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I've seen that `global91` is used to display Torin Passage's messages. It's all over the game.
However, I can't find its definition in SCICompanion - both in the original version, and in Kawa's fork (is correct?).
All I found is in,
Code: [Select]

But where is the actual code?

SCI Syntax Help / `DoSound sndSTOP` stops another sound resource?!
« on: April 13, 2020, 11:31:03 AM »
Hi there to all SCI experts.

I've found something strange with SQ4, while investigating a bug report on ScummVM, and would really like your advice.
It seems to me like some bug in original Sierra SCI interpreter, but I'd like to hear more opinions regarding the situation...

The short story:
Open SQ4 in SCICompanion, and make the following changes to script #1:

Add at the beginning:
Code: [Select]
(use Sound)

Change in `changeState`, state 0 to be:
Code: [Select]
;Z (gLongSong loop: -1 playBed:)
(myPukeSound play:)
(gLongSong number: 886 loop: 1 play:)
(DoSound sndSTOP myPukeSound)     ;why does it stop?
;Z end
(= cycles 1)

Add at the end of the file:

Code: [Select]
(instance myPukeSound of Sound
number 162   ; try to change me to 9

Now, no sound will play at all, because of the `(DoSound sndSTOP myPukeSound)`.
(you can comment it and listen that it does play)
It doesn't make sense to me.

Furthermore, if we change `myPukeSound ` to use other sound resource, such as 9, then the `sndSTOP ` doesn't stop the music.

Is there any logic to this behaviour?
Or is it indeed some kind of a bug in the original SCI interperter?

The long story:
I've got to this while investigating, and suggested a fix to one of the issues at
You can read there all the details.


@OmerMor, thanks...
@Kawa, no problem, just a suggestion. I think it'll improve usability, but of course, do you as you wish.

What's the status of Kawa's fork?
Is it preferred to the "regular" SCICompanion?
(Can someone give few examples of improvements?)

Well, that was unexpected..

Is SCICompanion still developed?
Maybe it can reference these SFX/*.wav files from one if its tabs.

I'm trying to see the GK1CD starting theme.
It's activated at - script #375, with this code:

Code: [Select]
((proc13_0 470) 370)
(else 370)
setLoop: -1
setVol: (gGkMusic1 musicVolume?)

In SCICompanion, under "Sounds" tab, #370 seems to be correct. However, Sound #5 is irrelevant - some short sound effect.
When run with ScummVM debugger, I see that it's indeed playing #5, which is digital, audio #5.

Returning to SCICompanion, under "Audio" tab, there is no #5 !

So, two questions:
1. By reading the code I've pasted above, from - is there a way to know that #5 is referring to audio and not to sound?
2. Where is this digitized opening theme audio #5 hiding? How can I see it in SCICompanion?


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