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Hello there! First time posting here!

So King's Quest V, Jones in the Fast Lane, Mixed Up Mother Goose and Quest for Glory 2 were the last 2 games with support for the IMFC. Well...oficially. The way the SCI engine works, IMFC support is absolutely intact for all games that use SCI1 and SCI 1.1 engines. All you need is the appropriate driver and a patch.002 or 2.pat file (renaming patch.002 to 2.pat works).

The patch.002 file contains all the instruments the game will use in a certain order. So it seems to be possible that if instruments are arranged properly to each game soundtrack, IMFC support can be quite good. In fact you can use or extract any patch.002 from any Sierra game that officially supported the IMFC and try it out with any game without IMFC official support.

As an example i made a quick video showing off Space Quest 4 CD with music playing on the IMFC + digital sound coming from my SB compatible card:

In theory, if the patch file structure is understood and knowing which default instruments to choose on the IMFC it is possible to create/optimize a patch file for each SCI1 and SCI1.1 game without official support for the IMFC. This would increase the number of games with good IMFC support, in fact probably more than double that number. Maybe if there is an easy way to know which instruments on the MT-32 are used and where are used one can optimize the Patch file for the IBM card

Only problem is the limited availability of these cards, which could be somehow mitigated if in the future DOSBox gets IMFC support. Good news is that there is one person working on it.

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