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Ok, yes...I am still a dumb newbie.

OK, we have all read the sci tutorial which tells use how to put gEGO in a certain position in the room that you just walked into useing the case commands...but if you are writing a game where you want the Ego to appear in the eaxct spot in the next screen where you entered from the other do you do that?

1)  How do you write a script so Ego appears in an exact position from where he entered from the previous screen?

2)  Also, how do you make an actor chase you from one room to the next and appear in this same position?


SCI Syntax Help / How to do special Death-handler code
« on: January 12, 2007, 09:53:13 AM »

The Death handler code in the SCI tutorial explains how to type die and then the person dies.  How often do you type die in a game?  How do you create situations where the ogre chases you and then when it gets you it kills you. 

1) How do you make and actor kill you when you get too close to it?

2)  How do you make an actor chase you and then kill you?

3)  How do you make an event happen say walk to close to tree shredder and it kills you?

4)  Fall off a cliff and die?

5)  How do you make a car run you over when you walk in the street?

Any suggestions on a better tutorial for dieing other than typing the word die?

Finally, how can you use a weapon of some sort to make other actors on the screen die?

I hate to be so obsessed with death but let's face it, this is a very important part of any sci game.

PS.  Anyone that can answer these questions is totally awesome, and shall be deemed Sci Studio King for a Week.


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