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Hello :),

I try to translate the Options in The Dagger of Amon Ra into german.
Maybe I am blind, but I cant find the word "both".
In Game:

In SCICompanion:

I've already searched all "Views", I can't find it. Anyone know where it could be?

SCI Syntax Help / Umlauts in Vocab Editor
« on: August 06, 2018, 03:47:27 AM »

my native language is not english, but I try my best :).

I use SCICompanion and I have a problem with the Vocab Editor.
I can't use "umlauts" (ä,ö,ü and ß).

I also can't properly read german Vocab original files: ( example: Space Quest 3, german):
I open it with SCI Studio 3+, because SCICompanion do not want open it.

(kämpfe = k„mpfe)

If I add "ä", then it does not save..

What I do wrong? Which Editor should I use?

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