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Freddy Pharkas has no Roman numeral.

Anyway, that's two outta four challenges. Any others?


The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Fonts
« on: July 05, 2015, 05:04:21 PM »
Sorry 'bout that edit, modify quote button's right next to edit modify D:

Anyway, login required.

My personal preference would go towards numerical, but I supposes a switch would be good.

Interesting detail on newlines in messages as SV exports them:
Code: [Select]
1 0 0 2 98 This is the first line.
This is the second.
1 0 0 3 98 This is another message.
If a line starts with five tabs, it's part of the last message that didn't. So no "This is the first line.\nThis is the second."

Questionnaire has been updated with more questions -- twenty now -- and a skip cheat.

One of these games is not like the others. One of these games just doesn't belong.
A. Space Quest Ⅲ The Pirates of Pestulon
B. Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
C. Monkey Island Ⅱ LeChuck's Revenge
D. King's Quest Ⅴ Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Here's something that I really felt I missed while working on my Larry-style question list: importing and exporting message tables in plaintext. Preferrably in the format used by SV, which is basically tab-delimited.

Question list is now available!

  • a rousing soundtrack
  • sample questions, old and new
  • no hardcoded strings
  • mouse and keyboard support
  • named constants

SQ5 must have used it in that scene where you're rummaging through the tool box. That's pretty useful. Think puzzle minigames.
Code: [Select]
Searching for: of Cat
Searching for: Cat (class Cat of Actor StrCat(@temp8 ": ") StrCat(@temp8 " ") StrCat(text @temp8) StrCat(@temp0 "
Found 5 occurrence(s) in 3 file(s)
The relevant script seems to be, actually rm226.

Code: [Select]
= correctAnswer (- (& textBuffer[0] $FF) $30)
= textBuffer[0] (| (& textBuffer[0] $FF00) $20)
This is abuse, I tell you! Abuuuse!

But hey, at least it lets me encode the correct answer in the question, Larry-style, instead of having a separate array like Space Quest 5.

How the hell'd I do it way back then?

1630 I left in, as I don't know it's purpose. It seems like a general purpose Actor class, but I'm not sure what it does.
Code: [Select]
Searching for: [^o]cat[^i] (class Cat of Actor StrCat(@temp8 ": ") StrCat(@temp8 " ") StrCat(text @temp8) (if (not (self:isDuplicate(param1[temp1]))) (method (isDuplicate) (if (not (self:isDuplicate(param1[temp0]))) (if (not (self:isDuplicate(param1[temp0]))) (if (not (self:isDuplicate(param2[temp0]))) (method (isDuplicate param1) (catwalk: (instance catwalk of Feature (catwalk: (instance catwalk of Feature add(Buckazoids {Floor Scrubber} {Safety Cones} {Distributor Cap} {Transporter Fuse} Antacid {Ship Opener} {Cutting Torch} Spike {Oxygen Tank} Communicator {Hole Punch} {Cloaking Device} {Space Monkeys Package} {Business Card} {Genetix Canister} {Liquid Nitro Tank} {Kiz Branch} {Kiz Fruit} frock {WD40 Head} {Oxygen Mask} Paper) (instance Communicator of Sq5InvItem StrCat(@temp0 "
Found 17 occurrence(s) in 7 file(s)
Code: [Select]
Searching for: of Cat
ice\src\ (instance wheel of Cat
ice\src\ (instance diveLever of Cat
ice\src\ (instance engineLever of Cat
qfg1v\src\ (instance lasso of Cat
Found 4 occurrence(s) in 2 file(s)
It doesn't seem to be used much at all.

Regarding all the extra "demo" content for the template game, I think we should keep the template game as cut down as possible. Even remove the current screens and keep it as simple as SCI0's template game; a blank slate. Black title screen and an all white empty first room with basic interactions. Any feature/tutorial content we can rename the current template game into Demo Game, like Brian did for SCI0. But a starter game should always be a blank slate. Just a thought., all these unused .sco files like Flo and Droole...

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Re: Fonts
« on: July 03, 2015, 11:51:23 AM »
I don't think it is. If anything, this font is in various Sierra games, usually as #7, and more deserves the name.

And now, research!
Code: [Select]
Colonel's Bequest
EcoQuest I, II
Freddy Pharkas
Gabriel Knight
Codename: Iceman
King's Quest I, IV, V, VI
Laura Bow
Larry 5
Police Quest I
Police Quest Open Season
Quest for Glory 1 EGA
Quest for Glory 2
Quest for Glory 3
Space Quest 5
The Seasoned Professional

Larry 1 VGA:
All glyphs but 0x00 NULL have padding on the right instead of the left.
0x09 TAB is blank, like an actual spacer.
0x1C is a double quotation mark.
0x7F has dithered square.

Larry 2:
0x2C COMMA is one pixel wider.

Larry 3:
0x1C is an LSL3 monogram.

Larry 6:
0x00 NULL is a little wider.
0x09 TAB is blank, like an actual spacer.
0x7E TILDE is blank.

Pepper's Adventures in Time:
All glyphs but 0x00 NULL have padding on the right instead of the left.
Line height is increased.
Widths for many characters from 0x02 ALT through 0x3E GREATER THAN are changed.
0x2D HYPHEN-MINUS is shortened.
0x05 TRADEMARK, 0x3C LESS THAN, and 0x3E GREATER THAN are reshaped.

Police Quest II:
0x00 NULL is a black square.
0x03 CTRL is redrawn
0x06 is a roman numeral II.
0x07 is a bullet dot.
0x0A is an inverted bullet circle.
0x18 and 0x19 are redrawn thinner.
Widths for many characters from 0x0B MALE through 0x31 DIGIT ONE are changed.
0x58 CAPITAL LETTER X is wider.
0x5C BACKSLASH is wider.
0x61 LOWERCASE LETTER A is wider.
0x7C VERTICAL BAR is wider.
0x7F is a little house.

Quest for Glory IV:
0x09 TAB is blank, like an actual spacer.

Space Quest III:
0x0B MALE and 0x0C FEMALE are variations of the roman number III.
Widths for many characters from 0x0B MALE through 0x31 DIGIT ONE are changed.
0x58 CAPITAL LETTER X is wider.
0x5C BACKSLASH and 0x5D CLOSING BRACKET are wider.
0x7C VERTICAL BAR is wider.

The Games and other Sierra Adventure stuff / Fonts
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:30:16 AM »
Am I the only one who thinks phrases like "that one typewriter font you get with Windows" are too vague to be much good? This may sound like a stupid question, but you know people exist that can't call Courier by name... or did I mean Courier New? Imagine talking about SCI font resources. You'd think "0.fon" is always the thick one, but it's not; Conquests of the Longbow, Quest for Glory 1 VGA, and Space Quest 4 have a thin squarish font, Police Quest 3 has the smaller common font (usually 3 or 4) as its 0, and Space Quest 1 has a stylish thin serif. So you can't just refer to 0.fon and always be understood as meaning the thick one. (Did you know that the 0.fon in LSL3 is the same as always, but with an LSL3 logo added?)

But if you say "Times New Roman", you know the type.

I'd like to humbly suggest giving these various SCI fonts proper family names for discussion in the community. For example, the five most common fonts could be Sierra System, Serif, Sans, Small, and Debug. Fonts that appear mostly if not exclusively in Space Quest could be Wilco -- SQ4 60 and 61 could be Wilco Serif and Wilco Serif Outline.

Thus, most SCI games have Sierra System, but some replace it with Sierra Square, or even Sierra Small.

  • Health meter - Gumby implemented one for 120 Below (SCI0)
  • Stats building - Don't remember if Doan did one for Betrayed Alliance.
Looking at the screenshots on this page for these two games, I have two thoughts:
  • Put the health meter in the status line, since that's a thing we can totally do.
  • Let's just... pick our noses or something.

Okay, I lied. I had these thoughts long before looking at the screenshots and merely confirmed them just now.

Long, long ago, long enough for me to have irretrievably lost it all, I implemented a few things in SCI0; a questionnaire ala Larry, and a battle system like in Quest for Glory -- albeit somewhat simplified. Also an even more simplified Mega Man Battle Network system. I did these first two without looking at any code, for I could and can not read SCI machine code and had no decompiler. Thus, the only straight copy (IIRC) was the question format. I might've expanded those battle systems if things hadn't happened.

I do so enjoy a little challenge, so here's the deal: you suggest something like the things above, things like battle systems or minigames, and I'll try to implement it in SCI11, assuming it seems reasonable, then release it with adequate documentation and probably placeholder art.

The challenges:
  • Scored question list
  • Simple QfG battle system
  • Health meter

The downloads:

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