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The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Rare SCI Games
« on: May 08, 2022, 11:26:53 AM »
I discovered that in the game Quest for Glory 3, the view.884 is the French translation of the title of Quest for Glory IV: shadow of darkness / Les Ombres des Ténèbres.
So the Sierra guys had planned or thought about a French version of episode 4, but it never came out.

Hi Spiffythedog!
Thanks for answering me, that's great!

Ah ha, I already recolored Roger sprites for SQ3 ;D

It's all in my translation patch with the game fixes. You can see that here: But I would look at your SQ3 patch with pleasure.

I worked on version v1.018 and there was a problem of lag of some lines of the VOCAB + a bug in navigation screen for the text "COURSE ALREADY ACHIEVED". With ScummVM this text did not appear. Everything is fixed now. My patch includes the DOSBox and ScummVM fixes. But ScummVM made the update thanks to Sluicebox.

However for the US VOCAB version with the original text in English, I recommend the doomlazer fixe:

For SQ1, it's the first time I've translated an AGI game, the challenge is huge. Fortunately I can count on my friend doomlazer and on AGKorson who works live on the accented fonts. But if I succeed I intend to do SQ2 and use your patch  ;D I watched everything and I really like your work, you're a fan you can see right away!

Ok I will credit Kawa as well.

Thanks again!

PS: I hope I'm not too confused in my explanations; because my English is sometimes approximate.

Hi Spiffythedog!
I am in the middle of the French translation of SQ1 EGA. I myself started coloring Roger's uniform to harmonize it with the series and then I come across your work. What you did is great and I will use it for my French version. With your agreement, I would like to add your Speudo in the credits of the game?

I take this opportunity to ask you a question. I note that the View 36 and 38 are not colored. I think it is because they are not used by the game? But I would like to be sure?

View 36:
View 38:

Thank you for this superb patch!

For the names in the intro of the game here is Doomlaser's solution:

Open Logic67. You can disable the switching by changing the line:

if (v126 > 50)


if (v126 > 0)

This will make it so that Scott is always the top name!

Personally, I think it's better to keep the name switching and adjust the X position for the names in either situation.  X position is the "left/right" position of the name, so you just need to do some trial and error to make sure it's in the right place.

**Thank you very much doomlazer  ;)

Space Quest I changes the order in which authors are presented each time the game is relaunched. Once to put Marc Crowe first and once to put Scott Murphy first. This is a big problem for me, because it prevents me from aligning the text properly. Since the same view206 file is used for both presentations. If I align one I shift the other. I would have liked to block the intro so that it was always by Scott Murphy that the intro started. Is such a thing possible?

Video A with Scott Murphy:
Video B with Marc Crowe:

AGKorson if you consider that my requests are too far from your topic, do not hesitate to tell me and I will open one specific to my project.

I'd like to apologize for my English skills  :-[

Please, what are the steps to compile a LOGIC file?
Because if I do Compile Game, the game does not launch at all. ScummVM does not recognize it.
If I do Rebuild VOL files it's the same.
If I do the first then the second, it's the same.
I also tried Compile Dirty Logics and there I got an error.

Hi @Collector !
I often read your posts on the sierrahelp forum ;)

The most important thing for me was to understand what it is possible to do or not to patch the game. Your answer gives me a clue and I thank you for it. I also found the ''Patch Maker'' tool which seems good to replace the essential part of the resources. I seek simplicity for the player. You are all Sierra and Programming Gurus  8) but you should never forget that most players don't know anything about it.

Patch Maker:

Very well, I understand a little more every day. In fact I tend to want to use WinAGI like SCICompagnon  ;D

I have two more questions. French uses accented letters. So I need an AGI font 255 characters with accented letters.

Where is the font located in the game, because I will have to modify it? (Otherwise the game will not be able to read the accents) In fact I would like to be able to write directly with accented words in each LOGICS file.

Is there an AGI font 255 characters with accented letters that I could use?

Thank you for your patience  :)

I followed your method and I managed to visualize my image in French in the game. It's a pleasure! :D
I will continue my tests with a Logics file now...

If I understand correctly, it is impossible to make a translation patch like for SCI games. The game must be complete to view the translation? That's right ?

Hi AGKorson  :)
For the moment I am testing with the new WinAGI version on Space Quest I. I find it hard to understand and I'm a bit confused when it comes to understanding a tool that I don't know. I francized the view111 and I exported the file to my desktop. It is called View111.agv. I put the file in the main directory of my game, but the game does not see it and the image remains in English in the game! Can you tell me where is my mistake?

*I think I will have the same problem with Logics/scr files and pictures files...

Thank you for your help!

My English is too poor, I will be unable to participate properly. We need to find a bilingual person. I know a school teacher who has already used WinAGI, I'll ask him if he wants to do the video. It's a good idea anyway. Just give me some time to find a solution.

Hello everyone !

The update of my French patch for the CD version of Space Quest 4 is finished!

- Translation and complete rewriting of the game.
- All the Easter eggs are restored as well as the censored elements during the passage on CD.
- Added finer backgrounds from the floppy version.
- Also added a "Radio Shock" bonus for fans.
- The patch also includes all fixes.
- DOSBox and ScummVM compatible !

Here is the list of fixes:
Hep 0, Scr 0, Hep 16, Scr 16, Msg 16 and
Doomlazer fix to enable intro subtitles via DOSBox and ScummVM. The Scr 16 includes an additional fix for the bug that sometimes occurs under DOSBox on the first screen. Namely, when the player clicks to go to the screen above, Roger turns around.

Hep 15 & Scr 15:
Spanish fix for game intro related to msg 15 text.

Hep 271, Scr 271 and Snd 271:
NewRisingSun's fix to enable hidden coin for legal reasons.

Hep 335 and Scr 335:
Official patch in root.

Hep 381 & Scr 381:
Hrvg fix to reliably render the guy looking for underpants in the Mall Men's Shop.

Hep 390 & Scr 390:
Official patch in root.

Scr 391:
Doomlazer fix for having the lost voiceover of the Msg 391 Universal Remote line at Hz. So Good.

Hep 397 & Scr 397:
Doomlazer fix to render the two Easter Eggs found in the Software Store.

Hep 398 & Scr 398:
NewRisingSun's fix to render Dany Dacron and Stunt Flyer game.

Hep 410 Scr 410:
Official patch in root.

Fixed Doomlazer to see gray numbers on black background in tunnel with laser beams.

Hep 545 and Scr 545:
Hrvg fix for the PocketPal – Vohaul visual and voice.

Hep 555 and Scr 555:
Official patch in root.

Scr 556:
Doomlazer fix to remove lines 7, 8, 21 and 22 of MSG 557 from the ending dialogue which have no dubbing in the game assets. significance for history.

Hep 610 & Scr 610:
Official patch in root.

Hep 700 and Scr 700:
Doomlazer fix for Carlos's DOSBox-only bug. "The sentence with the sheep".

Hep 701 and Scr 701:
Official patch in root.

Hep 708 and Scr 708:
Doomlazer patch for the French language only in order to enlarge the size of the three buttons in the practical guide.

Hep 818 and Scr 818:
NewRisingSun's fix for the game to work properly via DOSBox only.

Scr 937:
Fixed Doomlazer to show subtitles for icon bar, inventory and control panel.

Hep 995 and Scr 995:
Doomlazer fix to show subtitles ; icon bar, inventory and control panel.

Hep 1000 and Scr 1000:
NewRisingSun's fix for the game to work properly via DOSBox only.

@Doomlazer : Thank you my friend, because without your help I would never have been able to complete this project!

Hello AG Korson!
Is there a manual or tutorial or video for WinAgi? I have no experience with your tool and I want to translate Space Quest I and II into French.

Thank you for your advice and congratulations on the update, it is thanks to people like you that players around the world can translate the games of their youth :)

For the first time, I was able to do a complete play-through of Zork end-to-end.  Still have a lot to do, but the game is winnable  8)

A noble project, I have a particular interest in that as the fan of Zork.


The French translation of Space Quest III is online! It took 33 years to enjoy this game in French!

It can be downloaded from :
Abandonware France:

I thank the Team of SCIprogramming an the members and and all who helped me, in particular Doomlazer! A really nice guy, always available to assist! Thanks, buddy  ;)

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