through the many coding problems I had, and specifically Kawa who donated a small bit of code allowing me to work around an incompatibility Qfg1 VGA has with SCICompanion.
And thank you to the creators of the amazing software that allowed me to make this mod.
And, of course, thank you to EricOakford for providing his reverse engineered source code for the game that I used in modifying the scripts.

The mod is not yet finished, though what I have so far is pretty close to it. I would like some input from the forum. Is there anything I missed that needs to be changed to make the VGA version like the EGA release? Does anyone have a list of the changes? I have been considering changing the intro back to the EGA intro, what do you folks think of that idea?

here's a video showing my work so far

there's a weird thing that happens between chasing Baba Yaga off and the award ceremony that I need to figure out and I still have to sync up the audio in that whole end game sequence and I need to make it so you can interact with the new south wall. I think that's all that's left on the changes I've already started.

SCI Syntax Help / Show line numbers in script editor?
« on: April 24, 2020, 11:11:47 AM »
Is there a way to show the line numbers in the script editor? When the compiler errors out, it tells us which line it has a problem with. I'm looking for an easy way to find that line, up to now I've just been counting. I looked through the preferences but didn't see anything that looked like it would do it. maybe i missed something.

thanks for any help

SCI Syntax Help / Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: April 06, 2020, 06:27:13 PM »
I am trying to add back into QFG1 VGA the troll's cave that they removed when they did the vga remake. I am still in the very early stages. I have art made and i have the room added and the pile of stuff placed. I can enter and leave the room with no problem. That's as far as i have gotten.

Right now the problem i am running into is with messages. When add a message other than the default look/do messages to either the room or the pile of stuff it doesn't work right. I've tinkered around a bit, sometimes it might show the look message for one but not the other. Sometimes it will only show the default messages. Sometimes weird glitches show up. The do messages are always only the default.

Anybody have any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


SCI Development Tools / sci0 vs sci1.1 differences?
« on: June 09, 2018, 05:31:07 PM »
how different is sci0 from sci1.1? I've been considering vga updates of a couple ega sci games. are the formats close enough i'd be able to throw in some new graphics and a point and click interface? maybe sci companion can convert? or would it likely be a complete ground up remake?

SCI Development Tools / how to reassemble a disassembled script?
« on: May 17, 2018, 10:28:55 PM »
How does one reassemble a script that has been disassembled using sci companion 3, after modifying it?

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