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The Sierra feature builder built into the script-based debugging thing?
Crash-prone, but great.

I'd like to note that the feature builder is also great.


In other news: why yes, yes indeed this is the bastard love-child of Gabriel Knight and Larry 6 why do you ask?

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI1.1: Missing something with inventory items
« on: June 25, 2015, 06:22:28 AM »
Congratulations on seemingly solving your programming problems, Cloud.

A dildo big blue cup?

(Posting from phone, in light of earlier.)

It's an option in the main menu bar:
View -> Remove embedded palette.
If kawa gets a few more views to me today, I can release the latest version of the template game later today. Just let everyone know when you're going to do it, so we know it's coming.
Can't deliver. It's 1:55 AM and I need sleep.

I'll convert them if nobody else will. What Kawa said is one example of SQ5's palette not being ideal; its greys are actually shaded blue a little bit which means it's impossible to get a true gray. The classic KQ5 palette, as I said, has a wider variety of colours that represent more than what SQ5's slanted palette does.
If you load KQ5's 999.pal into your game, and my icon bar/control views, in whatever order, those views won't be what makes your grays blue.

If only I could easily remove embedded palettes. Best I can do is make it ignore the stuff.
They seem to have the SQ5 palette in there. I set all of it to unused unfixed, with the net effect of being actually gray instead of slightly tinted, but the data is still in there. Only way I know of to get rid of it is to remake the view from scratch, copypasting each cel.

Two down, a couple more to go. Captions were not just un-beveled, but hand-relettered in font 4. I left the Sierra button (or i button I suppose) blank to invite authors to draw their own logo there.

If only I could easily remove embedded palettes. Best I can do is make it ignore the stuff.

Personally, I prefer the classic palette myself. Even have it as a PSP preset.

*works on 995.v56*

Congratulations troflip. You're the new Nic Cage.

By loop: walk, look, do, talk, use, inventory, exit, controls, zipper because I'm a squkid at heart, help, score, skip, dummy, masks.

SCI Companion and Sierra (and Scumm) read the files one way, SV.exe reads them slightly differently.
SCI Studio reads them right too, just for the record.

There's some seriously gnarly shit going down with the pic resources here, when you look at them in SV. Oddly, they clearly render just fine at runtime, both the template scene and what's supposed to be one of those close-up portraits.

Still a bit too much snap on the arm, maybe, but here's a tweak with proper hotspots:

Haha sniped me :D Separate tool it is!

I'd probably have two layers per item, one in front and one in back. Thus long hair might have the bangs in the front layer for all but the (diagonal) back directions, where it's in the back layer instead, and the rest of the hair in the back layer, but in the front for the back directions if that makes sense.
Then, I might do a thing where, assuming the character is on layer 0, you can change the z-index of each part, where that part's back layer is automatically the inverse. So you might have a character with a jacket, shirt, and pants, and the shirt and pants overlap a bit:
3 Jacket
2 Shirt
1 Pants
0 Ego
-1 Pants
-2 Shirt
-3 Jacket
Then you shift the order for the pants to tuck in the shirt, and that'd set the pants to 2 and shirt to 1, and their back layers to -2 and -1 respectively, leaving the jacket on top of it all:
3 Jacket
2 Pants
1 Shirt
0 Ego
-1 Shirt
-2 Pants
-3 Jacket
bro where are your shoes

Each layer I would allow an arbitrary color remap. Imagine if you will the classic SCI palette, and look at the pics of Template and me that I posted. Boils down to remapping the pants layer as [ 2: 48, 3: 49, 4: 50 ] doesn't it?

This is why I wanted the v56 format spec. Instead of importing it all loop-by-loop or worse and redefining all the lost data, you'd just import a v56 file that my tool produces. I'll worry about the project file format myself ;)

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