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It's been known to me for awhile now that a Japanese version of KQ7 for awhile but was functionally lost media, it's not been preserved anywhere on the web as far as I'm aware, and basically the only information I could only find to confirm it exists is old photos of the box and long-since-completed auction listings. For fun tonight I decided to just check to see if anything had surfaced about it out of curiosity and by total happenstance stumbled upon a video from just a year ago with less than 200 views of the intro video, showing off the full Japanese dub.

(I mostly just lurk here on and off so I dunno if/how to embed it. Edit: Oh it auto-embeds lol)

I don't really have anything else to add other than... it's real! I figured it should be shared somewhere where the English Sierra community can see it. The description of the video simply states it's a rare game. I'd love to one day get to play this version myself, but it's cool to finally see it in action if only briefly.

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