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Make it a separate tool from the View editor. Or at least an optional add-on system like the polygon system.
Or just make sure there's a stable way to import sheets.

Or point me towards a document on the v56 format and I'll cover it myself as a little personal challenge ;)

Edit: nvm I forgot about ScummVM's wiki.

Wonderful work!
Thank you! No it isn't.

To demonstrate how easy it can be to work with a template like this, here's me as of earlier today:

The hair took longest.

Updort: first attempt at animating what I drew earlier. No hotspot centering, no filters.

Yes I am aware of the jerky arms.

Studio template ego was actually on my mind when I wrote about presets in the OP.

Updort: take one, from scratch. Note that Gabriel and Devon are scaled to Roger's size.

Sixteen of 'em... *shudder*

So yeah! I'm kinda partial to Gabe myself anyway.

I never said he wasn't. You sorta kinda implied PQ3 was head-on but had no diagonals. All I said was yes it did have diagonals, mistaking your comment as referring to the first view, not the special case you meant.

But more importantly, if the head-on sprite doesn't have diagonals... well, it's a blurry mess anyway.

hahaha omg

Insert ancient aliens macro here.

I've been wondering about this myself. I'd think maybe PQ3 would be a decent base as it seems generic enough, but it doesn't have diagonals. PQ1VGA does, but most of them are kind of a top-down view instead of head on. There must be a head on view in there somewhere, though..
PQ1 and 3 alike so do have diagonals. In fact, the only differences between regular uniformed Sonny in PQ1 an PQ3 are that PQ1 has a different global palette and Sonny's head is different -- both in art and attachedness. His body, fleshtone aside, is exactly the same. My only gripe with these sprites is that you can tell they're digitized from video recordings, compared to GK1 and KQ6.

Which brings me to another thing to consider when picking a base: what height would you go for?

Larry gtfo outta here you're too cartoony to be eligible for this!

If I were going to generate some default views, I would probably find a 3d model (and walking animation) I could use, and then render it out in various orientations. I dunno if it would work, but given how bad I am at drawing 2d animations, it's what I might try first.
I actually tried that some time back, and frankly it looked like Sonny and WD-40 got bizzay in all the wrong ways.

Now that we can make SCI1.1 games, and considering the state of this site's views gallery, I'd like to make a nice set of starting views drawn in such a way that one might easily add things like shirts or jackets and such, maybe different hairdos, by simply pasting them onto the bare doll in one's favorite bitmap editor, and maybe have a couple preset combinations in .v56 format that you can stick in SCI Companion's sample folder and then recolor as needed okay let's face it you get the picture.

My only problem is that to make a base of adequate quality, I need another base, to paint over if not use a guide. So my question to the good folks of what games, not necessarily SCI, would you suggest be used as the foundation for this undertaking? The only requirement is that your suggestion has diagonals and standing frames.

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI1.1: Adding to the score and Btest
« on: June 22, 2015, 04:19:16 PM »
I was referring to the thing in Larry 1/5 where the Walk icon turns into Exit. On further investigation, it's not global flag bit 22 that determines this but this unnamed procedure:
Code: [Select]
(procedure public (proc0_22 param1)
(if (param1)
(icon0: loop(15) cursor(6))
(icon0: loop(0) cursor(0))
(if (== (send gIconBar:curIcon) icon0)
(send global1:setCursor((icon0:cursor)))
Taken from Larry 5 because 1 won't load. Loop 0 is of course walk and 15 is exit.

I'd think this is a little more interesting for a template game's functionality than "being a fly". ;)

*proceeds to steal implement it right*

If you're talking about the ones on the title screen, those are actually Views. lol
I know they are. I was joking about the lowlightColor thing. ;)

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI1.1: Adding to the score and Btest
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:13:55 PM »
Okay, forget I said anything then :)

*proceeds to use it as such anyway*

SCI Syntax Help / Re: SCI1.1: Adding to the score and Btest
« on: June 22, 2015, 01:59:38 PM »
And #22 seems to be "in a closeup shot so use an exit icon instead of walk."

One to start off with.

I had thought that Chris Jones specifically designed AGS so that nobody could decompile or rip assets from it.
You know that's impossible. Difficult maybe, but theoretically it can be done.

Y'gotta love those button borders. ;)

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