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Awesome! It'll be great to play through that again.

that sounds awesome! would that fix the problem I had with changing and adding msg resources?

Thank you for the card Kawa! That's awesome! Merry Christmas to you!

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: The Legend of ZCI
« on: October 09, 2020, 10:05:48 AM »
those are kind of awesome! now you just have to build a game around them. lol

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: King's Quest IV VGA-ish
« on: September 10, 2020, 01:45:23 AM »
A converter to VGA would be awesome! I wholeheartedly endorse this project.

there seems to be a lot of stuff that was basically directly copied from the ega version that doesn't work in the vga. they just didn't take the time to figure out how to make the less important stuff to work. I haven't worked on this in awhile, I need to start compiling a list of all the things i need to look into when I start working on it again

thank you for your interest mrprmiller and thank you for the info! good to know!

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 28, 2020, 01:42:51 PM »
thank you again for your advice, it was very helpful

I forgot about the music glitch, I don't think that one will be hard to fix.
The pallet does that weird shift at several points. I'm not sure what's causing it but I think it's tied to the dialog boxes. I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it.
I agree that the end credit message boxes are not as nice. I have not yet figured out how, or if it's even possible, to get them to behave the way they did in the ega version. it is something I intend to look into further.

thank you for your input!

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:58:12 AM »
I've started a progress thread here:

which includes a video showing my progress

I started this project probably eight years ago, before SCICompanion 3 was out. I was editing images with the TraduSCI tools. Initially I was just changing some of the images I didn't like. First was the bushes scattered around the forest that looked like placeholder art that never got replaced with real art. Next I had to do something about Baba Yaga and her hut. It's a cave inside for some reason? I changed Baba's face to look like in QfG4 and I put a back wall inside her hut.

A few years later SCICompanion 3 came out with its VGA compatibility and decompiler; I realized I could do a lot more, if I wanted. I decided to try to Make the game more like its EGA counterpart in appearance. I changed the eye on the magick shop to look like an eye instead of whatever it was they were going for and I put a southern wall on the town main street. I then decided the rest of the game looks pretty good, apart from some of the monsters' battle art.

I didn't do much with the mod for quite some time after that, I got focused on more important things. Then the pandemic happened and I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time so I decided to come back to this mod and work on the stuff that required coding, adding back the missing stuff.

So in this mod we see:
  • fixed bushes
  • new Baba Yaga face
  • new wall on Baba Yaga's hut
  • new eye on magick shop
  • restored southern wall in town main street
  • restored Troll's hidy hole
  • restored extended end game sequence
  • restored music to end game sequence

I am also using the black cape mod and the kobald talker patch, but I don't remember who made them. thank you to the makers of those two mods.
And thank you to all those of these forums who helped me work through the many coding problems I had, and specifically Kawa who donated a small bit of code allowing me to work around an incompatibility Qfg1 VGA has with SCICompanion.
And thank you to the creators of the amazing software that allowed me to make this mod.
And, of course, thank you to EricOakford for providing his reverse engineered source code for the game that I used in modifying the scripts.

The mod is not yet finished, though what I have so far is pretty close to it. I would like some input from the forum. Is there anything I missed that needs to be changed to make the VGA version like the EGA release? Does anyone have a list of the changes? I have been considering changing the intro back to the EGA intro, what do you folks think of that idea?

here's a video showing my work so far

there's a weird thing that happens between chasing Baba Yaga off and the award ceremony that I need to figure out and I still have to sync up the audio in that whole end game sequence and I need to make it so you can interact with the new south wall. I think that's all that's left on the changes I've already started.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 22, 2020, 09:52:40 AM »
Thank you OmerMor, that's a good idea. I was going to try importing from the ega release if i couldn't get the one in vga to work. they seem nearly identical, just different instruments it sounds like. I did get the vga version working though, cue points are now restored, so I won't need to. now I need to figure out cue points, I think they will be the key to syncing the end sequence to the song. I'm thinking of releasing a video of all the stuff i've done to the game so far. If I do i'll start another thread in the games section of this forum. I might try to get that done today

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 21, 2020, 07:00:27 PM »
I was able to find a program called MidiQuickFix that could load it. using that I could change one of the channel 11 to channel 10 (actually channel 10 and now channel 9 in the midi format). It loads into anvil and plays real nice! I then imported the repaired midi into the game and it plays now. Unfortunately, the cue points were not preserved so i'll have to go in and rebuild those. I hope it's not too much trouble. Thank you MusicallyInspired, I'm not sure I would have ever found that converter without your help. Can anyone direct me to some good instructions on the cue points, please? the info in the scicompanion docs is pretty sparse. it says they can be used to trigger events but it doesn't say how to do it. Also i'd like to know if they can be used to specify start and stop points in the music. If anyone can direct me to this info, it would be greatly appreciated.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 21, 2020, 06:15:58 PM »
then I exported a snd that I know works in-game and converted it to midi. It loads into anvil and plays without incident. I am now quite convinced there is something wrong with sound 99. Is there a way to repair midi files?

SCI Syntax Help / Re: Adding a room to Quest for Glory 1 (VGA)
« on: June 21, 2020, 06:06:44 PM »
I used snd2mid to convert the snd file to  midi. It produced a file that windows media player played without difficulty but anvil studio won't open. when i try to open it in anvil, it tells me to import it like a wav file. what could be the issue there i wonder?

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