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AGI Syntax Help / Max characters in a single logic file?
« on: April 10, 2022, 03:02:53 AM »
So I have been working hard on a massive AGI logic file and have run across a problem that I have never enountered and am curious if anyone can offer some guidance. I am using an older version of WinAGI (I can find the version if that is helpful) and was typing away and discovered that, mid-word, I was unable to type any more letters in my logic file unless I first erased something (anything from anywhere in the logic). It was character for character (i.e. when I erased one letter, I could then write one letter, if I erased 2, I could write 2). Eventually, I just erased some comments that I had created that were no longer necessary so I could finish what I had been working on, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether I have possibly hit some hard cap on characters possible in a single logic file.

Is there such a thing as a cap on characters possible in a logic? Or is it limited in any way? Is it possible that there is a cap on the WinAGI side of it? Or is it possible that somthing else is going on not really related to either that I am missing or misinterpreting? Has anyone come across this before?

I can split this logic up into several logics, so it ultimately won't make what I am planning impossible, but, if it is something I'll need to plan for, it would definitely be more convenient to figure out how to split things up into separate logics now rather than trying to cut one logic into two logics later. Thanks!

AGI Syntax Help / Need help adding text to parser
« on: May 19, 2021, 04:13:57 PM »
I am working on an AGI project and want to implement a hot key to add "ask about" to the text parser a la Quest for Glory II. In QFG2, the player can press Ctrl-A and the parser writes "ask about" as if the player had written those words into the parser.

I know how to set up controllers to trigger when the player presses Ctrl-A, but am finding it harder to write anything into the parser and am not sure if it is even possible.

The closest I have been able to get is by using the following command:

get.string(s1, ">ask about ", 22, 0, 40);

This will appear to do what I want, but is not the same as just writing "ask about" in the parser because it stops the game from cycling, prevents you from erasing the words "ask about", because they are not actually in the parser, and requires extra work to provide responses to the question (rather than using the if(said("words")) command, I am having to set and compare strings AND have it work when the player actually writes "ask about" into the parser, more than twice the effort and feels very clunky).

Does anyone know where the information that is written into the parser before the player presses <enter> is stored? Is it in a string somewhere that I can access? Is there any way to modify that information?

What I have works, but does anyone know if it is possible to write words into parser? It would make life so much easier if I could do it that way. Something like:

    cancel.line(); //clears all words from the parser if player has something written there
    MAGIC.COMMAND("ask about");//writes the words "ask about" into the parser
    accept.input();//allows player to type like normal with the words "ask about" having previously been written



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Visit us at: to download the game.

At long last, my Gourd of the Beans project is ready for release.  I recruited help from two of my brothers who made significant contributions to the game.  It has been a labor of love and I have particularly enjoyed the artwork that I made for the game.  After all the work, however, we began to wonder if there is still a large enough audience that enjoys these retro games to continue our development.  As such we started a Kickstarter campaign to gauge that interest.  We would love to continue development and have already completed a significant portion of the 'next' game as well as flushed out most of the planned storyline. 

If you believe that we have a worthy goal, please consider contributing to our cause.  I would ask that you please share our game with your friends that might have interest in it.  Further, please do not upload the game to other sites until after the Kickstarter campaign has concluded (in about a month) so that interested individuals will be directed to our website and will have become acquainted with our campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found at:

Also, visit and 'like' us on Facebook:

I just finished an AGI Game titled Adventure Game Interpreter Combat and submitted it to be hosted on this site.  I made the game to compete in a 'versus' competition hosted on that ends tomorrow and thought, if I hosted it here, it might create some more interest in SCI/AGI programming.  Check out some screenshots at:


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