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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

During a working vacation in Vegas, you find yourself in a casino lounge enjoying the Spice Girls  one night only show. Having finished your sixth or eighth  cocktail, afterall no one's counting, you find yourself the center of attention for some young hottie. Made confident by the drink, and your pending successful "business" venture planned for the following afternoon, you find yourself not only witty and charming, but also trailing behind this young woman on the way up to the penthouse suite, her room.

After a night of raw unbridled animal passion, you assume since you blacked out shortly after entering the elevator, you find yourself rudely awakened by three very "Italian looking" gentlemen. The biggest, fattest, most italian looking one it turns out is your night of whatever it was's husband.

Left with few options as the men who awoken you advance, you leap from the bed, severely lacking of clothes, and dart off to the bathroom and quickly shut the door. As the impending doom reaches the outer limits of the flimsy bathroom door, your mind flashes to the business you have to conduct later that afternoon... paying back the 20 grand you borrowed from a loan shark to cover a hot tip. Luckily the tip was spot on, unfortunately your clothes and your money are both on the other side of the door with the "Italian looking" gentlemen... oh wait, change that, they're on their way in.

So that's the introduction anyway. After four years of tinkering with sci, I think it is about time that I culminate that tinkering into something useful. Hopefully this game is that result. Featuring a totally point and click interface including an icon inventory interface used for either manipulating two items or for preparing an item for use (changing cursor to item cursor.)

The idea of keeping the game to the confines of a hotel and casino, I thought was going to keep the room count relatively low in an attempt to not get bogged down by the graphics. With the introduction of several mini games and the "activity" present in the background, I have blown that plan out of the water and this game is just as, if not moreso, graphic intensive.

The mini games that are currently functional include blackjack, a slot machine, and boxing. The slots and blackjack scripts were inspired by Eigen's contributed scripts over at Mega-Tokyo, but they have pretty much been entirely rewritten. I still attribute their inspiration to Eigen though, if he hadn't posted his I would have never probably even thought of writing mine. Likewise, the boxing script finds it's inspiration from pikachu's cheap ass battle mode which he posted at Mega-Tokyo.

I know you've all heard about this already, but I wanted to at least get it up here as a subliminal way to get me to get back to work on it now that everything is pretty much set up here and seems to be running fine forum wise. I have added in some screenshots, some of them are in  more states of doneness than others.


Hey you guys, in case you care, I submitted our new little home here to smfoogle, kind of like a google for simple machine forum users and currently we are the only site listed in computers and internet / programming and development. It probably won't last, but its nice being number one

I do notice that they took a screen of the emptysacdesigns homepage and that doesn't reflect anything sci right now (that will change). I guess I don't get to work on my game quite yet, I get to redesign my website first. It needed it anyway, never having been fully finished to begin with.

I was looking over Omer's wiki article and I noticed in there a title by the name of "Fun Seeker's Guide." I have no idea what it is, the name doesn't even sound familiar. Has anyone ever heard of it, I assume it's not a game but I have no clue and I'm to lazy to go Google it right now.

SCI Development Tools / SCI Development Resources
« on: December 22, 2006, 01:02:57 AM »
If you are thinking about making an SCI game, or fiddling with ones resources, you are going to need some tools. This is a preliminary list as I haven't started tracking them all down yet, I will expand it as time allows. If anyone can think or know of other tools and where to find them please add em to a reply and I'll add them to the list.



  • FreeSCI ... This is the first and only non-Sierra SCI Interpreter. Currently it supports SCI version games. All kernel functions have been added making not only games fully playable with it, but also many games have been completed on it!

Resource Viewers

  • Brian's SCI Game Recover Utility ... I'm not sure what corruption this fixes, but if you've accidentally rebuilt your game while it's running I made a how to for fixing that. If your corrupted beyond that, this tool may help.

Everything-Else / The Official Rules
« on: December 21, 2006, 03:32:44 PM »
These are the initial rules of conduct,  which you will be expected to abide by, If for some reason you cannot, or refuse to, you will be banned from the community.

  • No posting Serial Numbers, cracks ~ Big no no, Don't do it.
  • No Abandonware, warez links or offerings ~ You know what they are, and the games that interest us aren't supposed to be on them. We don't need to know where you steal all of your games from, we can find our own sources if we want them.
  • No Advertising, no SPAM, No selling of goods or services ~ I don't want to know where cheap viagra is. Or where I can get something enlarged and If you have posted something in one thread, it very rarely ever needs repeated in another one.
  • No Adult Content ~ You know what adult content is, something you would need to hide if your mother came in the room. If you make a "Mature" game please leave out the offensive references and screenshots in your posts here. If done in a conscientious way, you may promote your sci game regardless of the type. But the key word is conscientious. This isn't because I have a stick up my butt, but the host server.

That's about it, besides being respectful of each other, even during disagreements if they arise. You can critiscize a persons work without critscizing a person and if someone offers critiscism, don't take it personally.


This is the preliminary set of rules, if anybody would like to respond with any suggestions or critiscisms then I'm all ears.


Sooner or later it happens to everybody. You code in some room, added in a programControl() and had no way to exit the screen besides the windows button when you actually tested it. Then you were so eager to fix whatever you were testing that you forget to actually close the now minimized Dos window. Then you compiled and then it happens, you hit the rebuild game button. SciStudio does not like this one bit, not one bit at all.

Congratulations you have now corrupted your game all while watching sci studio crash to a something strange happened error. When the dust clears, you spot it. That Dos window,hiding out down there in the task bar looking all innocent. Don't worry, your game isn't lost in fact there is a really really simple way to get everything back up and running again.

Enter your game's folder. When you look at the file names, you should notice that there is no resource.001 file, instead there is something named respak.tmp. This wierd new file is in fact your resource file and all you need to do to fix it is simply rename it to it's original resource.001

That's it, you have saved your game from the brink of utter destruction. Well it happens to me alot anyway, and there's nothing so scary as that first time. Hope this makes someone elses first time a little less scary.

SCI Community News / Really Beginning to Look like Home
« on: December 17, 2006, 10:56:49 PM »
It's true, when the final shutdown of Mega-Tokyo forums happens it will be a sad day. I have been a member of the Mega-Tokyo forums for almost 4 years now. It is always my first stop when I get online and my last stop before I log off. The disappointment of it's closing only seems to encourage me to make this the new SCI community. I don't want to  forget where it is I came from.

In honor of Mega-Tokyo, and to make it feel as much like home as possible, I have nearly finished my first attempt at a forum theme. As you can see it is currently the forum default and I named it the Classic Mega-Tokyo Theme. Who ever said you can't go home again.

Everything-Else / Lonely place indeed
« on: December 17, 2006, 05:02:27 PM »
I must say that there isn't a single place on Earth that is lonelier than a one member forum. I suppose it's alot like living in a mansion all by yourself. You've got this great place to roam around with all kinds of stuff that interests you, just there's nobody to roam the halls and talk about the stuff with.

SCI Community How To's & Tutorials / Simple Automatic doors
« on: December 17, 2006, 04:26:51 PM »
When using Doors and AutoDoors, I am not sure why but things always seemed to go awry. This little tutorial will have a simple Automatic Door (when the player walks near them, they open) up and running with two simple lines of code.

We begin at the very top of the script. We will need to tell the script that we are going to be using an automaic door and to include that functionality. This is done simply by adding in another use command where all of the others are.

Code: [Select]
(use "autodoor")
Now that one line is finished, lets go on to the second one, the hard one. Just kidding, there is nothing hard to this method of using automatic doors. The script can now handle AutoDoor instances now, but we are not making one of those, at least not the traditional way. In the rooms init method, where you init() your rooms views and actors, you will need to add in the call that inits the automatic door. the parameters are of the basic type, and I don't think it's necesary to go into detail about them.

Code: [Select]
(send (AutoDoor:new()):view(211)
                       posn(161 62)

At this point, as long as you have added the doors view, and have set up the doors control colors Navy and Green (you won't need a Yellow one because this type of door does not get blocked) for when to open or transport to a new room. We don't need to create an instance or anything else, we are all done coding.

This simple type of door has some limitations though, because there is not an instance name to reference you won't be able to program interactions with it as the code stands now. So keep this in mind. This door can't be locked or blocked, if all you need is a door that opens when you near it, then you are all set.

SCI Community News / A New home for the SCI Community
« on: December 16, 2006, 03:19:40 PM »
With the slow trimming of the Mega-Tokyo forums by DF for reasons of his own, several of the MT staples are finding new homes. First the OS-Developers made a move over to chase's site, now there is talk of AGI and SCI moving to Chris's AGI site. While I support the AGI community and consider them part of the SCI family  ;)
I have a fear that SCI will get lost in the deluge of AGI info found at Chris's site. In an attempt to grow the sci community on its own standings, These forums were born.

Welcome to a brand new SCI geared community, while I would like to have a close relationship with the AGI community I think we can support and expand our own community rather than hanging out in somebody elses home. The two communities will always be closely interlinked by their enjoyment of Classic Sierra adventure games, and Chris's continuing hosting of fan-made games of both types ensures a string of contact between the two communities. AGI members who are looking to step up to the best of 1989 technology, or fellow SCI users who are just looking for someone who can help them make their game, you have found your new home for SCI.

With that I would like to welcome any and all who are interested in Sierra's Creative Interpreter and the games that can be played with it.

SCI Syntax Help / SCI Resources
« on: December 16, 2006, 04:57:37 AM »
One of the hardest parts about learning to program with sci is in finding resources to guide you. I don't know of a single php programmer who doesn't reference the php manual. Unfortunately, we don't have such a manual and what we do have isn't in one place, but that isn't to say that there is nothing, on the contrary.

Scripting Resources
  • Brian's Making a Game with SciStudio 3: Volume 1 ... All beginners start here. Giving a basic introduction to all types of SCI resources as well as guiding a user through the process of creating a basic two room game including picking up an inventory item as well as interact with other actors and changing score.
  • Brian's Making a Game with SciStudio 3: Volume 2 .. Far less useful or descriptive as volume 1, the second volume describes adding in global said phrases, controlling an actor via changestate, as well as providing step by step guides for making guages, buttons, and windows more graphical
  • Troflip's Advanced SCI Studio tutorials ... Consisting of 8 chapters ranging in topics from advanced said strings,  using loacales and regions, adding a shadow to the ego, a template fix and discussion of using the jumpto command, to controlling ego's z index as well as a great discussion on using control colors effectively.
  • My own Larry 2, Reloaded! ... Working usable SCI source code meant to mirror the first city of Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry 2. Consisting of approximately 30 rooms, the code reflects several examples of a number of things, ranging from the copy protection when you first load the game, to the sea gulls and the presents they drop while flying overhead, to the pistol packin attendant of the quickie mart.

Decompiled Scripts
these scripts were created with a decompiler that we don't have access to. They aren't perfect in that you can't just copy and paste into scistudio, you can come pretty close though and they might give you some new ideas.

  • FreeSCI Groups Documentation ... Goes into technical detail about Sierra's Creative Interpreter, hence SCI, and different types of calls that are made upon it. They also  document their own work on FreeSCI an alternative interpreter to Sierra's, but it still has a few bugs. The documentation has fewer bugs and is well beyond my own grasp.

  • FreeSCI ... This is the first and only non-Sierra SCI Interpreter. Currently it supports SCI version games. All kernel functions have been added making not only games fully playable with it, but also many games have been completed on it!

SCI Development Tools / Anvil Studios ~ For creating midi sounds
« on: December 16, 2006, 01:50:06 AM »
Unless you plan to either use only Sierra's music, or find midi files on the web for use in your game, you may need to create some fresh new sounds from scratch. Anvil studios is the perfect tool for the job.

Offering several tools that are well over my head, the different composing environment options make it easy for anyone to scratch out something. Offering piano keys, a guitar fret, or my favorite a piano roll as an interface for composing the sounds or music it makes it easy to click around finding just the notes you want. At least for those of us who are not musically inclined.

You should note, anvil studios creates midi files and that type of file itself is not usable by the sci interpreter, you will also need Ravi's tool SoundBox  to convert your freshly made midi sound into a sound resource that you can use in your games.

SCI Development Tools / Soundbox ~ Sound Resource Editor
« on: December 16, 2006, 01:34:38 AM »
If you would like to add sounds to your SCI games, and frankly who doesn't, then you are going to need SoundBox created by Ravi Iyengar.

SoundBox has two main purposes in SCI game development. The first is that it allows you to import almost any midi sounds and convert them into sound resources. The second is that it allows you to configure the proper instrument channels for varying soundcards. Supposedly you can also set loop points even though thinking on it now, I am not sure how to program loop points or moving around them so I have never had to use this functionality, but it's there.


* You will need to download one of two copies of SoundBox, and that is determined by whether or not your computer has  MFC70.DLL. If you are like me you don't, so you will need to download the statically linked binary, otherwise you can download the standard 1.0 version.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate copy, if you get it wrong the first time, it's no big deal the files are pretty small so just download the other one instead. Installing it is a matter of unzipping the file and placing the contents inside the plugin folder of scistudio. I am not sure yet how scicompanion plans to handle soundbox, but the program can be run seperate from scistudio by simply clicking on soundbox.exe in the approriate folder, or by creating a shortcut to the file and placing it wherever you want. When opened from within scistudio, it automatically extracts a sound resource to your games source folder for editing.

After importing a midi or making changes to channel properties getting the sound into your game is as simple as saving the file as a sound resource and adding it via the add resource option in either scistudio or scicompanion.

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