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Kawa, i found the location in the heap and changed it as i desired, but noting seems to have changed in the game. did i miss something?

Update: it, in fact, worked perfectly. i didn't realize because i'd saved on the screen i was trying to change and it didn't change until o moved off the screen and returned. again, thank you for your help.
i've also found another way to do the same thing but possibly a little easier. there is an option in the toolbox frame to apply an offset to a loop cel positioning. so its possible to change the position of a prop by adjusting the offset directly from sci companion.

Kawa, thank you, that should be very helpful. I'd done all that stuff but couldn't find the numbers in my hex editor because i didn't realize the values would be reversed. i'm very inexperienced with this sort of thing.

MusicallyInspired, I decompiled all the scripts then tried to compile just script 310 but it complains about global12 not being intialized. it won't even compile script 000.  any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. i have some other, more complicated changes i'd like to attempt, if i can get the thing to compile.

update: i did finally get it to decompile well enough to recompile.

quest for glory 1 vga. i don't know which interpreter version it is, how can i find out? i didn't like what they did with the eye on the magic shop so i decided to change but now i need to move the animated pupil.

thank you for the reply. i did indeed mean disassemble not decompile. i tried decompile recompile too but i couldn't get it to recompile. i just wanted to do something simple, move a prop to a different position on screen. i was hoping there would be an easy way.

SCI Development Tools / how to reassemble a disassembled script?
« on: May 17, 2018, 10:28:55 PM »
How does one reassemble a script that has been disassembled using sci companion 3, after modifying it?

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