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Hi Andrew. Great to see you back in the AGI community. I too was away from the scene for a long time, perhaps 12 years in my case, between about 1999 to 2010. I hope we see more people like us returning.

I was playing around with WinAGI recently. I'm really impressed with how much effort and commitment obviously went in to it. Would love to see it fully usable on modern Windows versions. When I tried it recently (version 1.1.22), I had issues with the editors for the OBJECT and WORDS.TOK files. The text was very small, such that I couldn't read it. I didn't check to see if there was an option to increase the size. I assumed it was probably an issue with running on Windows 8.1. Is this something that you think a new release could resolve?

Hi Lance, I've been watching your efforts on this site for the past couple weeks, and that's what got me back into the game, so thanks for that!  ;D

I haven't noticed that issue (small text in some editors). I'm running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro, and don't have easy access to Windows 8 for testing. I'll take a look at the coding for those editors though, to see how I manage the fonts. I'm guessing it's something that I can either fix, or provide an option for users to choose whatever font and font size they want.

Do the font options in the logic editor let you pick options that make it readable?

AGI Development Tools / WinAGI is Back
« on: March 12, 2017, 06:50:36 PM »
Hi all!

I'm the creator of WinAGI. After the last release in 2007, I've been completely away from the AGI scene (RL sent me in a different direction). I've recently found interest in AGI again, and more specifically WinAGI, and have dusted off the dev files to see where I left off. A number of issues that were reported in the last release (1.1.22) I believe are fixed. And I have added a few more things to an update that's pretty much ready to release.

While I was creating WinAGI, I spent a lot of time disassembling the original AGI interpreters; if y'all have questions about the interpreters, I may have already found the answer for you. And there are some things that are still in the AGI spec files that are wrong (which WinAGI [and it's help files] have right, for example, the algorithm for drawing lines in PIC resources, the definition of splatter codes, the function of reserved flag f11[it's set if a particular platform supports the noise channel - it's not 'logic0 is run for first time']). I also learned a lot about commands, and how the interpreter handles data passed to them which would be really useful for game developers to know and included that in the WinAGI Help file). I may try to upload what I've learned to the Wiki, but only if moderators are cool with it.

I am not an IT guy in my day job dev and programming have always been just a hobby for me. I knew enough to be dangerous 10-15 years ago, but I have never been able to keep up-  most of the dev world has blown by me. I can do simple java scripts, and I've played around with some of Microsoft's latest Visual Studio dev environments (I created a simple phone app that solved a collectible card puzzle game just to see if I could do it), but I'm woefully ignorant of most modern dev tools. My expertise is VBA for Office and VB6 so I tend to stick with what's familiar. With the kids grown up and out of the house now, maybe I'll have more time to learn about all these other tools, and I might even try to port WinAGI to a more modern environment.

I know there's not a lot of love for VB6 and programs created in it, but it's an incredibly resilient programming environment that has worked extremely well even as Windows has gone through many major revisions. (I'm running VB6 on Windows 10 with no issues at all, and WinAGI runs perfectly on my Windows 10 Surface Pro.)  And I also know that Windows doesn't seem to the OS of choice for a lot of AGI aficionados. So maybe a Windows based app developed in VB6 is not the most sought after AGI tool.

But I really hope that people won't discount WinAGI just because of the dev tool used to create it. If you are looking to create a full featured AGI game, I submit that there is no better tool than WinAGI; it's not just a resource editor - it has built in tools that allow you to manage creation of your game from start to finish. And it also has the best editors for ALL agi resources, IMHO.

The VB syntax that I included in WinAGI seems to have been a huge turnoff for many, and caused confusion for many more. I think for my next release, I'll hide that feature so only the original Sierra programming language is shown/discussed. (I'll leave it there as an undocumented feature for myself and anyone else who doesn't believe that VB is the spawn of the devil).

I will probably issue a new release by end of the month, but if anyone has anything in particular that they like/don't like about WinAGI, I'll entertain requests, recognizing that time constraints to make code changes are the biggest factor. And if you have any WinAGI questions, message me or post in the forums.

HI there. If you're still around, I'm the creator of WinAGI, and while it's true the last release did not include an export to bmp (or any other format) did not exist, it's pretty simple to add that. (I've already added an export to .gif feature for views!) I'll probably be releasing a new version very soon, and will add export of pics to bmps.

AGI Syntax Help / Re: N00b here.....
« on: March 12, 2017, 05:34:12 PM »
Anyway, maybe it's cause of Win8 problem. I really don't know. I really don't care anymore. :)

I have a stupid question: King's Quest V was released in 2 versions. EGA and VGA. Both used the same, 320x200, resolution. The first with 16 colors and the second with 256 colors. But.......why the art in the EGA version of King's Quest V is MUCH better than in for example, King's Quest IV, since both use the same resolution and the same number of colors? Is that something I don't understand OR it was just a matter of choice and artists' capabilities?

Hi there. If you're still around, and still interested in WinAGI, I am the creator. I've been away from the AGI scene for a long time, only recently having been poking around it again.

The problem with templates not loading was a bug that is related to Windows Local Settings (users formatting numbers with '.' for thousands, and ',' for decimal point). I used actual numbers to reference version numbers, converted to strings, so if you write 2.917 as 2,917 in your locale, WinAGI would hiccup. You can work around that by manually copying the template file you want into your new working directory and then opening it.

I fixed that bug years ago, but never got around to releasing it. I've been playing around with it recently, and will probably be releasing an update soon which solves that (and a few other bugs that were in the last release). I've tested it on a Windows10 box and it seems to run just fine.

If you have any questions about WinAGI, send me a msg or post in the forums here!

I'm trying to mess around with WinAGI, because sometimes you just wanna create a really old game with a really old engine. (its view editor is one of the best ones I've seen as well, it's so easy to animate in!). The syntax isn't too hard (though I have no idea how to do blocking actions, i.e waiting for an action to complete before continuing with a script), but I have a real problem with WinAGI's logic editor.

Whenever I work in the AGI syntax, writing a "{" character keeps placing vertical tabs (ASCII 11 - the little male symbol) around it, and then the compiler won't  compile it until I fiddle around blindly in the editor to make those vertical tabs vanish. The BASIC syntax does at least compile, but I really hate BASIC, being a C programmer. Is there anyone who knows why this is happening, how I can make it stop, or how to fix it? I've been looking into the source code but I can't see where it ignores whitespace, nor can I get Visual Basic 6.0 working on my machine so I could recompile it.

Hi there. I'm the creator of WinAGI. I've been away from the AGI scene for ten or so years, but recently have been playing around with WinAGI again. I've never heard of the editor adding extra characters before- what version of WinAGI are you using? what version of Windows are you running? I'd like to be able to duplicate that to see what's going on.

I have an updated version of WinAGI that fixes a whole bunch of issues that were in the last version (1.1.22). I will probably make that available for download soon. As far as I can tell, it seems to work just fine on Windows 10. But if there's a major issue with the editor, I'd like to make sure it's addressed before I release this update.

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