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Hi everyone!

I have a specific question. As a translator, is there a DOS version of Donald Duck's Playground that is compatible with WinAGI? Because a PC Booster image won't be, even if I managed to extract the resources... well, I imagine.

I've been told "there is" a site specializing in Sierra PC Booster game images. I searched without success. Maybe it's closed.

Thread in the old Mega-Tokyo AGI forum archive here:
As the thread was closed, I opened a new one.

AGI Wiki:

In the worst-case scenario, I thought I'd translate the game proposed by Al Low on his site. But is not an official release, is was Amiga hacked for DOS. In addition, debugging is essential. This version will crash if you press Escape with "Bad action: 161" when it should pause the game. This problem is corrected via ScummVM only.

Note that ScummVM 2.8.0 recognizes the game as 1.0C Amiga and DOS. The version 1.0C is an Amiga version, not a DOS version. It's a little ScummVM arrangement, I suppose.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Collector for Sierra Version Tool.
AGKorson for WinAGI, without which nothing is possible.
My friend Doomlazer for... almost everything :)

AGI Development Tools / AGInfo 1.40 (MS-DOS, with C source)
« on: October 24, 2022, 03:07:03 AM »
AGInfo 1.40 (MS-DOS, with C source)

A utility that detects the AGI interpreter version, as well as the game version. Also detects a large number of corrupted game versions. Probably most useful for game collectors to find out whether they have a rare (i.e. undetected) game in their hands.

Copyleft 1999,2001-2003 by Paul David Doherty <>.

*I wanted to introduce you to a handy little tool that seems to be forgotten by everyone. This tool is extremely easy to use. You just have to put the files in the main directory of the game and launch AGINFO.EXE via DOSBox.

*Here is the reference page:


Hi everyone !

I plan to update my translation of Space Quest IV, the Talkie CD version.

There is one problem, at the intro of the game some of the subtitles are missing. There is an amateur fix for this problem. See the fix:  This concerns the files: 16.msg - 16.scr - 0.scr and 0.hep. The fix works fine with DOSBox, but it is totally inactive with ScummVM. See the video:

I would really like to display the subtitles also via ScummVM. But, I didn't find anything conclusive on However, I took back an old ticket: A member maybe have an idea how to do this?

Meanwhile, happy New Year, and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hello everyone!

*I am sorry for my bad English!
I am a new members and "Well, guess what?"
I am a fan of Sierra games!

I think that we should to translate in all languages the Sierra classic games to make them accessible for players.

I want to translate Space Quest 3 in french.
And I am looking (search) for an SCI engine expert.
I am having some difficulty with accented letters French.
Does anyone know if there is a code OEM in SCI Compagnon?
Because SCI Compagnon is not include OEM Sierra.
It is ANSI and my computer is a ANSI (ASCII) Default Encoding.
For example with german game:
"The terminator's invisibility belt is now completely out of power.%GDer Energievorrat des Tarngrtels ist jetzt v”llig ersch”pft."
==> "The terminator's invisibility belt is now completely out of power.%GDer Energievorrat des Tarngrtels ist jetzt völlig erschöpft."
You see, (ö) does not appear in words "völlig" and "erschöpft."
It is a big probleme for VOCAB file.
I need to translate this file with accented French letters (OEM code).

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope !"

My best,

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